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31 Aug 2007

Guilty as charged!

In a rush

Gosh I feel so guilty…two nights ago (I was already dozing off sef) I got a call from my little cousin. “Sister Aloted, you didn’t even call to wish me happy birthday”. Oh my! I completely forgot it was my cousin’s birthday…I feel so so bad. "Aburo, jo ma binu simi jare, na old age cause am!" I feel worse that she actually had to call me at night -all the way from Naija -to remind me of her birthday…cuz on a good day I would have called to wish her happy birthday, so she had to call to find out what happened to her Egbon.

I guess you are wondering what my issue is. You see, I am not one to forget birthdays of my family and friends. This was a habit I picked up from my mother. Kai, my mother knows the birthday of everyone in the world! Ok ok..thats taking it too far, but she knows the birthday of almost everybody she has been in contact with in her lifetime and she makes sure she calls or sms you where ever you are in the world. Sometimes she will sms my siblings & I about so and so’s birthday and tell us to contact the person. Initially I saw it as a burden but now I know better. People are touched when you remember their birthdays (aren’t u happy when people contact you on ur day??). So if I can make someone’s day brighter by hollering on their birthday then so be it. Therefore I decided to emulate my mum and I am glad I did. My friends, all over the world, are almost guaranteed that I will contact them at least once in a year.

Hence the reason why I feel so bad about my cousin….in short this month has been crazy for me, I have not been good with my birthday greetings. I have been so wrapped up in my issues!!!!.. Anyway so before the month ends, I have decided to shout out to all my friends whose birthday falls in August especially: Kunle Duro, Jola Bamgbola, Aj Lawal, Ediri Akpojovwo, Ladi Osibo and of course, my cousin Seun ( I think there is one more person I am missing out...nawa for you "Happy Belated Birthday and wishing u many more wonderful years ahead."

Men, I have a busy weekend ahead of me…moving again (to where the job is)…one day I will settle down…lol.

Enjoy your weekend. :0)


  1. hey i am first! don't feel so bad, things happen...remember when i told you i forgot my mum's felt horrible...but it's all good...enjoy the weekend

  2. Seems like every blog i visit has one or two things about birthdays this month. Shows how August rules (don't mind me jare) hope u can make it up to ur cousin. Have a great weekend

  3. Now, itz a bad thing to forget a loved one's birthday.

    Wish your cousin happy birthday for me

  4. As long as you get back to things, I think people will forgive a hiatus.

  5. Its ok Aloted. Thanks. Better late than never. Hope you're not so stressed anymore.


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