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9 Jul 2012

Prayer challenge- IPray4U

1 Timothy 2:1 I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.”

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On Saturday 7th July, I attended a women’s conference called Real Women, Real Issues and it was phenomenal to say the least. We had a choice of attending any of the small sessions after the main session and I read through the list.

There was a session on yummy mummies and coping with work, family and spiritual life. I thought to myself yes perfect, what I learn in this session would help me with my Super Working Mum website. So I went to the designated room for this session and waited. As the session was just about to start I skimmed through the other sessions and I read the last one “What cancer taught me about prayer and interceding for others”. I was like hmm. Then I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to attend that session. I hurriedly went to the room for this session.

Ok I must admit when the lady (lets call her P) started talking I was bored initially. The previous speaker was more vibrant, funny and engaging…so one part of me was like maybe you should sneak out and go back to where the yummy mummies are but I didn’t and I am so glad I stayed.

P’s testimony was beyond awesome- she had stage 4 cancer of the womb for 4 years. It had spread all over her insides and she went through HELL. In the end she was completely healed (Praise Jesus!) after they tried about 3 times to remove her womb. I don’t want to go into her main testimony as I need to get to what my post is about.

P mentioned how during her trying times, God led her to pray and intercede for other sick people in the hospital and many of them got their healing long before she got healed. And that just blew my mind away. The fact that this lady who was completely sick, in utter pain, hair falling out, couldn’t bath herself etc could overlook her pain and pray for others; IT COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY. I was in awe.

For some months now Baale and I have been going through a challenge that I considered a big issue but suddenly my issues looked minute compared to what P went through.

Coincidentally, I have been learning about trusting and obeying God more and seeking his Will in all I do and P’s testimony just took it to another level for me. Interceding for others. Hmm I knew about interceding and yes I pray for others but umm not often and usually after praying for myself.

Listening to P, I knew in my deepest of heart, it was time to take my prayer life to the next level. Forget about my issues and pray for other people. For a few months now, a few people have told me about their issues and I believe God is calling me to pray specifically for these people.

To further confirm what I heard, I visited a friend’s church yesterday and the preaching was also about prayer and we were even asked to hold hands and pray for/with the person sitting next to us. I was like God ok I have heard you, I cannot deny this anymore. I know you are calling me to pray for others and forget about my issues for once.

***Side Bar****
I remember Geeconnect on twitter did something called Prayer Thursday (I think). She offered to pray for you if you send her your prayer requests. I have respect for this sister.

I think I DM-ed her twice to pray for me and on both occasions God answered. Whether it was Geeconnect’s prayers or a collection of all the prayers all I know is God ANSWERED. In fact I should share one of the testimonies with you...some day... 

So my dear friends, there is POWER in praying for others. Sometimes we are too weak to pray for ourselves so the prayers of others lift us to God and he hears their cry for us. Just like the Holyspirit intercedes for us
***end Side bar***

So I want to invite you to join me in a prayer challenge called IPray4U. This challenge may not be for everyone, but I have an inclination that a number of people (or maybe it is just 1 person) reading this already felt a nudge in their spirit to pray for someone else. It could be a friend, your husband, your child, your pastor, anybody else apart from yourself.

The IPray4U challenge:

Write down the name of at least seven people you know needs your prayers.

Now for a week starting from tomorrow 10th July or the day you read this, pray for at least one of the people you have listed above per day. So this should mean you will be praying for at least seven people this week. The challenge will end on 16th July if you start tomorrow.

It could be someone who has come to you in recent times with their issues, it could be a friend seeking the fruit of the womb, it could be your pastor, it could be a friend in financial crisis, or one seeking to marry, someone in a troubled marriage, someone who is sick, it could be someone who needs salvation, it could be your wife or husband or children.

Now here comes the hard part- During this week you will not be praying for yourself. Yes you heard me right. Yes forget about your pain, sickness, needs, wants! Put them aside for one week and concentrate on praying and giving thanks for others.

(Of cuz God wont strike you down if you pray for yourself during this time, this is simply just a sacrifice you are offering on behalf of your loved ones and maybe enemies!)

To help you stay committed, set a reminder to pray at specific times of each day on your phone for a week. Once you compile the list of people you are praying for, put their names in each reminder. This will only take a few minutes of your time so do that now or sometime today.

I believe testimonies will come out as a result of your prayers. Breakthrough upon breakthrough. People you pray for will share their testimonies with you. And to top it up your own breakthrough will come as a result of your prayers and sacrifice. People will rise up to pray for you and God will listen to them.

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

On another note, if you want me to pray for you, please send me your prayer request here and by the grace of God I promise I will pray for you this week.

I have never done anything like this before i.e. decide to go on a marathon prayer session for others and not even pray for myself. How terrifying! In fact I was hesitant about writing this post (I still am) but I know God wants me to share this with you as he would love to perform a revival in our lives if we OBEY. He wants people to rise up and PRAY. It is not about us, it is about HIM.

I know after our week of praying, testimonies will abound in our lives and in the lives of people we pray for. It may not be immediate but I hope when the testimonies start rolling in you will come back and share with us here.

Let’s do this challenge for a week (or as long as God leads you to) and then let us make it a habit to pray for others and not just ourselves.

Please share this post with your contacts, so they can join this prayer challenge if they wish too. If you are on twitter you can click here to tweet about the challenge.

Jude 1:20 But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit

So is anyone with me on this IPray4U challenge?? Let me know in the comment section. If you choose to do this anonymously that's totally cool as well.

I hope you will join me to pray. Let God surprise you!

I am so excited!

God bless



  1. Wow!!!I'm amazed, didn't realise you went for that session and I'm sooo glad you were blessed!
    I'm in *gulping*...I really want to send you my own prayer request, but I feel that would be cheating *or wouldn't it be*?
    May the prayers be answered in Jesus name!

    1. That Real Women conference was too much!

      Of course you can send me your prayer request..

      Ok won't that be funny if everyone sends me their prayer requests seeing they are not suppose to pray for Aloted may as well pray for everyone else

      Watevaa.., the more people I pray for the more my reward from my Father ;)

  2. Thanks for this post, Aunty. I was blessed. Indeed, every now and then, we need to forget about ourselves and pray for others. Perhaps, that might simply be the solution to most of the prayers we have been praying. A finger pointed at someone means four others are pointed at you.

    1. Thanks Geebee! You are right When Job prayed for his friends, God restored his riches back to him double! So I am convinced anyone who joins the challenge will be rewarded.

  3. I think this is a fabulous idea and I am already making my list now...
    Well done and God bless.

    1. Thanks Modupe. God bless you as you join.

  4. Of course, you know I am ssoooo soooo in. we will see in camera

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @ilola, You are a darling! I am sure you know...(((hugs)))

  5. Great stuff, this is how great things are birth. Already making my list. Count me in

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am so loving this and i have begun my list already.its a sacrifice and by God's grace, we'll make it
    i used to pray for a few people that told me to do so and then i would slack and continue praying for myself but as you said, we need to dedicate this week to them.Help me oh lord
    i can relate with that woman's testimony and there was a message in church one time about praying for others even when you're not in the position to do so and this pastor talked about Steven in the bible who was at the point of death and yet prayed for those men that stoned him.
    you wont believe what the Pastor pointed out from that prayer.....PAUL"S SALVATION!!!!!imagine that. he told us to imagine if Steven had chosen to curse those men while they stoned him, that curse would have caught them real good and paul might not even have lived long enough to encounter God. but steven PRAYED(praise GOD!!!!!)
    he chose to pray for that man and that man was one of those apostles that wrote the majority of the letters we read today
    sometimes things happen in my life. so depressing and God wants me to pass through them so that i will come out strong and help others going through it
    what use are we if we dont get refined in the fire?
    the refiners fire...
    He said in his word..."when you pass through the fire, you will not be burned" children of God, we will definitely pass through the fire
    im grateful for this post. thank God for people like you on blogsville. May God bless you richly

    1. wow, sugarspring, that preaching about Steven and Paul's salvation is totally on point.

      hmmmm thanks for this word, I am encouraged.

      btw are you on twitter?

  7. Needed! Will join this challenge.... Bout time my prayers accounted for something.... Thanms for sharing! Keep it coming.. Will be sending it out to as many as I am led to share with... Godbless u sis

    1. LharaSan. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing with your friends as well

  8. Writing my list now. Great idea!

  9. God bless you,aloted.

  10. I'm so in...writing my list too. God bless you real good

  11. I am in. This is a great opportunity to stand in the gap and on behalf of many which is precisely meant to be one of our christian virtues. I can't afford this chance to slip. Thanks for making this clarion call.God bless you.

  12. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer. They say it has spread to her brain and spine. They went further on to say she may not be here for christmas. Needless to say, my family is in turmoil. Our dad passed 13yrs ago. Been feeling deflated and defeated. Praying has become too hard.

    1. Dear Ayobami- it is well with your mum in Jesus name. By the stripes of Jesus she is healed completely. At the name of Jesus every kneel shall bow, so we command cancer to bow down and be cast away from her in Jesus name. The God who healed P of womb cancer will heal your mum completely in Jesus name. She shall live to declare the glory of God in the land of the living. God gave her life so only he can take it, no doctor can determine when she leaves this earth.

      I pray for peace for your family, the peace that passes all understanding. I pray for strength so that you can be a pillar of support for your mum. I pray for grace for every single one of you. I pray that God lifts you up.

      Ayobami, I know this is a trying time for you and your family but use this time to sow seeds of faith and prayer as hard as it sounds...Pray for others and your mum as well.

      I do not think you read this post by accident. God is doing something awesome in the life of your family....Simple trust and obey.

      By the special grace of God you will be back to share your testimony to his glory.

      God bless you.

    2. AMIN...Amen to these prayers. It is well, Ayobami.

  13. God bless you for listening to Him. I will write my list and start today.

  14. Not jumping up and down as I would rather pray for myself now more than ever, but I can feel the Holy spirit nudging me in this direction. Thanks for sharing babe. Perhaps seeing God answer my prayers in others will reassure me of how great He is and how his promises never fail...

    1. @For Me. I won't lie, day 2 was HARD. My issues were staring at me straight in the face and I just wanted to curl up in my bed and sleep but God gave me strength to pray for the people on my list. He will definitely reward our labour of love

  15. I am soo in!
    Wonderful post! Thank you very much for sharing. I am looking forward to this challenge.
    I have been asking God to give me the grace to improve my prayer life.
    I will actually also send a link on my blog to get as many people as possible joining in.. Wonderful idea!
    May I ask which church organised the Real Women conference and how often it takes place?
    Thanks xx

    1. Hi 1 + the one, thanks for joining..God bless you.

      The conference I believe is annual, organised by Trinity chapel Redeeemed Church in London UK.

  16. I'm in too!
    I'm tweeting it right away. Let's get more people on board.
    The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous makes tremendous power available.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Gbemisoke, thanks...i knew i could count on you.

      Yes I need people to help me spread this all over, twitter, facebook, bbm etc etc...

  17. God bless u real good sister, reading through this moved me to tears because my husband and i have been fasting and praying since the beginning of this month as we are believing God for a major breakthrough. We have been getting new instructions on what to do almost everyday and now this, to shift the attention away from ourselves for another week and we might just be on the brink of the long awaited! Im compiling my list right away. Thanks love for allowing God to use you.

    1. Abiola, Awesome! God bless you for obeying.

  18. Hey Aloted,
    Would you believe I haven't been in this mailbox in months?! I have been hearing a lot of messages about selfishness lately (Most recently, the story of Esther and how she put herself in harm's way to save the jews and Mordecai - Selfless! Esther 4)... I keep arguing that I'm going through things too and I need someone to pray for me. Why will I "carry another person's own on my head?". Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God. May you be blessed beyond measure for being obedient. I refuse to continue to argue. Compiling my list NOW.

    1. Dear Nefertiti, you are so right. Selfishness abounds in this our generation.

      What we don't know or what I have come to realise is as we pray for others, God is instructing people to pray for us. As we bless others, God is instructing people to bless us. What we sow we reap.

      God bless you too love.

  19. Finally I get to write my comment.Laying aside our needs for the needs of others is not easy, but God has been helping us. Interestingly, last week hubby and I started praying for others during our daily devotion and your post has corroborated that flesh and blood did not reveal that to us. Thanks again for this beautifully written and inspiring post

  20. I'm just joining on the last day but I'm totally in...

  21. I'll be joining in thanks.

  22. am joining this now tnx for this

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