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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

21 Apr 2010

Thankful Post- On Volcanoes, Ash and Fire

I was suppose to do my thankful post yesterday but all sorts came up.

So, many of you might be aware of the volcano that erupted in Iceland some weeks back but was only escalated last week Thursday, 15th April. Baale was in France for a work conference for a week and was due to come into London that day when he called to say planes might be grounded. Thankfully he made it to London safely. His flight was the last one in before Heathrow was shut down at 12noon that day. I am so grateful he was not stuck in France. A lot of people who went for the same conference are still in France as we speak. Not to talk of many other people who are trapped in different locations. Moreover I am grateful that there were no reports of any plane crashes due to the volcano ashes. On a lighter note, it was kinda surreal not hearing any planes hovering the skies of London. I can hear them now :) Thank God

I am also thankful for God's protection and mercies. The other day, my oven caught fire. I was grilling chicken and the baking paper I used caught fire. I opened the oven, switched off the grill and I did the silliest thing ever. I tried to blow the fire with my mouth and hand! That didn't work obviously and then I froze. Next thing I called out to Baale "Babes, babes, fire!! Next thing I know I see him flying to the kitchen from the living room. He pulled out the tray and somehow stopped the fire. I started laughing and Baale did not find that funny at all. I felt so silly, useless and "mumuish" (idiot) at the same time. Then I felt really sober. Thank God, Baale was home and not stuck in France. What if I was home alone with Princess? What would I have done? Maybe I would have just left the fire, picked up Princess and run out the house. I really don't know and hope never to find out. No repeats, dear Lord!

I was chatting with Good Nigerian Girl at the time and told her what happened. She assured me that if I was alone I would have saved the day but em I am not so sure o. May God help me! Anyway, I think I need to brush up on my safety skills- fire, water, burns and what have you. God forbid bad thing.

Thank God I can laugh about it now.

So what are you thankful for?

13 Apr 2010

Thankful Tuesday: Birthday, Family and Friends

I am thankful for another year in the land of the living. My 30th birthday was on Sunday. I went through all sorts of emotions knowing I am no longer in my 20s (sob sob) but I have come to realise that I have a lot to be grateful for and I am still very young at heart. Consequently, I decided to have a little celebration to mark the day at my home. It went very well. Enuff juicing and eating. Favoured girl and her hubby were in attendance (thanks guys!) Nolimit stood me up...she has begged me but i still dey vex small. LOL

I am thankful for my folks. My dad, mum, two sisters and one brother. They say you can't choose your family but I am so glad God chose them to be my family. God has been so good to us, we always have cause to rejoice and this will always be the case.

I am thankful for Baale's family. His dad, mum, three sisters and one brother. I have heard people complain about their in-laws (or stories about people and their in-laws) but that has never been my case. I have had no cause to lament or complain about them (and I pray I never do). They are truly a wonderful set of people- each and everyone of them. I am blessed to have them as my second family.

I am particularly thankful for my brother-in-law's wife. I actually call her my SIL but she is more like a sister and a good friend to me. God bless you sweetie!

I am thankful for Baale. He is truly the best part of me. For my little princess, who is such a blessing and charmer. Where have u been all my life? As a family, God has been good and faithful to us. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude.

I am thankful for the few friends I have. Friends that stand by me, that go the extra mile for me, that support and care. Friends that accept/ignore my idiosyncrasies. I really hope I have been a good friend to them as well.

One of my childhood friends sent me this poem on my birthday. I really like it because it helped me refocus on the good things in my life.

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your days by golden hours,
Don't remember clouds at all . . .
Count your nights by stars, not shadows,
Count your life with smiles, not tears.
And all throughout your lifetime,
Count your age by friends, not years

Below is a blur picture of me (well part of me) and my cake on my birthday (ignore my lil princess' bouncer in the

6 Apr 2010

Thankful Tuesday (15)!

I am thankful for the gift of life and love. I am thankful for good health and accident free journeys. I am thankful for provision and protection. I do not take these things for granted.

I am thankful that summer is nearly here, I am not really a fan of cold weather.

I am thankful for the Easter holidays and for what Easter represents to me. Christ came to earth, died and resurrected just so I may have eternal life. Isn't that amazing love.

I had to make a crucial decision last week about starting a new role or going back to work with my current employer. It's amazing how my princess, as little as she is, had a major part to play in my decision. It took me a while to make a choice but I am thankful for God's wisdom and direction. I know I have made the right decision by not taking the new job in as much as I really want to move on. The right time to move shall come, that I know.

So question for y'all. Would you keep your baby (male or female) with a male childminder, with 10 years child-minding experience. This is not an attempt to discriminate against male childminders but just to get your views.

Have a great week