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23 Oct 2012

I was nominated!!!- Nigerian Blog awards!

I am so so excited!!! This blog and The SoulSistas Blog got nominated in the Nigerian Blog Awards... Woooo hoooo!!!!!

This blog was nominated the last two times the awards ran but I didn't win on either occassion (sob sob) so I am really hoping I win this time.

Please will you help me win? 

All you need to do is go here and vote. You don't have to be Nigerian to vote so please don't let that stop you.

Please vote for my blogs in the following categories

  1. Best Collaborative or Group BlogFrom the heart of soulsistas
  2. Best Faith Based BlogPurpose driven blog
  3. Best Relationship BlogFrom the heart of soulsistas

I will be extremely grateful if you do this for me.

Voting ends Nov 11 but please do it now so you don't forget. :)

Thanks and see you around
God bless!

17 Oct 2012

For one day only- A short movie starring Bionic

Today 17-10-12 is was Bionic's 3rd birthday. Yay!!!!

And mummy is was in a very happy and spontaneous mood. So for one day only I am putting up put up a video clip Baale and I made together of her three years on planet earth.

Words cannot express how I feel today but I am grateful for Bionic's life. Three years ago I know what my eyes saw in the labour ward but she is my miracle and a constant reminder of God's faithfulness.

A number of people ask why I call her Bionic. Well, one of my very good friends gave her the name as a baby cuz she has super adorable charming powers which you might observe in the video. The name stuck!

Enjoy this short clip- our very first attempt at putting a video together so just manage it like that. :)

I will be pulling this video down tonight. 

Video gone now. Thanks for all your lovely comments. God bless you all.

16 Oct 2012

Juggling Work, Pregnancy and a Toddler

Check out Wrifreak experience on juggling work, pregnancy and a toddler on the Super Working mum website.

Juggling Pregnancy, a Toddler and Work
source: Super Working Mum

Now we know why she hasn't updated her blog in AGES :)

And no that is not Writefreak in the photo ;)

Please leave a comment on Super Working Mum. Thanks


11 Oct 2012

Thankful Thursday- God Cares

1 Peter 5:7

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Thank you all for your comments on my last thankful Thursday / testimony. If you haven’t read it please do so by clicking here. 
My second testimony is more of an encouragement to others and also talks about the fact that God cares about even the simplest things. 

source: google images

So a few months ago I had to go abroad. I usually check in online anytime I travel and I usually aim for the aisle or window seat. I stay clear of the middle seats. Just not my style especially when travelling alone.

So I was able to choose my seats for my outbound and inbound trips. Outbound trip was totally fine, got my window seat. Inbound flight, I could only find a middle seat bang in the middle. Not aisle but middle middle so this will be me sitting inbetween two people for a 6 hour flight. Phew. It was one of those flights where you had to pay extra if you wanted a different type of seat…I didn’t quite understand that. Anyway….

I decided to worry more about it when I had to return, hoping some window and aisle seats would have turned up available. Day before my flight I checked but still no seats. I got to the airport and when I was going to drop my bag I asked the attendant- very nice lady- if there were any seats. She checked but said no. I said thank you and left.

At this point I just told myself I will be ok, I had bigger fishes to fry. Baale had just called me the day before with some worrying news. That took my mind away from my seat issues.

I went through the security gates and found my way to the boarding area. I realized there was free wifi so I quickly connected myself to continue chatting with Baale.

Next thing I hear my name been called from a distance “Mrs Aloted Omoba please come to the boarding gate for check in”. My name has never been called at the airport before so you can imagine my surprise. I was like “huh, check in? but no one else is checking in. Even first and business class, what’s going on?!.” I heard my name been called again.

I hurriedly packed all my stuff and walked to the gate. The lady asked for my passport and the conversation went something like this:

Lady: “hello Mrs Aloted, I see you have a middle seat”
Me with a sad look: “ya, I tried to find another seat but wasn’t happening and I wasn’t willing to pay extra for one”
Lady: “Well we just found you a window seat, will you be interested”
Me with a surprised look: “Really?! Of course I would!, this is fab”
Lady: “Yea, we are trying to seat a family together blah blah”

She changed my seat and I was thoroughly surprised. I was so not expecting that.  I know some of you may see it as coincidence but that is what I call God-incidence (my last testimony was also a classic God-incidence). How come out of everyone on that flight, I was called to change my seat before the flight.

At that very instance God brought to my mind the other thing Baale told me, that I was worried about. He reminded me to cast all my cares on him, because he's got me and the situation. I don’t even think I prayed about my seat getting changed…maybe once. I thought about how nice it would be but didn’t say any elaborate prayers or dwell on it. That made me realize God knows and cares about every single thing that concerns me.

Do you think God has forgotten you? Do you think he doesn’t care? Wrong! God cares much more than you can imagine. If he cared about me being comfortable on a 6-hour flight then I know he cares about the bigger stuff and will sort it out. He shows up right on time.

All you have to do is believe and humble yourself. You cannot do anything in your power.

What has God done for you recently to remind you he is your father and that HE cares? Please share in the comment box below.

Till next time stay blessed


4 Oct 2012

Thankful Thursday- God came to my RESCUE

 I called You Answered

And You came to my Rescue!

Today I have two testimonies. Testimonies are meant to be shared to encourage each other and also to share the awesomeness of God. I want to give all thanks to him! You all know how I love God and if I had a chance I would talk and blog about him all day long! Hehe!

So I hope this doesnt turn out to be a long post as I am not a fan of long posts but here goes:

Testimony 1- A few months ago I went in to my GP to get a simple procedure done ( I won't bore you with the details). As in simple go in and go out type procedure but the devil thought otherwise. The GP (general practitioner) tried to do it and said it was looking complicated and didn't want to risk any more complications. He said he would have to refer me to the main hospital for a scan and I may need general anesthesia (GA) and surgery. Gene what? Surg- what? I have never been put to sleep before or had surgery so I was like "huh, you kidding right".

Anyway I had to go on a waiting list for about a month and a half. I got a letter to come in October but I called them to move it forward, as I was some time in pain and wasn't even sure what it was. I wanted to get this whole thing over and done with. Thankfully, I was called in to come in Sept 27th.

I went in to the hospital, and waited for like 2 hours. Gosh see loads of women waiting to be seen. Anyway, the registrar I saw did some checks and also confirmed I would need the GA/surgery and depending on what they find I may have to come back for another surgery and what not. He got me to sign a form after telling me all the risks of infection and things getting ruptured inside of me. He told me I would be sent a letter for surgery date which would be in late Nov. I was just dazed, confused and upset.

Now during the time I was on the waiting list, I called in to another clinic to see if they could get the procedure done. My appointment for the second clinic was Oct 1, this Monday that just passed. So Thursday when I got the news, I told Baale and my SIL (sister in law) who is my sister from another mother. They were both like wow! are you serious? nawa o! but why? and what not.

Anyway SIL who is in Nigeria suggested we fast and pray about it all on Monday before I go in. So that was what we did, I told God my heart desire- I didn't want to do a surgery for something that was suppose to be simple. I told 2 other friends and they agreed to pray along.

Monday came and a lot of drama happened just a few hours before I had to go to the clinc in the evening. Work was hectic. Baale was getting on my nerves. Also our car which I took in for repairs during the weekend wasn't ready.  So I decided to walk to the clinic , I didnt realise it was that far. 45 mins walk! Phew. All the way I kept telling myself not to allow my fasting and praying be a waste because of all the drama.

Anyway I got there and saw the nurse, I didnt mention anything about the surgery and all so as not to get her worked up. She tried to do the procedure but found it difficult. All this time I was just praying it will be done and that I am not leaving here without getting this thing done. She then said she needed to call the doctor on duty to do it. I said no problem.

She went out to get the doctor from the other room. People, guess who turned up? The first doctor who tried and sent me off for the scan! Immediately I saw him I hid my face (I was lying down). He came in and got to work. Before I knew it procedure was over! Done and dusted.

OMG (that means Oh my goodness btw) I started to laugh! I was laughing!!!! I was given the clear- no GA, No surgery, no nothing! I laughed and danced all the way to the train station (ok I was dancing in my mind) but laughing out loud like a crazy chic.

GOD IS AWESOME!!! and he has a sense of humor! I called SOS style and he came to my rescue! He used the same doctor to get this simply stuff done.

I have heard stories of women going in for this same procedure and end up with all sorts of complications. I was and still humbled because God decided to be merciful towards me. My people, please bless God with me!!!

A friend said to me recently in light of all these and also her own trial- "Do not let your reality question the might and power of God Almighty".

I challenge you with these words. Your reality has nothing on God's awesomeness. 

God hears us, and I want to encourage anyone who is believing God for something- healing, financial breakthrough, a child, a husband, a job, whatever. He hears and he will answer you just in time! JUST IN TIME! If you just believe and hold on to him. Tell him as it is, He will answer. His name will be lifted high in your life.

I leave you with this song I love so much. Stay encouraged

 Oh I said two testimonies ya? I'll share the second one next time. Another mind blowing one - well for me! I am one special child of God ;)

God bless you all