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13 Jun 2007

"Let them say..."

"Don’t take things personally. Most of the time whatever is going on around you and the reactions you encounter have very little to do with you. The response has to do with the accumulation of many experiences that particular person had before he or she even got to you."

- Michelle McKinney Hammond

Sometimes we need to be reminded of some things we already know. I read the above in an article written by Michelle Mckinney (I love her books!) today and I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders (the past week has not exactly been the best of weeks for me). These words have just made me realise again that I will make some decisions and people will get offended, they will misjudge me, they will misconstrue what I say based on their past experiences. This tells me, I cannot be held accountable for people's feelings or reactions towards me. I can only be held responsible for my own actions. God sees and knows my heart and it is to him I am accountable to.

Do you feel bad because others misjudged you? I can imagine how you feel, because I have just been there and it is not a healthy place to be. Lets try not to take it personal. I hope the words above make enough sense to you like it did to me because it is TRUE.

Please feel free to share your experiences. Any words of encouragement for me and others feeling misunderstood will also be appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I totally feel your pain,i have been in that position you help people and they misinterprete your favours as threats....

  2. We can't please everybody. Remember the story of the Man, Son and donkey? They tried pleasing everybody and they lost all. Just be yourself and do the best you can in all situations.

  3. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Omo, this is 'tait' yarns o...believe be small thing.

  5. Girl... you are so very right. And some people are just so nasty, selfish and inconsiderate. They'll do ALL they can to frustrate you and eventually drag you into depression.
    My point: The solution is in your hands, you love yourself so very much that no MATTER what people feel, thing or do, you remain the princess you are and were actually created to be! :-)

  6. Very true. It goes back to boundaries again. We are not responsible FOR people's thoughts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors. These things I just mentioned are entirely out of our personal boundaries.

    I say this o as if it's a cakewalk..but you are right, it's not easy especially for people that don't like to hurt others. But as Tayo said, "We can't please everybody."

    Going back to what you said- We all see things differently. Bishop Jakes said in one of his books that "Our frame of references are based on our experiences."

    The best we can do is this: As much as possible, let's be honest and true in our communication, act in love and respect people's boundaries (as we hope they respect ours).

    God sees our heart- Finito!.. lol

  7. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. Am moving forward- that's the only choice for me! :)
    God bless!

  8. Well said. All I can say is, Don't Let Them Change Who You Are.
    If you are kind and welcoming, continue to be that even when they are acting foolish.
    I hate that too. When people misinterpret what I said or meant. But all you can do is trust God cuz He's knows your heart like you said.


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