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28 Feb 2007

"Three things" bug

Finally caught the "three things" bug, thanks to OmoAlagbede :)

Quite me thinking

Here goes (not in any order of priority):

Three things that scare me:

  • Thought of losing a loved one
  • Croaches, rats & snakes
  • Not achieving my purpose in Life

Three people who make me laugh:

  • My Fiance
  • My Dad
  • Cute smart children

Three Things I love:

  • Sleeping
  • Chatting/Gist
  • Smell of 212

Three Things I hate:

  • Men that abuse their wives and think it is their right
  • Bad Body/Mouth odour
  • *When my time/movement is dependent on others* - Edited (Previously - "I too know"- Arrogance)

Three Things I don't understand:

  • Why some men think it is all about them
  • Why girls fall for guys even when they know they are being played or lied to
  • Why women are mostly (almost always) on the receiving end

Three things on my desk (right now):

  • My laptop
  • My mobile phone
  • A cup of tea

Three things I’m doing right now:

  • Working on a report
  • Listening to music (yup i can multitask)
  • Drinking tea & eating biscuit

Three things I want to do before I die:

  • Get Married/Have children :)
  • Coach people on personal and relationship matters
  • Travel to other countries in Africa and in other continents

Three things I can do:

  • Multitask
  • Type fast
  • Plan events

Three things you should listen to:
  • Friends and family- when they need you to be a listening ear
  • Good Music
  • Your pastor, The Word of God

Three things you should never listen to:

  • A chauvinist
  • Unwholesome conversations
  • The Devil

Three things I’d like to learn:

  • How to drive properly :P
  • How to control my emotions
  • How to Live a purpose driven life

Three favourite foods:

  • Rice- any kind but must have pepper
  • Nandos Chicken & Chips (Extra Hot)
  • Boli & Epa (Roasted Plaintain & Groundnut)

Three beverages I drink regularly:

  • Water
  • Juice
  • Tea -is tea a beverage??

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid:

  • Sesame Street (watched)
  • Nancy Drew (Read)
  • Sweet Valley Twins/High (Read)


  1. The thot of losing a loved one creeps me put too. I can't say i've lost a very close family member before. Death must come any way u look at it, thing is we should be ready.

    I love plaintain/ banana and peanuts in any way, shape or form u have it. Nice blog, will bookmark it.

  2. So you've caught "3 things" bug too? I just as well might catch it soon. Nice Reading yours.

  3. Cool. Enjoyed reading your list.

    @ cute smart children make you laugh - What are you trying to say? Not all children are cute and smart????? lol.. j/k

    Have a great week.

  4. @Cherub- Thanks for your comment. Yah we have to be ready init, cuz death is inevitable.

    Good to know someone else loves

    @tayo- Will keep checking ur blog to see when/if you catch the bug:)

    @niyi- Lol...Don't believe when they say all children are cute...some children are not smart and so not cute!

  5. ok babe, so plenty three things here! Nice lists! lol, how come i didn't see my name on this list? Kidding girl....i'm glad you mentioned sleeping or i would rake! you can sleep on water!

  6. Wat can i say, You love the perfume i use, wat more can a man ask for! hehehe

  7. I ave caught the bug o, nice one

  8. What can i say...I fear what you fear and like what u like but guess what death is the common denominator and no matter how much you like this life you will not leave it alive...

  9. Nice blog. I used to be on the frequent readers list of your blog and then I just kind of like stopped. Your list says a lot about you, I guess you keep it real and some things just don’t change.

    Keep up writing, I intend to become regular again. How come your mum’s name was not on that list for those that make you laugh? I hope she’s not seen this though. And yet all you commented on was Chauvinistic “men”……hmmm, does that say anything.

  10. Nancy Drew!
    Gosh, I remember that!
    Hardy boys, Faraway Tree series, Secret Seven, Upper 6 sesries etc.
    Congratulations on you wedding and birthday!
    I hope it's good as they say it is.


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