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26 Jul 2013

Some GREAT and NOT SO Great News!

Wow! It seems like forever since I have been here. Gosh! I have missed you guys...Thanks to those who checked up on me. I really appreciate it.

So much has been happening....ok really its just TWO Major things:

1. We have a new addition to the Aloted/Baale family. A cute little adorable boy :) He is just 2 weeks so you can imagine that life has been busy and continues to be busy. Bionic is so excited and is always kissing her baby bro.

During my pregnancy I lost interest in blogging like I did when I was pregnant with Bionic, which was part of the reason I took a break from this blog.

2.  When I got my energy back I focused it all on my other website Super Working Mum (SWM) hence the reason why I haven't been here. I am so excited about this initiative and to crown it all I am planning an event for working mums residing in London. All the juicy info is here. If you are in London and a mum then you NEED to be at this event.

Here are 8 reasons WHY you should come :).

So now to some not so good news. I don't think I will be blogging here per se anymore, mainly because I am not sure what direction to take this and I don't want to blog aimlessly. I always aim for value.

Since I am more on SWM now and I still want to stay connected, I would love you to follow me on Super Working Mum here:

facebook group for working mums:

I know not all of you my readers are working mums but I promise most of the content can be applicable to anyone. I would still want to interact with each and everyone of you.

I love this blog loads- I have been blogging here since 2006! So I won't be pulling this blog off and maybe if I get some inspiration will blog here but it won't be frequent. I still plan to revive the soulsistas blog. I just need to get my acts together.

Thanks all for being a part of my journey...i hope to see you on the other side...

God bless!