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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

16 Mar 2007

Friday nite...

...And I am still in the office! Which kain life be this??? And I still have work to do over the weekend...grhhhhhhhhhhhh..Am suppose to be braiding my hair tomorrow (which I will) but trust my laptop is going to be on my laps during the hair making. I just hope the "onidiri" (hair-maker) will not curse me tomorrow. I don't consider myself to be a workacholic but it seems I am beginning to turn into one, more like out of condition and not choice. This rat race is getting to me!!!

By the way, my elder sister got married two weeks ago and oh my gosh come and see the crowd. The whole church and reception was jampacked. At one point I thought it was my popsie and momsie getting married again cuz all their friends from all over Naija and abroad were there! And everyone from my popsie's village also! God forgive me but am sure half of the people there didnt really know my sister. Na real wa o. I even heard the event made 2 local papers yet to see them (I wonder if my picture made it wish) Anyway I thank God for a successful event and I wish my sister and her hubby happy married life.

I still cant believe she is long ago was it when we were young, living in Ikolaba GRA. We, ok more like me used to drag my sister to play (anyone that knows my sister knows she is quiet, gentle, peaceful, all the good things unlike with sand & leaves and pretend we were selling "moimoi" (ok am not sure how to translate that in English but its made of beans) like the "moimoi" sellers...Now she is someone's wife! Am sure i'll get used to it...I no get choice.

Ok back to the moment- its past 9.00PM and am still in the office!!!!!! Oya, I dey go house. Work no go kill me... Tayo am still waiting for more financial tips o!

I hope y'all have a much nicer weekend than myself ;)

9 Mar 2007

Dear Friend

I got some bad news from a good friend of mine yesterday evening. Unfortunately I cannot mention any names or what this is about because I do not know who reads my blog but I am so pained for her and angry on her behalf. Yesterday I could not sleep that well (considering how much I love sleep). I just kept on praying for my friend and the changes the bad news will cause in her life.

Why is there no forgiveness from people we expect it from? Why do people give great punishment to others than the wrong they committed. It's one thing to commit wrong unknowingly it is another to be treated unjustly for it.

Dear Friend, you know who you are, God is still on the throne and will fight your battle for you. Everything is working out for your good. This unexpected change is a blessing in disguise. Because Jesus lives, dear friend you can face tomorrow.

Change is inevitable, some change is good, some change is bad, some unexpected. We just have to be prepared for any change that comes our way.

It is well.