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11 Apr 2007

Hey gal, it's your birthday :o)

Today, 11th April, is my birthday and I have every reason to be thankful to God for his blessings & mercies over my life, for my family and my friends. I am so glad to be alive and well. God has been so gracious to me. I have seen him move in every aspect of my life since I was a child. Times when I felt down and out and like nothing made sense any more He was there with me every step of the way. He has been faithful even when I was faithless. Lord God, I thank you.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family- my parents are the best in the world…I could never ask for a better set of parents! I see the love between my dad and my mum flourishing and maturing every now and then and my heart desire is to have such love when I get married. My siblings are da bomb…though I don’t say this every day I love you guys!!! My extended family is also one of a kind! We are all so tight. God bless you all.

I cannot but say that I have been blessed to be surrounded by loving and caring friends at every point in my life. I have been on the go (traveling up and down for school n stuff) ever since I was 17 and I have never had cause to meet or mix with the wrong crowd. I have had good friends in this life: school, work, church etc and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to God for meeting every one of you (quite a number I must say!). I hope I have been half the good friend to y’all as you have been to me…

I also want to thank God for giving me the best man ever in the whole wide world…You rock my world. I love you baby. ;)

For my fans in blog world (lol)...I thank God for your life and all the comments you have sent me…You are the ones that make blogging fun.

Today is going to be great! Since 12a.m my phone has been busy- phone calls & smses. Thanks to all those that have hollered at me so far.
This time last year, I was in the UK and my friends there, had a cool party for me. I wonder what today will turn out to be, hmmm...

Anyhow it goes, I'll feel u in ASAP ;)


  1. You didn't add me in your vote of thanks...abi? Got to go repark my Volvo now...:D

  2. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish you all the best your blog is coool.

    To all the joyous milestones yet to come.



  3. Happy Birthday Girl!!! As per being half as much a friend to me, I'll just reserve my comments :D Anyway, I wish you the best in life and beyond. Enjoy your day.

  4. Many happy returns girl,

    Have a BEAUtiful day....

    You have some nice stuff on your blog site too, really cool stuff.

  5. Hey Tee
    Happy Birthday...
    A year older is a year wiser (hmm.. who says that?) God bless you richly girl....


  6. Wow, the 11th was my birthday too. happy birthday in arrears, hope u had fun

  7. @illahman- of cuz i mentioned you, you are included in the friend lists :)

    @garageboy, jide & lbm - thanks for the birthday wishes. God bless

    @tayo- ah! i thot we had settled our differences...ok o..lets take this offline ;)

    @lala- good to know I have a birthday mate in blog world. I enjoyed the day, you?


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