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5 Jul 2007

Ban Spraying of Money ke?!

This is going to be a rant post so please bear with me!

I have been hearing rumors about this. Please tell me it is not true o. Naija don make law o. What is this I am reading about banning spraying of money in social gatherings? Read here. How can? Is any Nigerian wedding complete without spraying of money. Some people say it is barbaric but what exactly is the issue here?? To me spraying of money is fun (thoughts of all that money just falling on you while dancing, kai!) except for the part where some random funny looking women (I dont think men are cut out for such stealing) use style to steal out of the money. That's why you need a vigilant bridal party!

I am not sure but do people still spray money at weddings in Nigeria? The last 2 naija weddings I attended were my best friend's and my sister´s (late 2006, early 2007 respectively) and "enough" money was sprayed at both weddings. I know because, I was the one busy packing the money on the ground, as per chief bride's maid concerned (yes o, on both occassions) and I didn't see anyone getting arrested, well I certainly wasn't arrested or fined. By the way, I didn't even get 1 Naira out of all that money (yes again, both weddings), after all my bending, kneeling, scraping my fingers in the sand...God dey sha!

Ehn hen, back to my gist. I beg una, law or no law, bill or no bill, pls spray money on my wedding day o (whenever that is)- daddies, mummies, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, everybody- dollars, pounds, naira will be accepted and appreciated. No Cedis please (my ghanian peeps, no offence meant). And if by any chance you are scared of getting arrested, hmm...just put the money in an envelope. We go accept em! Thanks!

N.B- It's not that I like money too much o...I just like the idea of money been sprayed at my wedding! LOL


  1. Do i hear wedding bells jingling? You like money confess, don't worry, we will still spray. I've been hearing the ban gist for a while but i think people still spray money around here. I kind of see it as a part of our culture now.
    so tell me, which one pain you pass? The fact that you were picking money at both your best friend's wedding and your sister's, or that you didn't get a share? Enjoy

  2. Hmmm... i have lots of strange view points .... i personally do not subscribe to the spraying of money at occassions.

    Ask yourself the following questions:
    where does it stem from?
    how did it start?
    why do we do it? (you can leave fun out of the reasons for now pls)
    what does it potray?

    Take care and have a lovely day

  3. @writefreak- the fact that i didnt get a share pained me pass! lol

    @olatunde- unforunately i do not have answers to any of your questions. To be honest i have not cared to know. All I know is spraying of money take places at weddings and i like it...

    So what are the curious. On second thoughts, maybe u should tell me after I get u change my I'll come back for the answers later!

  4. you will never cease to amaze me.

  5. what's this I hear about not spraying money? Girl, you must give me plenty advance warning for your wedding so that I can start saving my money to spray you. Don't spray money ke, jealousy go kill some people oh! There is nothing more Nigerian than the spraying of money for dancing girls. Illegal ke, if you have not invited any policeman to your wedding, what is he doing there to enforce the law? As for the no cedis, don't worry, the new cedi has confused me so much that I am unlikely to touch the thing, never mind arrive at your wedding with pocketfuls of the stuff.

  6. Well, T - since you want pple to spray money on you, on your wedding day, I hope you'll be paying the money collectors a token o. That's 'cos I'd be helping you that day to pick up all the money !!!


  7. the ban on spraying is for real...but i think its the last wedding I attended the chairman (a Senator) told people not to spray but put money in a carton next to the couple, but beleive me people are still spraying elsewhere.
    olatunde asked where it stems from..its very cultural..In the old days before the colonialists came people use to spray cowries on the dancing couple..
    I dont see what harm it does i only get irritated when people dont pick the money immediately but allow everyone step all over it...

  8. @sika- hehehe..yes o..u have to spray me and it must be in pounds!

    @LBM- I am sure some thing can be arranged ;)

    @chioma- thanks o jare. pls i dont know wat olatunde is talking about...hehehehe..Let the spraying continue!!!

  9. Money is still happily and aggressively sprayed!


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