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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

24 Dec 2007

Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas!!!

Hi peeps!

This is to wish you a Merry Christmas. As we party and share gifts let us remember to be thankfully to God for sending his Son Jesus to save mankind. Christ indeed is the reason for the season. Not sure when next I'll be blogging but till then enjoy your Christmas and Happy New year in advance.

I leave you with this Christmas poem by Nicholas Gordon

May you find this Christmas inner peace
Equal to the patient love you give,
Releasing all the pain you can release,
Renewing all the grace with which you live.
Yearnings may you turn to rhapsodies,
Choosing to find happiness in beauty,
Holding in their haunting melodies
Riches that sustain your sense of duty.
In anger may you find an evening star
Showing you the way to Bethlehem.
The angels that watch naked from afar
May you hear songs of who would none condemn.
As all you love are blessed in having you
So may you feel the joy in all you do.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

7 Dec 2007

7 random/weird things- Tagged by Tayo

Ok I never thought I would get tagged on this particular topic but thanks to Tayo who is trying to gain revenge bcuz I tagged him on something quite relevant . Now I have to think deep about random "stuffs" about me.

Before i start here are the rules

1) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
4) Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Those that have been tagged will know at the end, so keep reading :)

1) I can be such a cry baby. I actually think my tear glands are right on my eye lids. If I watch a sad movie, I cry, if someone tells me a sad story I cry, if I get really upset over something I cry. Kai I remember once I went to watch a movie in the cinema, cant even remember the title of the movie now but it was the movie where Denzel Washington was a boxer and he was put in prison cuz he was black and they said he killed someone- remember that movie, yes o I cried from the beginning to the end. Since then I promised myself I’ll only go watch action movies and no true life dramas in the cinema. Then I again, I cried when I watched Blood Diamond considering its actioned packed..Omo men I don cry for this life o

2) I can sleep for Nigeria, infact for Africa. If you ask me what my hobby is I’ll most likely reply “sleeping”, of cuz I won’t say that in an interview session! Lol. Me and sleep are like best friends…actually I think I have improved on this sleeping business. When I was younger, I think it was when I was waiting to enter Uni I used to sleep from 12 midnight to 12 noon (half a day, can you imagine). I don’t like anything or anyone disturbing my sleep time. If I have ever sounded grouchy on the phone to you, please no vex, you prolly woke me up from my beauty sleep! When I feel forlorn or when I feel life's trouble is towing down on me- sleep is the remedy. When people say they have insomia I used to wonder what they meant till it happened to me two nights consecutively! Omo men I fear o… Actually it was one flu drug I took that I was reacting to. Never again, how can sleep elude me?! My friends have warned me to better get over this sleeping mania cuz when I get married Mr. husband will not find it funny. Hehehe…I shall cross that bridge when I get there…hopefully!

3) Now I find this really really weird but it happens. When I attend a wedding, party, function, the table I sit at is the last table that gets served. That's if we are lucky o. For some reason I am still trying to fathom, they always miss the table I sit at…even if it’s the most obvious table. Not only food o..when they distribute gifts they must miss my table ni sha! I don’t understand o…I guess till I do maybe I should stop attending events or better still eat enough before attending so that it wont pain me when food passes over my table.

4) I am claustrophobic. I get very uncomfortable when I am in a crowd. That’s why I dislike going to the market or events done at the stadium or at the redeemed camp. I’ll rather go to a supermarket or watch the event on TV respectively. I also don’t like it when people’s bodies touch mine- e.g. when dancing in church and the whole place is crowded and people are dancing into each other- I’ll rather sit at the end of a row, that way, limited contact. Or in a car I hate body contact. I believe people should stay in their personal space and not encroach into mine… I find it annoying when people I am walking with don’t walk in their “lane” and cross into mine, or on the train/tube, you go sit beside someone because there is no other place to sit and they can’t just stay in their space and their leg, arm, bum, body is crossing into your space…grhhhhhh. I find it very very annoying…lol..i know it sounds really weird. Of cuz this does not apply to family or very close friends. Lol…am not that bad o.

5) I hate to admit this but I can’t drive! Actually its more of I don’t drive cuz I can drive in my head but not in real life lol. I have gone to driving school twice and both my driving instructions said I was a good student but omo forget o. I blame my Popc jo. He didn’t/doesn't trust my driving abilities so he refused to release any of his cars for me to practice with. Anyway I hate it that I don’t drive…I really do so I am going to do something about it. This time next year I will tell you a different story. ;)

6) In the last 5 years I have gained maybe just 5 kilograms. Actually I can still fit into the clothes I used to wear 7 years… dad complains am too skinny but I don’t think so, H2B doesn’t think so, so that’s good enough for me. And its not like I don't eat o. Well i eat small portions at short intervals. To worsen matters, I look younger than my age. I have even had secondary school boys step up to me…if only they knew I was old enuff to be their aunty (ok was going to say mother).

7) I have more guy friends than girl friends… It became very obvious when more guys responded to my wedding “asoebi” mail than girls. See me see wahala o. Anyway I guess all that is going to change once I tie the knot. To be honest I find it easier to relate to guys than girls…less drama…considering I can be such a drama queen myself.

8) Oh they said 7, i was about to go and and on...all of a sudden am remembering all these weird stuffs about weird/random am i??

I hereby tag writefreak, rinsola, cherub, inmyheadandaroundme, ifeolu, copido and daddysgirl. That’s if you haven’t already done this. And if you've been tagged by someone else that means you really need to do this :)

28 Nov 2007

Dekunle Fuji- "Mo like Jesu gan" + 30 Days of Thankfulness

Mennnnnnnnn this is the latest song am feeling o. I am not a fuji person but omo this track is da bomb. Makes fuji sound like the best- correct yahoozee fuji song.

I have been playing it all week...and trust youtube to have the video. Let me know your thoughts...

"le le le, le le le" ;) hehehehe

Ok I was tagged by writefreak on 30 days of thanksfulness. Am not sure what day of thankfulness this is but am going to go ahead and be thankfully!

I am thankful for the following reasons:
  1. The gift of life- I am so glad I am one of the living. Only the living can praise the Lord
  2. The gift of salvation- thank you Jesus for redeeming me from the power of darkness into your marvellous light
  3. For my parents, for bringing me up in the way of the Lord. I wonder what my life would have been like otherwise!
  4. For my siblings- they are simply the best
  5. For my husband to be- you have taught me what love is. Thanks babes!
  6. For my past, my mistakes- they have molded me to be who I am today and I can confidently say I have learnt from them and can help others in the future
  7. For my present- nothing like being in the present
  8. For my future- it is sooooooooo bright!!!
  9. For my friends- you guys have blessed me in one way or the other.
  10. For being me and not anybody else cuz there is just no one else like me. I am an original!!!

Ok I tag omodudu and tayoodukoya. I know you guys talk on politics and stuff but pls do this for me and for yourselves. Muahhhh

13 Nov 2007

What is "right" with me??

Have u ever noticed that we are quick to ask ourselves “what is wrong with me?” when things seem out of control.

“Why am I not yet married?
Why is my husband/wife not like so and so?
Why don’t I have a better paying job?
God, why me? (And I ask- why not you?!)

Does it automatically mean that when things are not going your way that something is wrong with you? I don’t think so because in life everyone has their fair share of woes.

Many of us grumble a lot when things don’t seem to go our way. Grumbling is certainly not an attractive trait. It gets to a point when your family and friends can't take your moaning and whining anymore.

As it ever occurred to you to ask yourself- “what is right with me?” Seems like a strange question to ask but I believe that if we start focusing on what is right with us, we might have the right attitude towards life and not think we’ve been cursed or some thing.

So what is right with you?

  • You are alive today- someone died during their sleep

  • You have food to eat- so many have nothing to eat

  • You can wake up whenever, go where ever anytime you want- ask the married they need "permission" from their partners before they can hop and go

  • Your husband sits at home lazing around watching football after work- some women don’t know where their husbands have been for the past two nights

  • You are free to pursue your dreams, you and your husband can travel around etc- those with children will need to "readjust" (removed "saddled with that responsibilties")
  • Your job pays the bills- some people have been searching for a job since they left school

I can go on and on but I believe you are getting my point. This is the real world, bad times are defintely going to come but don't give up hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If only we can change our focus. I know it is easier said than done but if we want to be appealing to others around us, enjoy life and maintain a good attitude we need to be more thankful to God for the good he has done and is doing in our lives.

23 Oct 2007

"The Land is Green"

Hi guys,

I am feeling this song by Ty Bello. Omo, we dey talented in Naija o...forget matter!

What y'all think???

P.S- I still can't figure out how to upload youtube videos (Tayo, anyone, pls help!) so please bear with me :)

P.S 2- Finally Tayo has come to my rescue...(Thanks!!!) and to think i have a first degree in Computer Science!

15 Oct 2007

Blog Action Day- Going green....becoming clean...

Today is Blog action day where we blog about how to be more enivormentally frendly. Everywhere I go especially here in the UK, I hear about making the world "greener". Heck, the cabs we use at the office are called “green tomatoes” cabs - they preach having a green environment and less emission of C02 blah blah. Unfortunately I am not sure we have a big campaign for the green life in Nigeria.

I remember when I was young, there was something called “War against indiscipline” in Nigeria. You could say there was some form of "green" awarness back then. People were sanctioned if they were caught littering the roads, peeing on the side of the road or vandalising government property. Sadly I doubt that exists anymore. You see people throwing out litter from a moving vehicle, you see grown men relieving themselves in public. You see vehicles that will surely fail MOT still moving on the road. It seems people back home cannot be bothered anymore about having a clean (green) environment and I wonder why. I guess we can blame it on the government (always easier to blame the government for everything)

I currently don’t live in Nigeria but I think Nigerians in Nigeria need to do something now. We can’t change everybody but we can start to make a change as individuals by doing the RIGHT thing and hope that we can influence people around us to be more responsible towards their immediate environment.

I know going green goes beyond just having a clean environment but I think it is a good start.

17 Sep 2007

Scariest 5 mins of my life!

On Friday evening, I was at the train station on my way to a friend’s wedding at Sheffield. I was sitting “jeje-ly”, minding my own business, when one guy (probably from the eastern part of the world) beside me asked me if I was still around for the next 5 mins. I said yes and then he asked me to please watch over his bag cuz he wanted to go to the gents. I said yes automatically.

As soon as he left, an alarm went off in my head. "What if this guy has a bomb in his bag"? Men, I started to panic! I jumped off my seat and stood at a distance, still watching the bag. Then it occurred to me that if indeed there was a bomb in his bag and it went off, I will still be blown into pieces despite me standing at a distance. Men now I was really scared. I started to pray “Father, please don’t let there be a bomb in this man’s bag, please God I beg, I don’t want to die like this!!!”. It was not funny at all, I tell you! Thankfully the man came back from the gents and I scrammed. Funny enough he was on the same train with me.

Later on, I felt bad for suspecting the guy especially because he looked like them (y’all know who I am talking about). But men u can’t blame me now, this world has so turned into a scary place…Or what do you guys think?

31 Aug 2007

Guilty as charged!

In a rush

Gosh I feel so guilty…two nights ago (I was already dozing off sef) I got a call from my little cousin. “Sister Aloted, you didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday”. Oh my! I completely forgot it was my cousin’s birthday…I feel so so bad. "Aburo, jo ma binu simi jare, na old age cause am!" I feel worse that she actually had to call me at night -all the way from Naija -to remind me of her birthday…cuz on a good day I would have called to wish her happy birthday, so she had to call to find out what happened to her Egbon.

I guess you are wondering what my issue is. You see, I am not one to forget birthdays of my family and friends. This was a habit I picked up from my mother. Kai, my mother knows the birthday of everyone in the world! Ok ok..thats taking it too far, but she knows the birthday of almost everybody she has been in contact with in her lifetime and she makes sure she calls or sms you where ever you are in the world. Sometimes she will sms my siblings & I about so and so’s birthday and tell us to contact the person. Initially I saw it as a burden but now I know better. People are touched when you remember their birthdays (aren’t u happy when people contact you on ur day??). So if I can make someone’s day brighter by hollering on their birthday then so be it. Therefore I decided to emulate my mum and I am glad I did. My friends, all over the world, are almost guaranteed that I will contact them at least once in a year.

Hence the reason why I feel so bad about my cousin….in short this month has been crazy for me, I have not been good with my birthday greetings. I have been so wrapped up in my issues!!!!.. Anyway so before the month ends, I have decided to shout out to all my friends whose birthday falls in August especially: Kunle Duro, Jola Bamgbola, Aj Lawal, Ediri Akpojovwo, Ladi Osibo and of course, my cousin Seun ( I think there is one more person I am missing out...nawa for you "Happy Belated Birthday and wishing u many more wonderful years ahead."

Men, I have a busy weekend ahead of me…moving again (to where the job is)…one day I will settle down…lol.

Enjoy your weekend. :0)

16 Aug 2007

Inspired by this!

Hi y'all, A friend sent this to me and I was blessed by it so I thought to share with y'all. Trusting in the Lord is the best decision one can ever make in life. Feel free to share your thoughts. Ta!

Praising God for Closed Doors

We need to learn to praise the Lord as much for a closed door as we do an open door. The reason God closes doors is because He has not prepared anything over there for us. If he didn't close the wrong door, we would never find the right door.

God directs our path through the closing and opening of doors. Once a door closes, it forces you to change your course. Another door closes; it forces you to change your course again. Then, finally, you find the open door and you walk right in to your blessing.

The Lord directs our paths through the opening and closing of doors, but instead of praising him for the closed door (which keeps us out of trouble); we get upset because we "judge by the appearances."

You have an ever-present help in the time of trouble that is always standing guard. Because He walks ahead of you, He can spot trouble down the road and set up a roadblock or detour accordingly. But through our lack of wisdom, we try to tear down the roadblocks or push aside the detour sign. Then the minute we get in to trouble, we start crying, "Lord, how could you have done this to me?"

We have got to realize that the closed door can be a blessing. Didn't He say that no good thing would He withhold from them that love Him?

If you get terminated from your job, praise God for the new opportunities that will manifest themselves: it might be another job, it might be school.

If that man or woman won't return your call, it might not be them; it might be the Lord setting up a roadblock (just let it go).

One time, a person had a bank they had been in business with for many years tell them "No!" to a $10,000 loan. The Lord put in their spirit to call another bank. That bank gave them $40,000 at a lower interest rate than the first bank was offering.

We can sometimes trap ourselves in doubt and discouragement through judging by appearances. Be grateful for the many times our Father has closed doors to us just to open them in the most unexpected places.

The Lord won't always say in spoken words: "Go to the left, now to the right" ...sometimes He will just close the doors that are wrong for you.

The saying is indeed true: trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him – and he will direct your paths.

If you are blessed with this, bless others by passing on.............. When You're down to nothing, God is up to something!

5 Aug 2007

I think I am back ;)

Hi guys! Must say I have missed you peeps. I have been away from blog world for sometime but now I think I am back!

The reason why I have been away is because I moved back to the UK (from Naija) and have been job hunting. It was not easy but I thank God for his faithfulness in my life. In anything I do, I want all glory to go to HIM and no man. He is just too much for me.

Anyway coming back to the UK to work seemed like a bad idea to some people. "Ah, it is not easy to get work in the UK o, especially since you don't have any UK experience", said a number of people but i said to everyone of them "My Father in heaven is the owner of all the jobs in the UK and everywhere, and I am sure he has at least one for me". Indeed, he proved it to me that he is able to do much more than I can ever imagine. My hubby 2 be (H2B) was also very very supportive. I remember just before I left Naija early July, H2B and I had a prayer of agreement that before the end of July I would get a job. Somehow, I felt we were not being realistic but God is no respecter of time. He makes all things beautiful in his time.

Ok, let me give you a summary of my job hunting experience-

First week July - I had an interview with a company but the following week I got "rejected". I was disappointed but realised that just because a company rejects me doesn't make me a reject, stupid, or daft. That job just wasn't meant for me!

2nd week July- I sent out my CV to several agents and posted on some job sites. I got a few calls here and there but nothing promising. I was beginning to panic at this point. I had no interviews lined up. God what is happening?? I was not finding this amusing at all. In the midst of my worry, I still tried to pray and even beg God to change my situation!

3rd week July - I edited my CV with the help of two great friends. Both of them felt my CV had a naija look n feel. lol. Anyway I sent out the new versions and decided to get myself ready for any interviews that might come up by reading up on stuff I learnt in undergrad and any material I got on interviewing skills. I had a strong feeling I was going to have interviews the following week.

4th week July- I received calls from 3 different agents to schedule interview dates- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was so I went for all three and they all went well. In fact on my way to Friday's interview I got a call from Thursday's agent saying I had been offered the job! On my way back, Wednesday's agent also called to say I got the job. Men, I was on cloud 9, I didn't even know what to say to either of them. I just told them I'll get back to them. Meanwhile, Friday's agent also called that the company wanted to have another interview, that they were

Most times I hear that people do series of interviews with one company before getting the job or getting rejected but I got two job offers after 1 stage of interview each. I can only say I give all glory to God. Anyway so now I need to decide what the next step as per which job to take.

So my people, that is it o. God indeed is a faithful God. Without him I am nothing. My friends have also been wonderful. You all believed in me even when for a second I stopped believing in myself. God bless you all. For those of you job hunting I pray that God will surprise you beyond your imagination, just trust in HIM.

So now I am back in the rat race, oh mine!... Hopefully not for so long!!! ;)

19 Jul 2007

Short Break

Hi guys,

Just to let you know officially, that I am presently on a "short" break from blogging. I am trying to sort out some stuff in my life so I haven't really got a settled mind, and I can only blog when my mind is settled. :)

I will surely continue to pop in on my peep's blogs- reading other people's blogs has surely helped and inspired me in ways I cannot explain.

I would definitely fill you in when "this" is over, because I believe it is worth sharing. There is light at the end of my tunnel!

Ok guys am out...

God bless!

7 Jul 2007


Just thought to remind us in blog world that today is 7-7-7, an occurence we shall never again have in our life time! Wow, sounds freaky. LOL...

On a more serious note, 7 is also God's number for perfection. I pray that God's WILL for your life will be made perfect in Jesus Name. Every crookend way will be straightened, everything concerning your finances, relationships, health etc will be perfected. A door of opportunity will be opened to you today.

Bask in today, make the best of it, enjoy the moment, forgive those who have hurt you, show someone love today.

Rejoice cuz this is day that the Lord has made :)

By d way Happy Birthday Sika on this perfect day. Hope you had fun :)

5 Jul 2007

Ban Spraying of Money ke?!

This is going to be a rant post so please bear with me!

I have been hearing rumors about this. Please tell me it is not true o. Naija don make law o. What is this I am reading about banning spraying of money in social gatherings? Read here. How can? Is any Nigerian wedding complete without spraying of money. Some people say it is barbaric but what exactly is the issue here?? To me spraying of money is fun (thoughts of all that money just falling on you while dancing, kai!) except for the part where some random funny looking women (I dont think men are cut out for such stealing) use style to steal out of the money. That's why you need a vigilant bridal party!

I am not sure but do people still spray money at weddings in Nigeria? The last 2 naija weddings I attended were my best friend's and my sister´s (late 2006, early 2007 respectively) and "enough" money was sprayed at both weddings. I know because, I was the one busy packing the money on the ground, as per chief bride's maid concerned (yes o, on both occassions) and I didn't see anyone getting arrested, well I certainly wasn't arrested or fined. By the way, I didn't even get 1 Naira out of all that money (yes again, both weddings), after all my bending, kneeling, scraping my fingers in the sand...God dey sha!

Ehn hen, back to my gist. I beg una, law or no law, bill or no bill, pls spray money on my wedding day o (whenever that is)- daddies, mummies, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, everybody- dollars, pounds, naira will be accepted and appreciated. No Cedis please (my ghanian peeps, no offence meant). And if by any chance you are scared of getting arrested, hmm...just put the money in an envelope. We go accept em! Thanks!

N.B- It's not that I like money too much o...I just like the idea of money been sprayed at my wedding! LOL

21 Jun 2007

Naija on Strike!

Since yesterday the Nigerian Labour Congress has been on strike, but of cuz, we being efikos in my office, we still dey come to work. The only good thing I can see so far is that the Lagos roads are free of traffic!! Imagine having that on a typical day in Lagos. Can't!

I checked round blogville yesterday and am surprised not many people are blogging about this situation. Tayo, was expecting an update on your blog! Thankfully Funmi Iyanda blogged about it. I reckon bloggers in Nigeria are on strike as well!

So far, the goverment and NLC have reached an impasse on their negotiations. I wonder how long this will go on for. I think a lot of workers are happy (apart from me and my colleagues of course) that they have time to rest at home while our leaders decide on what they what to do.

I really don't have an opinion on this matter, but I must say that it is sad that we are having such issues for a country that produces oil. God help us!

Anyway let me finish up my work so I can gerrout of here on time. Have a nice weekend in advance.

N.B- Tayo, just checked your blog now and I can see you have put up a nice piece on the current Naija situation. Ehn hen, I was wondering pe ki lo se Tayo...cuz i knew you would cover the story ni sha! Nice one ;)

13 Jun 2007

"Let them say..."

"Don’t take things personally. Most of the time whatever is going on around you and the reactions you encounter have very little to do with you. The response has to do with the accumulation of many experiences that particular person had before he or she even got to you."

- Michelle McKinney Hammond

Sometimes we need to be reminded of some things we already know. I read the above in an article written by Michelle Mckinney (I love her books!) today and I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders (the past week has not exactly been the best of weeks for me). These words have just made me realise again that I will make some decisions and people will get offended, they will misjudge me, they will misconstrue what I say based on their past experiences. This tells me, I cannot be held accountable for people's feelings or reactions towards me. I can only be held responsible for my own actions. God sees and knows my heart and it is to him I am accountable to.

Do you feel bad because others misjudged you? I can imagine how you feel, because I have just been there and it is not a healthy place to be. Lets try not to take it personal. I hope the words above make enough sense to you like it did to me because it is TRUE.

Please feel free to share your experiences. Any words of encouragement for me and others feeling misunderstood will also be appreciated. Thanks!

5 Jun 2007

Becoming one flesh? When?

Just My Opinion!

When the bible says that “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” I believe becoming “one flesh” should ONLY happen in marriage. Many single people especially ladies in relationships are jumping the gun and already becoming one flesh with their partners. Am not talking about sex, that is a diferent topic on its own. I am actually talking about ladies that do not have lives of their own anymore but are glued to their boyfriends or fianc├ęs. I am saddened when I see ladies behave so sheepishly. Some girls in the name of love abandon their girlfriends when they start a new relationship revolving their world around their men. The guy gets tired of the relationship, dumps girl and the girl is left stranded with no friends. Being in love is good, sweet, heavenly etc but we should not let our love become something else in the process.

A good friend of mine said to me: “In a relationship 1 + 1 = 3". I asked him to elaborate on this. He explained that when you are married you become one with your partner because you practically start a new life together, suppose to start having sex (spiritual oneness..some deep stuff we can't go into now) but when you are single and in a relationship, the girl has her life (1), the guy has his life (2) and they “their life” (3). Meaning that both the girl and guy should have both individual and common interests. I totally agree with this analysis. This way there is a balance in the relationship. When there is no balance, one person will always feel choked in the relationship and this can be disastrous.

Typical examples of "clingy" behavior:
- When you are the only girlfriend at your girlfriend’s birthday get-together. The men at the get-together are friends of your friend’s boyfriend and the other girls are girlfriends to these guys.
- When a girl can’t go anywhere – parties, outing with other friends etc except Mr. boyfriend comes along
- When everything a girl talks about is remotely or directly linked to her boyfriend. She must always mention boyfriend name in every sentence. Personally I don’t have an issue with girls talking about their boyfriend but am sure we can have a decent conversation without his name been mentioned in every line!
- Mr Boyfy has to endorse everything she does, wears, spends etc.

I can go on and on about examples but that is not the point. The point is ladies need to reach a point in their lives where they don’t have to rely on mr. boyfriend for everything.Ladies that are overly dependent on their men are setting themselves up for a BIG fall either now or in the future. The irony of the matter is that guys in relationship still hang out with their friends …so why can’t ladies take a cue from guys…why do you feel that until you forsake every thing for a guy he won’t/can’t love you. That is a lie from the pit of hell.

Even in marriage, becoming one flesh with your husband doesn’t mean not having a life of your own. Well am not married yet so I won’t even go there. So back to you my fellow singles, in relationships, about to marry etc please note that a mature guy respects an independent woman and not one that clings…Get a life, get a hobby, get passionate about something outside of the man in your life. You need it!

We have been called to live a purposeful life and this definitely involves more than the men in our lives. Selah

4 Jun 2007

The Nigerian Proclamation Project (better late than never)

Ok I know this is coming late considering Nigerians (well Nigerians that caught the vision) were suppose to put this on their blog on May 29. But I only heard the 411 recently, omodudu says he sent me the email but I really can't remember seeing it (thanks though).
I am proud to be a Nigerian anytime any day. I think we are the smartest set of people on earth. :) My prayer is that God will make Nigeria great. All y'all should watch out and see, Nigeria will become the next America very soon!!!

The Nigerian Proclamation was started by SOLOMONSYDELLE , a few days before the presidential handover (29th May).

Please read below:











Naija go better o!

30 May 2007

More on WAI including Timi and Sony/BMG Africa

I decided to vote for Timi afterall and I am so so happy that he won cuz he deserved it. He received 68% of the votes, while Omawunmi got 37%. This goes to show that there is a clear distinction between the two. Omawunmi cannot stand where Timi dey stand. And wat was that she was wearing??? Oh my goodness!
Anyway instead of giving you an account of the show, you can read it up on my friends' blogs- Tayo (the live show) and writefreak (the tv show). They both gave a good summary of what went down.
Now what I want to talk about is the sony/BMG contract Timi won. I am a bit concerned for him about this based on the email MM (she made some profound comments on my last WAI blog entry) sent to me and a couple of other Timi 's fans:
Timi did deserve to win and we are sure glad he won!!!!!
Another challenge I will like us to take up is to follow up and be sure that ALL that the sponsors promised to him are delivered to him accordingly especially the recording deal with BMG/SONY.
Why am I saying may ask.....cause from past experiences
especially the Project Fame which Dare was part of, most of the promises were not delivered .....yesterday I watched an interview of Lindiwe....the Zambian
lady that won Project Fame on SABC Africa and she made mentioned that till date, she did not get anything that was promised to her and that BMG has not done any recording of her song till date. I also recall a past interview on Cool FM or a newspaper where Dare did make mention of this.......that till date he hasn't
been given anything that was promised to him from Project Fame.
Surprising she mentioned that a few months after the show, the South African guy, Jonathan got his recording deal but not her the winner......and that upon all her fighting and her relocation to SA nothing has been done for her. This I must say is very sad and a rip off on her and the evoting public.
I will not wish any of this on Timi,
so guys lets follow up one way or the other to ensure
Timi gets All he deserves and much more.
I was shocked when I read this email. I never knew Dare didn't get what he was promised!! He suppose sue these guys o. Men, I hope these BMG people are not out to "419" Timi, cuz if they are, it will be so despicable. Really what can be done about this? Am hoping someone like Dede (considering he went tribalistic on us during the show) will ensure that at least, Timi gets his contract. Some of us are looking forward to buying Timi's cd.
Guys what do you think???

23 May 2007

Timi vs Omawumi- Idols West Africa Grand Finale

Idols West Africa comes to an end on Sunday, 27th of May where the first Idols West Africa will be announced. Africa is expected to vote for either Timi or Omawumi, or both from now till Saturday 26th. I am having a hard time deciding who to vote for. It won’t have been difficult to vote if Jodie was still in the competition. I would have voted for her all the way but alas this is not the case. Maybe if I analyse the last two standing it would help.

Timi, timi, timi. I never really noticed or liked Timi in the beginning. The first two times I heard him sing (his first audition and I think the first time he sang on the top 10) I felt he was screaming. I actually preferred Uche to him but later on I realized he did have a good husky voice (he does sound like Lamar). He knows how to connect with his audience and there is just something about him that is appealing, maybe the fact that he looks timid, then next thing you hear this powerful performer on stage and wonder where the transformation came from. He has managed to win me over.

However, I hate to agree with Nana but he does have a “diction” issue (like she doesn’t) and that worries me, will he be able to represent Africa in the international music industry. Will he be articulate when he needs to make speeches or collect his awards? I was telling a friend that if he wins, he can be packaged and groomed (first and foremost he needs to get rid of that hair cut!) but she said to me, “Ah! This one cannot be packaged o, where do you want to start from; a decorated monkey is still a monkey.” Lol. Oh well, Timi isn’t someone you would call cute like our Fine boy Eric, but I think he can be packaged jare, I mean I wonder what Seal looked like before he became a star considering he is still a bloke NOT.

Now to Omawumi. I think she’s really pretty & sexy. I loved her first audition and she has a very brilliant smile. Out of all the contestants she has been versatile in her choice of music and that is a plus for her. Nevertheless in the beginning & middle of the competition I don’t think she put in her best, I think she was playing safe. Was she intimidated by Jodie? Because omo men, she started performing on a different level when Jodie was kicked out. It was like she realized that no one was safe. I am really happy she came out of wherever it was she was hiding because she made Idols worth watching after all. Omawumi looks the part already so no need to invest in packaging. She is very articulate (she no get choice, she be lawyer). Lastly, she is sensual so I guess a lot of males would be in her fan club.

Hmm, so who do I vote for? Who should win, who deserves to win? If Timi wins, I believe he will sell records and I think the fact that he comes from a lowly background might appeal to people. Omawumi would also sell records and will go far but if she doesn’t win she has her law degree to go back to. Not sure what Timi has to go back too, he only has a Senior Secondary School Certificate. Personally, I think Timi will put his whole heart into his music career, not so sure about Omawumi cuz really she has options and besides like I said earlier she didn’t put in her best unti when it became necessary. Also I don’t think it will get into Timi’s head if he wins, not sure about Omawumi. I also think Timi “needs” the contract and the prizes more than Omawumi does. Looks like the scale is tilting towards Timi o. But they both deserve it cuz they’ve both done really well. Omawumi be woman, I should support her jo. Men, this is tough o. I still cannot decide!!! Time is running out o.

Guys, who are you voting for and why? Maybe you might help me decide…lol
N.B To read more on the show click here

21 May 2007

Still on Spider Man

A friend sent this to me and I thot to share. LOL

The End of SpiderMan
"This was his only weakness…but it takes a genius to discover this"

On a more serious note, please read this- Spidey Gets Spiritual. My sis sent it to me and I think it is a good read. Let me know what you think. Ta!

10 May 2007

On Spider Man

Yesterday evening, I went to watch Spider Man 3 with the boyfy, his brother & wife. The movie was really action packed. Apart from all action, the movie actually reminded me of the Christian walk, the choice between evil and good, the battle between the flesh and the spirit (You might need to watch the movie to get what i am talking about). Living in the flesh looks all sweet n rosy but the end is destruction. Being "good" or living in the spirit can be hard work but in the end it pays off.

The movie also taught me about forgiveness, admitting when we are wrong, putting others first and not making life about ourselves, the effect of bitterness, revenge and pride. Lastly about valuing and guarding our friendships.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the movie if you have seen it. Garageboy shares his thots on the movie in his blog(kinda similar to mine).

On a lighter note, Spider Man was a bit too teary for my liking ...any little thing, tears don full en eyes! Okay it prolly shows he is human but omo, superheros are not supposed to be cry babies. That's why Superman is my all time Superhero ;) I can't remember him been tearful. Should blog about him sometime, you know. LOL

Ok, got to get back to work now. Looking forward to Spider Man 4

7 May 2007

Where is your treasure?

Don’t store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them. Your heart will always be where your treasure is.
Mat 6:19-21

Over the last one month, I have been hearing about different Nigerian investment schemes especially the High Yielding Investment Programs (HYIP) like Nospecto, Seftreg, Wealth Zone, Wealth Solution, Treasure Line etc. Apparently they have been in existence for some time now but I just “discovered” them recently. Everywhere I go I hear people talk about these schemes and how to make lots of money in a short while. Everyone including myself wants to gain financial freedom. I mean who wants to be in the rat race forever, definitely not me! I want to be able to live a very comfortable life, not depend on my salary and also invest ahead so that my children can live well. I am sure many people have a "similar" financial vision to mine.

Ok, so we all want to be wealthy, rich, set a legacy for our children but it seems that is all many people are doing- concentrating on storing up treasures on earth which can be destroyed or stolen. Who says any of these schemes cannot fizzle out tomorrow? If this is the case, that means we cannot depend solely on these schemes or wherever it is we are storing our treasure to give us the freedom that we so desire. So where does that leave us? One thing I love about God is that he does not leave you stranded, if he tells you what not to do, he definitely will tell you what to do, so there is a way out! In the passage above, we are commanded/advised/encouraged to store our treasures in heaven. Am sure you are asking, “So how on earth do I store my treasure in heaven?” Right question!

Well for starters you don’t have to literally go up to heaven to store your treasure there. You store your treasure in heaven here on earth. Getting confused? Ok, what I mean is, or what I understand from this Word is that to store my treasure in heaven I need to consecrate myself fully to God and help all men that are in need. How many times have people come to meet us to assist them but we send them away without helping them even when we are in the position to help? How many of us pay our tithes, donate money to missionaries, the orphans, the motherless, the prison ministries, the nonprofit organisations that help those in needs etc. Those were opportunities God gave us to store our treasures in heaven. This passage of the bible stresses this principle:

When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat, and when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink. When I was a stranger, you welcomed me, and when I was naked, you gave me clothes to wear. When I was sick, you took care of me, and when I was in jail, you visited me." Then the ones who pleased the Lord will ask, "When did we give you something to eat or drink? When did we welcome you as a stranger or give you clothes to wear or visit you while you were sick or in jail?" The king will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed you did it for me." Matthew 25:35-40

Each person on earth was created by God so any time we help someone in need we are doing it for God and he is the rewarder of all good deeds. It may not seem like it because you can’t see money multiplying in your account but when you invest in God’s people he will surely reward you here on earth. When they say givers never lack, believe it because it is VERY true. I have personally experienced and also heard testimonies of several people who do not necessarily invest their money in stocks and shares but are givers and they never want. God always meet their needs. This is because the bible says Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38

So dear friends, invest your money wisely. Lay up treasures that cannot be taken away from you.
As you invest your money in schemes, stocks, shares etc, remember that it is far more rewarding to invest in people and in God’s work. Someone’s life can be saved today just because you invested in them. Selah

2 May 2007

Idols (West Africa) is becoming preposterous!

Honestly I think Idols West Africa should be cancelled. There should not be a season 2! Am so upset am not sure who to blame- West Africa for voting for people who have no business being in the competition or for those who are "rigging" the votes. I heard that some people bought dozens of recharge cards to vote for Temitayo after that woefully performance! Why? Why?? All these sentiment votes should stop!!!

As far as I am concerned Jodie was/is the best performance vocally and in every other way but guess what Africa thought otherwise. The show is nothing without Jodie. She deserves to be the winner but this only goes to show that though life isn't fair, God has something better in store for her. I am waiting earnestly for her to release her album cuz I'll surely buy it. Jodie, God bless you...u are a rare gem and you are loved. The doors to idols might be shut but you are going places girl. God's plans for you are much more than you can ever imagine.

Am not sure what the likes of Jerrilyn are still doing in the competition. God forbid that she becomes the first West Africa idol. Please don't get me wrong, I don't know her from anywhere and i do not have any beef for her. She can sing quite alright but she doesn't exhibit confidence and sometimes it's like she is in a club doing karaoke! I think she's only in there because people pity her cuz of what she has been through in the past and what not. Inasmuch as I sympathise with her I don't think Africa should vote based on sentiments. If she was a doing a great job it will have only made her story more intriguing. Right now she is really annoying me. lol

As for Timi...ha! what happened now?? This is not the time to be performing stunts o and choosing songs you are not so familiar with. Anyway I forgive you sha cuz you are the next best. Africa I hope you won't mess up again o...Timi deserves to be in the competition. Let us not assume that every other person is voting for him. VOTE wisely if you have been voting and if you have not been voting pls stop doing ijebu with your credit. Hehehe

Am still very upset jare. I can't talk too much.

For those of you who don't watch Idols West Africa, you can get the full gist of the Top 6 performance in Tayo's blog.

25 Apr 2007

Gender Differences

Found this piece online and thought this couldn't be more true. hehehehe. Btw, my thought are in blue. Enjoy

Women mature much faster than men (So so so true! Proven over and over!). Most 17-year-old females can function as adults. Most 17-year-old males are still trading baseball cards and giving each other wedgies after gym class. This is why high school romances rarely work.

To their credit, men do not decorate their penmanship. They just chicken-scratch. Women use scented, colored stationary and they dot their "i's" with circles and hearts. Women use ridiculously large loops in their "p's" and "g's". It is a royal pain to read a note from a woman. Even when she's dumping you, she'll put a smiley face at the end of the note.

A man has at most six items in his bathroom - a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel from the Holiday Inn. The average number of items in a typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

A woman makes a list of things she needs and then goes to the store and buys these things. A man waits till the only items left in his fridge are half a lemon and something turning green. Then he goes grocery shopping. He buys everything that looks good. By the time a man reaches the checkout counter, his cart is packed tighter that the Clampett's car on Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, this will not stop him from going to the 10-items-or-less lane.

Going out:
When a man says he is ready to go out, it means he is ready to go out. When a woman says she is ready to go out, it means she will be ready to go out, as soon as she finds her other earring, finishes putting on her makeup...(Classic! Ask any guy in a relationship or is married)

When preparing for work, a woman will put on a Mondi wool suit, and then slip into Reebok sneakers. She wil carry her dress shoes in a plastic bag from Saks. When a woman gets to work, she will put on her dress shoes. Five minutes later, she will kick them off because her feet are under her desk. (I couldn't stop laughing when I read this..hehehehehehe). A man will wear one pair of shoes for the entire day.

Men are vain; they will check themselves out in the mirror. Women are ridiculous; they will check out their reflections in any shiny surface--mirrors, spoons, store windows, toasters, Joe Garagiola's head (checked out Joe Garagiola and found out he is bald, lol).

The Telephone:
Men see the telephone as a communications tool. They use the telephone to send short messages to other people. A woman can visit her girlfriend for two weeks, and upon returning home, she will call the same friend and they will talk for three hours.

If a woman is out driving and she finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings, she will stop at a gas station and ask for directions. Men consider this to be a sign of weakness. Men will never stop and ask for directions. Men will drive in a circle for hours, all the while saying things like, "Looks like I've found a new way to get there", and, "I know I'm in the neighborhood. I recognize that White Hen store".

Admitting Mistakes:
Women will sometimes admit making a mistake. The last man who admitted that he was wrong was Gen. George Custer. (checked him out too: Gen George Custer was was a United States Army cavalry commander, note- he was born in

Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and soccer games and romances and best friends and favorite foods and secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house. (This isn't always true, I know a number of fathers who act otherwise but I think moms are more gifted in this area)

Dressing up:
A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage answer the phone, read a book, get the mail. A man will dress up for: weddings, funerals.

Women do laundry every couple of days. A man will wear every article of clothing he owns, including his surgical pants that were hip about eight years ago, before he will do the laundry. When he is finally out of clothes, he will wear a dirty sweatshirt inside out, rent a U-Haul and take his mountain of clothes to the laundromat. Men always expect to meet beautiful women at the laundromat. This is a myth.

When reminiscing about weddings, women talk about "the ceremony". Men talk about "the bachelor party".


So do you agree with these differences or not? :->

The complete article can be found here

23 Apr 2007

My cousin's got a baby boy!

I'm so excited!!! My cousin's husband informed me last week that he and my cousin had their baby boy 2 weeks ago. Guess what, he was born on the 11th of April (just like me!):D

I'm sure he is the cutest baby ever, even though I am yet to see his pictures. Hmm i know there's going to be a long list of potential godmothers but am hoping my cousin will give me preferential treatment considering he is my birthday mate ;)

Couz and Couz-in-law, lol, if you are reading this, please know that I am so happy and excited for you. Congrats once again and hope to see you both and my potential godson soon ;);) I pray he will grow up to be smart, sweet, amicable and with good character (just like his mum and dad). Am sure he will make our family proud :)

N.B 1- Yah I promised to update y'all on my day. I had loads of fun; I got numerous calls and smses. Also my man organised a surprise get-together for me at my favorite pizza joint.... His brother & wife, my baby sister (i really should stop calling her that cuz she is a lady now lol) and a few friends were there...It was really special :) Thanks guys!

N.B 2- I think the 11th of April is becoming a very notable day, a friend and his wife also had their baby on the 11th of April....hehehe

17 Apr 2007

My Voting Experience

On Saturday, 14th April 2007, Nigerians went out for the Gubernatorial elections. 12th and 13th April were declared as public holidays for those who had to go to their home towns, villages or wherever to vote and yah for other rumored reasons Uncle Sege had. Whatever reason the holiday was welcomed by many including me!

Elections started around 10 a.m but I was ready to go a-voting by 12 noon. I went to the voting poll centre (oh nothing grand, more like under a tree as you can see in the photos!) with my aunt and a friend and the queue was so long! It was as if everyone decided they would come out to vote by 12. We were actually at the tail end of the queue. After standing on the same spot on the queue for 5 mins I began to wonder if voting was really worth my time. Lol...I really wasn't willing to stand on that motionless queue forever. My aunt and friend concurred with me so we decided to go back home not before reserving our space on the queue. We asked/begged/pleaded with some guy we knew on the queue to save our spaces. (I am not sure why but I felt I would be sinning if I didn't vote hehehe).

About 3p.m the guy called my mobile phone! Thank God for those little things! He said to me that he was approaching the front of the queue...Correct! I tell my aunt & friend and we hurry on to the tree, oops, I mean voting poll centre. Veritably, the guy was at the front of the line. At this point we find our level on the queue though it was still moving slowly and I guess this was because some people were either creating their own line or joining the front of the queue from behind (typical of Nigerians). A woman in front of us was really provoked about this and went to cause some good wahala (trouble) in front of the queue. She screamed at all the INEC officers and the guilty people.Other people joined her in the "raking" saying they had been standing on the queue for 2 hours and they would not allow anyone to just stroll in and think they can vote. Personally i think they all deserved been shouted at. Thank God for that woman and the others who intervened, we for stand on that queue for ever. Anyway an hour or so later, I fulfilled my civil duties and left the place with my aunt and friend. For the presidential elections I hope to be there early so I can vote on time. I guess despite the little uproar, my experience was peaceful and I guess to some I hear there were fights in some other places in Lagos and in some other towns, not like I expected any less.
Oh yes, I voted for Jimi Agbaje("Do you want same of the same Or Jimi Agbaje")...Really he looks the part and I think would have acted the part and I don't think he is same of the same. Alas Fashola won. You can check the results of the Gubernatorial elections in Tayo's blog. Well am not into politics so wont talk much about the candidates but am glad it was not Koro that won (i don't like that guy one bit- definitely same of the same). Am hoping and believing Fashola performs his gubernatorial duties well.
But really were the election results really fair and free like they claim? I wonder what will happen next week as per presidential elections and results.

11 Apr 2007

Hey gal, it's your birthday :o)

Today, 11th April, is my birthday and I have every reason to be thankful to God for his blessings & mercies over my life, for my family and my friends. I am so glad to be alive and well. God has been so gracious to me. I have seen him move in every aspect of my life since I was a child. Times when I felt down and out and like nothing made sense any more He was there with me every step of the way. He has been faithful even when I was faithless. Lord God, I thank you.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family- my parents are the best in the world…I could never ask for a better set of parents! I see the love between my dad and my mum flourishing and maturing every now and then and my heart desire is to have such love when I get married. My siblings are da bomb…though I don’t say this every day I love you guys!!! My extended family is also one of a kind! We are all so tight. God bless you all.

I cannot but say that I have been blessed to be surrounded by loving and caring friends at every point in my life. I have been on the go (traveling up and down for school n stuff) ever since I was 17 and I have never had cause to meet or mix with the wrong crowd. I have had good friends in this life: school, work, church etc and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to God for meeting every one of you (quite a number I must say!). I hope I have been half the good friend to y’all as you have been to me…

I also want to thank God for giving me the best man ever in the whole wide world…You rock my world. I love you baby. ;)

For my fans in blog world (lol)...I thank God for your life and all the comments you have sent me…You are the ones that make blogging fun.

Today is going to be great! Since 12a.m my phone has been busy- phone calls & smses. Thanks to all those that have hollered at me so far.
This time last year, I was in the UK and my friends there, had a cool party for me. I wonder what today will turn out to be, hmmm...

Anyhow it goes, I'll feel u in ASAP ;)

5 Apr 2007

Will Training (for those who want to improve their attitude :))

You might agree with me that we live in a “Me” centered world. Most people will only help others as long as it is convenient for them. I remember as a kid, in Sunday School we were taught that to have JOY in our lives, we must put Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between. As we commence the Easter season, we must emulate Christ on living a selfless live. Even till the point of his death on the cross he thought of others and not of himself.

Anyway today what I really want to talk about is on training your will. Most people feel/think they do not have any control over their attitudes, moods and emotions. I say to you that this is a lie. As human beings we have control over what we think, how we feel and how we behave. This is one difference between us and other creatures of God. I guess the reason why most people believe this lie is because they have not trained themselves to be in control. So today, I would like to take you on a journey of training your will by doing the following tasks:

  1. Smile when you’ll rather frown
  2. Say a gentle word when you’ll snarl
  3. Do a kind deed, however simple, when you’ll rather take your ease
  4. Think a good thought when you’ll rather not think at all
  5. See something beautiful in every disagreeable task
  6. Speak only good about those who cross your path
  7. Deny yourself some little thing each day
  8. Be joyful even in the face of sorrow and misfortune
  9. Give thanks to God even for those things which try your soul

You can start by taking the first task and training yourself on that- "Smile when you'll rather frown". Write it down on post-it notes, on your note book, think about it constantly, say it out to yourself every morning when you wake up till it becomes stuck in your mind. Now actualizing it might be difficult the first time, especially if you are upset and you dont even feel like smiling at anybody, but just try it out..u might not feel it in you, it might come out fake but just smile!.. I believe you'll get better at it. Also you can tell your friends, family, loved ones about what you are doing. That way you are accountable to them and they can remind you when you are going off course. Tough hey!

When you master the first task you are ready to move on to the next, till you have trained your will on each task. At the end of it all am sure your attitude will improve exponentially. This might take a while but I think it is worth your time.

I know this can be very arduous but with God on your side and determination in your heart you can do it. Am starting my training today! ;o)

Please feel free to share your experiences with me or on any other tips on how to improve one's attitude. :)

16 Mar 2007

Friday nite...

...And I am still in the office! Which kain life be this??? And I still have work to do over the weekend...grhhhhhhhhhhhh..Am suppose to be braiding my hair tomorrow (which I will) but trust my laptop is going to be on my laps during the hair making. I just hope the "onidiri" (hair-maker) will not curse me tomorrow. I don't consider myself to be a workacholic but it seems I am beginning to turn into one, more like out of condition and not choice. This rat race is getting to me!!!

By the way, my elder sister got married two weeks ago and oh my gosh come and see the crowd. The whole church and reception was jampacked. At one point I thought it was my popsie and momsie getting married again cuz all their friends from all over Naija and abroad were there! And everyone from my popsie's village also! God forgive me but am sure half of the people there didnt really know my sister. Na real wa o. I even heard the event made 2 local papers yet to see them (I wonder if my picture made it wish) Anyway I thank God for a successful event and I wish my sister and her hubby happy married life.

I still cant believe she is long ago was it when we were young, living in Ikolaba GRA. We, ok more like me used to drag my sister to play (anyone that knows my sister knows she is quiet, gentle, peaceful, all the good things unlike with sand & leaves and pretend we were selling "moimoi" (ok am not sure how to translate that in English but its made of beans) like the "moimoi" sellers...Now she is someone's wife! Am sure i'll get used to it...I no get choice.

Ok back to the moment- its past 9.00PM and am still in the office!!!!!! Oya, I dey go house. Work no go kill me... Tayo am still waiting for more financial tips o!

I hope y'all have a much nicer weekend than myself ;)

9 Mar 2007

Dear Friend

I got some bad news from a good friend of mine yesterday evening. Unfortunately I cannot mention any names or what this is about because I do not know who reads my blog but I am so pained for her and angry on her behalf. Yesterday I could not sleep that well (considering how much I love sleep). I just kept on praying for my friend and the changes the bad news will cause in her life.

Why is there no forgiveness from people we expect it from? Why do people give great punishment to others than the wrong they committed. It's one thing to commit wrong unknowingly it is another to be treated unjustly for it.

Dear Friend, you know who you are, God is still on the throne and will fight your battle for you. Everything is working out for your good. This unexpected change is a blessing in disguise. Because Jesus lives, dear friend you can face tomorrow.

Change is inevitable, some change is good, some change is bad, some unexpected. We just have to be prepared for any change that comes our way.

It is well.

28 Feb 2007

"Three things" bug

Finally caught the "three things" bug, thanks to OmoAlagbede :)

Quite me thinking

Here goes (not in any order of priority):

Three things that scare me:

  • Thought of losing a loved one
  • Croaches, rats & snakes
  • Not achieving my purpose in Life

Three people who make me laugh:

  • My Fiance
  • My Dad
  • Cute smart children

Three Things I love:

  • Sleeping
  • Chatting/Gist
  • Smell of 212

Three Things I hate:

  • Men that abuse their wives and think it is their right
  • Bad Body/Mouth odour
  • *When my time/movement is dependent on others* - Edited (Previously - "I too know"- Arrogance)

Three Things I don't understand:

  • Why some men think it is all about them
  • Why girls fall for guys even when they know they are being played or lied to
  • Why women are mostly (almost always) on the receiving end

Three things on my desk (right now):

  • My laptop
  • My mobile phone
  • A cup of tea

Three things I’m doing right now:

  • Working on a report
  • Listening to music (yup i can multitask)
  • Drinking tea & eating biscuit

Three things I want to do before I die:

  • Get Married/Have children :)
  • Coach people on personal and relationship matters
  • Travel to other countries in Africa and in other continents

Three things I can do:

  • Multitask
  • Type fast
  • Plan events

Three things you should listen to:
  • Friends and family- when they need you to be a listening ear
  • Good Music
  • Your pastor, The Word of God

Three things you should never listen to:

  • A chauvinist
  • Unwholesome conversations
  • The Devil

Three things I’d like to learn:

  • How to drive properly :P
  • How to control my emotions
  • How to Live a purpose driven life

Three favourite foods:

  • Rice- any kind but must have pepper
  • Nandos Chicken & Chips (Extra Hot)
  • Boli & Epa (Roasted Plaintain & Groundnut)

Three beverages I drink regularly:

  • Water
  • Juice
  • Tea -is tea a beverage??

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:

  • Sesame Street (watched)
  • Nancy Drew (Read)
  • Sweet Valley Twins/High (Read)