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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

24 Aug 2012

Boosting Your Confidence ebook

boosting confidence
I am so excited to announce to you the launch of my very first ebook. Woo hoo!

The ebook, Boosting Your Confidence, 15 Steps to Success In The WorkPlace shares simple effective tips and strategies, based on my own experience and research that everyone especially mums & women could use to boost their confidence at work.

I shared my own story in the book. Losing your confidence happens but the key thing is acknowledging and doing something about it. This ebook shows you how.

It is a short easy to read book and you can find out how to get your copy on the super working mum website.

I have made it free for a limited time so I’ll advice you to grab your copy NOW :)

Please let me know what you think of the book- did you like it? Was it useful? Was it rubbish? (I hope I will add a few reviews here and on SWM ASAP.

I will also be delighted if you can share the link with your friends and contacts. More details are on the SWM site on how to share.

Thanks all!

15 Aug 2012

Living With Less - My Thoughts

Living with LessI can’t exactly remember the first time I heard the word “minimalist” but I was intrigued when I found Joshua Becker’s Blog a while ago- Becoming Minimalist. Maybe because being minimalist is a value my mum instilled in us as kids.

My siblings and I were brought up to know it as “making do with what you had and differentiating between wants and needs”. It didn’t matter if everyone at school was wearing it or using it, if it wasn’t a need, you were not getting it, period.

It was easier in those days, but now it seems the message of having it all is being ingrained in our subconscious and in the minds of our children.  People are caught up in measuring each other by what they wear, where they live, the car they drive etc. People are busy acquiring and storing treasures on earth rather than in heaven. I once blogged about this, as it is a topic that gets me thinking from time to time.

Ok back to the subject of today’s blog. I have just finished reading Joshua’s new book “Living with Less” and I was blown away.  It is 62 pages, very easy to read and follow. I could feel Joshua’s passion on this topic as I read.

 The book is geared towards teenagers and young adults- it is better to catch them young after all. I rediscovered truths I knew before and a few I was confused about became clearer.

For example, even though I am not a spender, I am a hoarder (covers face). I keep thinking I will need this or that, so I hardly get rid of stuff. However since following the becoming minimalist blog, I have realised clutter can actually have an effect on my well being. 

Do this simple test- which room do you feel peaceful in; one that is cluttered and filled with junk or one that is airy with no clutter.  Go on, think about it!

I have therefore made a commitment to live a clutter free life. Then reading Living with Less confirmed to me that I am on the right path.

The decluttering process seems overwhelming I won’t lie but I am taking it one drawer at a time, one room at a time (no pressure!).  I am well on my way to becoming clutter free! Woo hoo!!!

Also becoming minimalist has helped me stop thinking about myself but to focus on being a blessing to others.

My desire is to raise up my children the way my mother brought me up- to be content, to live a life of giving, not to measure success by the things people have or compare their lives with others. Joshua talks about it all in his book.

Thank you Joshua for writing this book, a subject that is highly needed in this generation. Anyone who wants to live a life of abundance and purpose MUST read this book. This book will cause a paradigm shift in your thinking.

If you are in the States you can get your paperback copy here and kindle version here (you don't need a kindle to download, just download the kindle app on your phone or ipad). 

The paperback version isn't available in the UK yet but you can get the kindle version here.

I encourage you to get your copy now, I am sure it will bless you like it blessed me.  I am definitely keeping my copy so Bionic can read it when she is older.

2 Aug 2012

Thankful Post and Femme Lounge Interview

google images
The month of July has just flown by, in fact 2012 is just racing by...and in the midst of it all God has been faithful.

I am thankful and excited for August, my breakthrough is here!

I am thankful for God's love, protection, care and goodness in my life and in the life of my family.

I am thankful for my marriage, that even when things get tough sometimes, Baale and I still have each other. I appreciate that man o! I do!

I am thankful for Bionic, her super charms still amazes me.

I am thankful for true friends, who support, encourage and pray for me.

I am thankful for my new blogger friend sugarspring. She has been a blessing to me in the short period I have known her. I can only say this is a God ordained connection ;)

I am thankful for everyone who took part in the prayer challenge and for everyone who prayed for me and for those I prayed for. God bless you. Your expectation shall not be cut short in Jesus name.

I am thankful for where God is taking me too. My future is too bright, in fact, I have to wear sunshades :D

What are you thankful for?

In other exciting news, Shola Okubote of Femme lounge interviewed me in her WomenWhoBlog series. I was so touched and humbled when she asked me to be part of the series. The interview is up today I believe so go on over to Femme Lounge and show some love ;) For those of you who don't know what I look like I guess here's your chance to put a face to the

Much love!