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15 Oct 2007

Blog Action Day- Going green....becoming clean...

Today is Blog action day where we blog about how to be more enivormentally frendly. Everywhere I go especially here in the UK, I hear about making the world "greener". Heck, the cabs we use at the office are called “green tomatoes” cabs - they preach having a green environment and less emission of C02 blah blah. Unfortunately I am not sure we have a big campaign for the green life in Nigeria.

I remember when I was young, there was something called “War against indiscipline” in Nigeria. You could say there was some form of "green" awarness back then. People were sanctioned if they were caught littering the roads, peeing on the side of the road or vandalising government property. Sadly I doubt that exists anymore. You see people throwing out litter from a moving vehicle, you see grown men relieving themselves in public. You see vehicles that will surely fail MOT still moving on the road. It seems people back home cannot be bothered anymore about having a clean (green) environment and I wonder why. I guess we can blame it on the government (always easier to blame the government for everything)

I currently don’t live in Nigeria but I think Nigerians in Nigeria need to do something now. We can’t change everybody but we can start to make a change as individuals by doing the RIGHT thing and hope that we can influence people around us to be more responsible towards their immediate environment.

I know going green goes beyond just having a clean environment but I think it is a good start.


  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, or so they say. I wonder if they still have sanitation day in Lagos. When I lived there, most people ignored it. Not my mom though.

    God help and bless Nigeria.

  2. yay! i'm first, should i come back later? I'm with you on the keeping our environment clean thingy. I think people who litter should be made to face as grievous consequences as people who drive one way in Lagos...they should go to Yaba for psychiatric treatment!

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  4. All that "Keep the World Green stuff" na big time story for Naija. I suspect after a while, it will become the next phase for NGOs to delve into. For a while they talking about Polio and how it would kill us. Foreign govts released millions to tackle Polio. Nigerians fed fat on the programme. Later on, it was HIV/AIDS, Nigerian NGOs are still milking them dry under the guise of AIDS. Now it is Green peace, I can assure you that so many Nigerian NGOs will soon begin to smile to the banks under the guise of environmental friendliness and protection. Contracts will be awarded and money will be spent in other to make Nigeria "Greener". EBEANO

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