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26 Feb 2008

Back in the days!!!!!!

Hello people, sorry I have not updated in like forever. You know naa, I still dey Anyway a friend sent me the piece below and I just had to share with y'all. Coincidentally just yesterday, Rinsola and I were reminiscing about TV programmes we used to watch as kids. I remember most of the TV programmes below- Sesame street, SuperTed and DangerMouse were my favorite to watch. I guess the ones I don't know were the ones that aired when I was having my siesta lol. Gosh it was so much fun being a child- no worries, no responsibilities, just play and more play, mummy and daddy worried about clothes, books, food etc. Sometimes I wish I could be go back to being a child. Anyway enjoy the following piece. Oh by the way, only Nigerians born before 1984, lived in Nigeria and watched NTA will be able to relate with this piece.

Don't know how many of you lived in my time but you belong to my day if:

You had to wait till 4 o'clock to get any meaningful thing on NTA
You would eagerly sit in front of the T.V at 3:30pm watching all the multicolored lines while you waited for NTA come up.

The National Anthem was the first thing on TV

You watch Thunder sub
and Terrahawks on Mondays. Pigeon Street and Bertha came after. Samanja was for 7:30 and you hated Newsweek on Monday nights

You watch Fragle rock
, Sesame Street and animal games on Tuesdays. Reach out was at 5:30. Your elder ones disturbed your flow at 6:30pm on Tuesdays to watch koko close (Oluwalambe lord, Kasali open the gate), then you all watched new masquerade at 8:30pm.

You enjoyed Voltron
and hated commander mark on Wednesdays. Renta-ghost came up at 6pm then Kidi vision 101 at 6:30. Cock crow at dawn was up at 7:30 then Bassey and company (Mr. B is a millionaire) at 8:30.

, Scooby doo and Super-Ted were the deal on Thursdays; Wazombia didn't make sense then Village head master at 8:30pm.

Friday had the variety of Birdman
, Galaxy trio , Ovid video , inspector gadget , danger mouse e.t.c.
Friday nights……….. can't figure it anymore (some one else can fill in the gap)

Saturday mornings were boring after 10am. 7-10am had WWF then morning ride came up for 10am (very boring). The rest of the day had several annoying sport programs; but Things fall apart came up at 8pm.

Network news was very boring.

The only good thing on Sundays was behind the clouds.

Hoped u enjoyed d reminiscing...and for the veterans amongst us, kindly fill in the missing programs.

NB: If you were born later than 1984, you might not be able to recall any of these graceful memories.