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2 May 2007

Idols (West Africa) is becoming preposterous!

Honestly I think Idols West Africa should be cancelled. There should not be a season 2! Am so upset am not sure who to blame- West Africa for voting for people who have no business being in the competition or for those who are "rigging" the votes. I heard that some people bought dozens of recharge cards to vote for Temitayo after that woefully performance! Why? Why?? All these sentiment votes should stop!!!

As far as I am concerned Jodie was/is the best performance vocally and in every other way but guess what Africa thought otherwise. The show is nothing without Jodie. She deserves to be the winner but this only goes to show that though life isn't fair, God has something better in store for her. I am waiting earnestly for her to release her album cuz I'll surely buy it. Jodie, God bless you...u are a rare gem and you are loved. The doors to idols might be shut but you are going places girl. God's plans for you are much more than you can ever imagine.

Am not sure what the likes of Jerrilyn are still doing in the competition. God forbid that she becomes the first West Africa idol. Please don't get me wrong, I don't know her from anywhere and i do not have any beef for her. She can sing quite alright but she doesn't exhibit confidence and sometimes it's like she is in a club doing karaoke! I think she's only in there because people pity her cuz of what she has been through in the past and what not. Inasmuch as I sympathise with her I don't think Africa should vote based on sentiments. If she was a doing a great job it will have only made her story more intriguing. Right now she is really annoying me. lol

As for Timi...ha! what happened now?? This is not the time to be performing stunts o and choosing songs you are not so familiar with. Anyway I forgive you sha cuz you are the next best. Africa I hope you won't mess up again o...Timi deserves to be in the competition. Let us not assume that every other person is voting for him. VOTE wisely if you have been voting and if you have not been voting pls stop doing ijebu with your credit. Hehehe

Am still very upset jare. I can't talk too much.

For those of you who don't watch Idols West Africa, you can get the full gist of the Top 6 performance in Tayo's blog.


  1. Tolted, I feel you o! The whole show has turned to a joke. All the talents like Lara, Ibitoru, Uche, Jarry, David Desmond and now Jodie were unlucky to get voted out while average singers like Temitayo and Jodie are still in the show. It's all a joke. I'm still so upset. Imagine all the nice songs Jodie would have sang at the finale! It would have been so competitive having to choose who to vote for between her and Timi ... Anyway, i guess I'm still dreaming. Someone, wake me up. Pleeeeeease!!!

  2. There is a Nigerian Problem that has shown up here. Nigerians have an apathy towards voting. It is the same thing that happenes with our national election. We analyse and and predict who will win an election. We complain about how our votes cannot make a difference and sit at home on election day.

    Everyone says Jodie is the best. I can imagine how they supported her by arguing in their homes, salons, office, schools etc. but never made an effort to vote. Soemone even said she is so good and will get so many votes so i will give my vote to someone else who needs it more.

    What people don't seem to understand is that where results come by voting then you better just vote. I hope we have learned a lesson here.

    If you did not vote then do not complain.

  3. @tayo- It's not a dream is reality. Only goes to show that some people are "favored"

    @dupe- You are very right. Nigerians can complain all day long but take no action. On the other hand, all the people that I know that are hurt about this, voted for Jodie including me. Some even voted more than once. This is even the painful part!
    Who knows, they are probable rigging this idol thingie too. NAWA for Naija o!!!

  4. O ga o. Who/What is idols West Africa? Who is Timi? Is he a Nigerian? This one that you are so emotional about it...

  5. I was in shock! Total shock when I heard that they had tossed what has to be the best talent on the show out.

    But then a few questions:

    Did Jennifer Hudson win Idols? Did Lemar win whatever competition he was in?

    Jodie will come out of this just great.

  6. Tolted, I'm pained that Jodie's out too, but just like Dupe pointed out, its probably because the people that loved her did not bother to vote. My question for you is... Did you vote for her?

  7. I could not believe Jodie was voted off. I was adamant that the final two were going to be Timi and Jodie. I personally, however prefer Timi, he just connects emotionally with me more, and therefore he got my votes, but to have people like Temitayo and Jerrilyn in, and Jodie out, is mindblowing.

  8. are you serious, people buying sim card to vote. whats in it for them. na wa o.

  9. hahahaha.. pele..

    I just read Tayo's blog talking about Jodie's exit as well.

    I hope you are doing well. Please, say hi to 'O'. I will give her a call soon. I have to look for the number sha.


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