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7 Dec 2007

7 random/weird things- Tagged by Tayo

Ok I never thought I would get tagged on this particular topic but thanks to Tayo who is trying to gain revenge bcuz I tagged him on something quite relevant . Now I have to think deep about random "stuffs" about me.

Before i start here are the rules

1) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
4) Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Those that have been tagged will know at the end, so keep reading :)

1) I can be such a cry baby. I actually think my tear glands are right on my eye lids. If I watch a sad movie, I cry, if someone tells me a sad story I cry, if I get really upset over something I cry. Kai I remember once I went to watch a movie in the cinema, cant even remember the title of the movie now but it was the movie where Denzel Washington was a boxer and he was put in prison cuz he was black and they said he killed someone- remember that movie, yes o I cried from the beginning to the end. Since then I promised myself I’ll only go watch action movies and no true life dramas in the cinema. Then I again, I cried when I watched Blood Diamond considering its actioned packed..Omo men I don cry for this life o

2) I can sleep for Nigeria, infact for Africa. If you ask me what my hobby is I’ll most likely reply “sleeping”, of cuz I won’t say that in an interview session! Lol. Me and sleep are like best friends…actually I think I have improved on this sleeping business. When I was younger, I think it was when I was waiting to enter Uni I used to sleep from 12 midnight to 12 noon (half a day, can you imagine). I don’t like anything or anyone disturbing my sleep time. If I have ever sounded grouchy on the phone to you, please no vex, you prolly woke me up from my beauty sleep! When I feel forlorn or when I feel life's trouble is towing down on me- sleep is the remedy. When people say they have insomia I used to wonder what they meant till it happened to me two nights consecutively! Omo men I fear o… Actually it was one flu drug I took that I was reacting to. Never again, how can sleep elude me?! My friends have warned me to better get over this sleeping mania cuz when I get married Mr. husband will not find it funny. Hehehe…I shall cross that bridge when I get there…hopefully!

3) Now I find this really really weird but it happens. When I attend a wedding, party, function, the table I sit at is the last table that gets served. That's if we are lucky o. For some reason I am still trying to fathom, they always miss the table I sit at…even if it’s the most obvious table. Not only food o..when they distribute gifts they must miss my table ni sha! I don’t understand o…I guess till I do maybe I should stop attending events or better still eat enough before attending so that it wont pain me when food passes over my table.

4) I am claustrophobic. I get very uncomfortable when I am in a crowd. That’s why I dislike going to the market or events done at the stadium or at the redeemed camp. I’ll rather go to a supermarket or watch the event on TV respectively. I also don’t like it when people’s bodies touch mine- e.g. when dancing in church and the whole place is crowded and people are dancing into each other- I’ll rather sit at the end of a row, that way, limited contact. Or in a car I hate body contact. I believe people should stay in their personal space and not encroach into mine… I find it annoying when people I am walking with don’t walk in their “lane” and cross into mine, or on the train/tube, you go sit beside someone because there is no other place to sit and they can’t just stay in their space and their leg, arm, bum, body is crossing into your space…grhhhhhh. I find it very very annoying…lol..i know it sounds really weird. Of cuz this does not apply to family or very close friends. Lol…am not that bad o.

5) I hate to admit this but I can’t drive! Actually its more of I don’t drive cuz I can drive in my head but not in real life lol. I have gone to driving school twice and both my driving instructions said I was a good student but omo forget o. I blame my Popc jo. He didn’t/doesn't trust my driving abilities so he refused to release any of his cars for me to practice with. Anyway I hate it that I don’t drive…I really do so I am going to do something about it. This time next year I will tell you a different story. ;)

6) In the last 5 years I have gained maybe just 5 kilograms. Actually I can still fit into the clothes I used to wear 7 years… dad complains am too skinny but I don’t think so, H2B doesn’t think so, so that’s good enough for me. And its not like I don't eat o. Well i eat small portions at short intervals. To worsen matters, I look younger than my age. I have even had secondary school boys step up to me…if only they knew I was old enuff to be their aunty (ok was going to say mother).

7) I have more guy friends than girl friends… It became very obvious when more guys responded to my wedding “asoebi” mail than girls. See me see wahala o. Anyway I guess all that is going to change once I tie the knot. To be honest I find it easier to relate to guys than girls…less drama…considering I can be such a drama queen myself.

8) Oh they said 7, i was about to go and and on...all of a sudden am remembering all these weird stuffs about weird/random am i??

I hereby tag writefreak, rinsola, cherub, inmyheadandaroundme, ifeolu, copido and daddysgirl. That’s if you haven’t already done this. And if you've been tagged by someone else that means you really need to do this :)


  1. miss lady, we have number one in common.Sometimes when it gets so cold i can start crying, isn't that something else? Nywayz how'v you been?

  2. LOL. #4 ‘Weird fact’ is really hilarious. I remember back in the days, you used to get mad at me for mistakenly walking into your lane so I know u truly hate that. And talking about people encroaching into your space on the train… You actually always detested it whenever I sat too close to you. And you say this does not apply to family….. I don’t think so!

  3. How was your week missy? hope it went well. I just completed ur tag to moi

  4. ask me about the sleep one! Ha you can sleep it's very true! And the guy friends...hehehe
    Omo, are you weird or what?

  5. @rinsola- thanks for taking time out to let us know how weird you are:)

    @LBM- hmm lol..true talk..i actually had a rethink of my case cuz i remember i didn't like my younger sister sitting close to me in the car as well...I guess I have changed and grown with am not so weird in that department anymore...hehehe

    @kawana- don't you just hate the crying sometimes :)

    @writefreak- are you making fun of me...??? i look forward to seeing your wall of weirdness on your blog lol

  6. I suddenly realize I didn't know you like I thought I did!!!
    LOL@No 3, it used to happen to me too but now, I don't wait for it to happen o. I go and meet the servers and organise myself ... hehehehe.
    ... and you still can drive? Haba!! "runsman" should have put you through now, abi?
    Claustrophobic? I also have traces of that .. very trace.

  7. ... and that your #7, I agree well well! You go soon marry o ... so start changing!

  8. @olamild- thanks for checking my blog...yah i laugh at myself a lot! will feel strange going to meet the servers o..before they give me iso but if am really hungry maybe i might! lol

    btw r u saying u don't want to be friends with me anymore :((

  9. That was funny but you aren't weird. Well except for the wedding table part lol!

  10. @solomonsydelle- thank you jare, am just special init? LOL..
    yes o the wedding table issue is something else! I hope it doesn't happen to me on my own wedding

  11. :) we have 5 in common. and wedding tables? u are on ur own oh!!!!!!!!!

  12. @~mimi~ lol..which 5 do we have in common?? ok, i've seen the "you cant drive on your blog"
    what are the others?

    As for the wedding table matter, I TIRE. Still happened at the last wedding I attended in Nov. hehehe

  13. I just found your blog for the first time and we share some stuff in as per the body contact thingy and

  14. "Hehehe…I shall cross that bridge when I get there…hopefully!"'ve been about 7months 23days now. Great i believe.


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