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21 Jun 2007

Naija on Strike!

Since yesterday the Nigerian Labour Congress has been on strike, but of cuz, we being efikos in my office, we still dey come to work. The only good thing I can see so far is that the Lagos roads are free of traffic!! Imagine having that on a typical day in Lagos. Can't!

I checked round blogville yesterday and am surprised not many people are blogging about this situation. Tayo, was expecting an update on your blog! Thankfully Funmi Iyanda blogged about it. I reckon bloggers in Nigeria are on strike as well!

So far, the goverment and NLC have reached an impasse on their negotiations. I wonder how long this will go on for. I think a lot of workers are happy (apart from me and my colleagues of course) that they have time to rest at home while our leaders decide on what they what to do.

I really don't have an opinion on this matter, but I must say that it is sad that we are having such issues for a country that produces oil. God help us!

Anyway let me finish up my work so I can gerrout of here on time. Have a nice weekend in advance.

N.B- Tayo, just checked your blog now and I can see you have put up a nice piece on the current Naija situation. Ehn hen, I was wondering pe ki lo se Tayo...cuz i knew you would cover the story ni sha! Nice one ;)


  1. Hmmm ... na wa o. Strike, strike, strike. Unto what end? There should not even be a reason for a strike in the first place. The president should have addressed this issue long ago, and prevented this strike. Imagine the unjustified sum Nigeria is losing each day due to this strike. Our people and their shortsightedness... well, I dey "siddon look"

  2. The cyber cafes were not opened. Not everyone has access to the internet at home.

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  4. so how did the recovery go. Your blogging is slacking up o. You start a story you would not finish it abi.

  5. omodudu, sorry jare...been busy!
    As usual of cuz the government and NLC have reached a compromise- "price of fuel cannot change in the next 12 months". Am sure u've seen the news online. Am just glad its over!

  6. hi babe. i started a series i think you might be interested in (lol or maybe i'm asking you to come and give your opinions jare. i bet we are on d same pages as to my topic of discussion)


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