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23 Oct 2007

"The Land is Green"

Hi guys,

I am feeling this song by Ty Bello. Omo, we dey talented in Naija o...forget matter!

What y'all think???

P.S- I still can't figure out how to upload youtube videos (Tayo, anyone, pls help!) so please bear with me :)

P.S 2- Finally Tayo has come to my rescue...(Thanks!!!) and to think i have a first degree in Computer Science!


  1. copy the code from youtube..the embed oh not the url...then make a new post ..but instead f using the wyswyg editr a la compose use the other tab next t it. Now that is the oldway...New way..there is a button up there next to image with a reel on it..LOL... I have jabod you today.

  2. nice song really! I loved it the moment i heard it! Thevideo is awesome...

  3. I have had the album playing all month on my MP3 Player. The whole thing is amazing. She is an exceptional musician.

  4. I see Omodudu has bailed you out. Oya edit this post ASAP and put the video. I just bought her CD today @ Nu Metro. Great Songs, Great voice.

  5. BTW, have you heard ASA's single? I posted about her and TY on my blog here.
    Check it out!

  6. men I just tried wat Omodudu said (not had any chance to do it in a while). First of all am not sure I get the english in omodudu's comment, and second the add video isn't working!

    Someone helppppppppp!!!

  7. Thanks again Tayo...yes o I saw ASA's single on your blog. I thought I put a comment.

  8. Yeah I like the song tooo..TY your goin places ooo!

  9. neo soul is her style,gospel is her her


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