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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

24 Jun 2008

Ten things Tuesday (01)

Hi peeps, remember I told you about something I wanted to get involved in. Ok, I came across a blog which has this brilliant idea of “Ten things Tuesday”. You can read more about the idea here. I thought to myself, oh wow what a spectacular initiative and decided to be part of it. I know most of you have done the thankful me me but this takes it to the next level. Ok quick disclaimer- I do not promise to have a post up every Tuesday but I promise to have a more thankful attitude in my life. The bible says “In all things give thanks”. Though this can prove to be hard sometimes, God expects us by his grace to be thankful.

Hmm ok now this got me thinking o..kai ten things huh?! goes

  1. Summer is here! however I sometimes get the hay fever!

  2. For healing over hay fever

  3. I have a good job even though sometimes I get bored with it

  4. For the new friend Fumosh i made on facebook. Later I find out she is a fellow blogger :)

  5. For protection against all kind of evil (with all these knife killing stories u hear in the UK, na God o)

  6. My mobile phone fell in water, didn't realise till like 5 mins later but it's still working!

  7. The offer we placed on a house was accepted, so we are moving in a few weeks

  8. OK the mobile phone in 6 has packed up! Can't access anything in the phone anymore but I have a spare mobile phone I am using now

  9. My very good friend from Ghana is visiting!!!

  10. Started (re)learning how to drive and I am getting better and better. Hubsy is helping to boost my confidence as well.
What are you thankful for??

15 Jun 2008

It's Father's day!!!

Hello my people, long time no see, no hear, no blog! Am sorry I have been away from blogville. I was dealing with all kinds, perceiving them has life's crisis and suddenly realised that Life is not one BIG emergency and I cannot save the day! Moral of the story- Aloted, have time for your blog and blogger friends! Missed u all and I will be doing my blog rounds ASAP.

Today is fathers day, therefore I want to dedicate my post to the father figures in my life.
Firstly I am grateful to the First father in my life- my heavenly father. I know sometimes I can be a very naughty daughter but your mercy has kept me even then. You have protected me from all sorts of evil, you have ordered my steps, you have provided for my needs and you have seen me through trials and temptations. You have been a faithful God. For this I am thankful. Even when things happen that I don’t understand you are still my father. Words cannot begin to say how much I am grateful for your love and your loving kindness.

Secondly, I want to appreciate the man God chose to father me on this earth. Daddy, you are indeed the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better father on earth (if I had to). You have been a loving husband to momsie. Never once have I seen you disrespect mum or have an major argument with her in front of us the kids. Even now your love for each other grows everyday, I pray for such love between Husby and I. Even though for some years you had to work outside the country, your presence was still very much felt back home. I am thankful for the sacrifice you had to make because I know you did it for us. I know you are not perfect but you are still the best to me. You brought us up in the way of the Lord and I am sure you are glad we didn’t disappoint!

Thirdly a shout out to all my uncles on both my father and mother’s side. Gosh we had loads of uncles live with us when we were growing up and I am particularly thankful for my uncle Gboye (my mum’s youngest brother) who impacted my life in ways he might not know. He taught me about boys and their tricks when I was a teenager. He taught me about knowing how to choose the right man when I became older. He taught me a lot! Uncle Gboye, you are just too much!!!

Lastly, saving the best for last, this one is for my husby! Yes o he is a father figure in my life. I remember during our traditional wedding, I was told to describe my hubsy and I kept saying he is my friend, my lover, etc and the alagaduro (how do you say this in English???) said to me, "he is your father". In my head I was like father ke? LOL but indeed he is o. He is my head, the one I am now accountable too. I am thankful for your love, your strength and your kindness. You are the sweetest man I know and I know that when our children come they will have the best daddy ever. Love you loads!

This father's day I implore y'all to find time to appreciate the father figures in your life. I hope you will.

By the way, I should be back this week, by God's grace, with a blogger's initiative I have decided to get involved with. ;)

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