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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

19 Jan 2012

Managing my time

I won’t necessarily call myself a procrastinator, but nowadays I have been procrastinating on doing things I need to do more often than not. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I have a lot on my plate but then I end up spending my time on unimportant things. So this is a call to action. I need to:

·      Curb time stealer activities such as: 
§  Watching TV bye bye judge judy
§  Facebook/twitter - actually I am not as frequent on Facebook & twitter as I used to be but still doesn’t hurt to reduce my time on these social sites even further.
§  Sleep- now this one is going to be the hardest because I love my sleep!!! Guys, any tips on how to get out of bed early? I was thinking about going to bed earlier but psychologically I see it as “yay more time in bed”. Sigh. I need help seriously
§  Blackberry chatting- apart from normal chatting, I am active on three BB groups. Go figure.

·      To help me actually do stuff I need to do I will-
§  Keep doing a to do list- outline what I need to do daily in order of priority and DO THEM.
§  Firm up my routine, and stick to it.
§  Eliminate distractions - switch phone off, switch internet off except it is needed for the work I need to do
§  Set reminders on my phone - I normally do this, just need to continue
§  Do one some task then reward myself with some play time e.g. browse online aimlessly, bb chatting or maybe TV
§  Remind my self that I don’t have to catch every ball thrown at me.
§  Delegate where I can- to Baale, my help, princess and friends.

How do you manage your time? I would love to know, maybe I can learn a thing or two and add to my list! :)

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2 Jan 2012

My Super Dad's day!!!- Thankful Post

Today is my daddy's birthday! Woo hoo!

In 2009, the devil tried some dirty tricks; he tried to steal my daddy away. Armed robbers shot my daddy in broad light! The full gist can be found here. Any time I remember that day, I just give all praise to God for his protection and faithfulness. I remember when I saw my dad the following year, he could laugh about the event while giving me the gist.

My dad is a strong man. He loves life, he loves his family and most importantly he loves God. He has sacrificed a lot, he works hard and he has his priorities placed appropriately. He has achieved a lot in his life- career, marriage, family- children, grandchildren, extended family, business, you name it. All by God's grace.

I used to quarrel/argue a lot with my dad as a teenager till I realised he wasn't out to get me, but he actually did love me and wanted the best for me. Now as a parent I am beginning to see a lot of things from their (dad & mum) perspective.

Daddy can be very dramatic sometimes, oh yes...and I have been told by some I inherited this "drama-ness" from him. Oh well! :D

I can go on and on about my super dad but I just want to thank God for my daddy's live, for watching over him. I pray he will live long to eat the fruit of his labour.

Love you Popc!!!!!!!!

1 Jan 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

It's a new year!!!!!!!
source:google images

We made it!!!!

Thank You Lord!!!!

Too many young people passed away last year but we are still here. Not because we are better but by God's grace. I am grateful o!!!! I am very excited about the new year- new beginnings, new opportunities, in fact everything is NEW!!!

I congratulate everyone who has made it into the new year and I pray it will be a fruitful and blessed year all round.

Oh yes! A few people begged asked for a pic of my roast chicken from Christmas day (below). Baale enjoyed it so- there you go! ;)

N.B- This is a scheduled post, so when this post goes live I would be at Church- praying my way into the new Year.