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30 May 2007

More on WAI including Timi and Sony/BMG Africa

I decided to vote for Timi afterall and I am so so happy that he won cuz he deserved it. He received 68% of the votes, while Omawunmi got 37%. This goes to show that there is a clear distinction between the two. Omawunmi cannot stand where Timi dey stand. And wat was that she was wearing??? Oh my goodness!
Anyway instead of giving you an account of the show, you can read it up on my friends' blogs- Tayo (the live show) and writefreak (the tv show). They both gave a good summary of what went down.
Now what I want to talk about is the sony/BMG contract Timi won. I am a bit concerned for him about this based on the email MM (she made some profound comments on my last WAI blog entry) sent to me and a couple of other Timi 's fans:
Timi did deserve to win and we are sure glad he won!!!!!
Another challenge I will like us to take up is to follow up and be sure that ALL that the sponsors promised to him are delivered to him accordingly especially the recording deal with BMG/SONY.
Why am I saying may ask.....cause from past experiences
especially the Project Fame which Dare was part of, most of the promises were not delivered .....yesterday I watched an interview of Lindiwe....the Zambian
lady that won Project Fame on SABC Africa and she made mentioned that till date, she did not get anything that was promised to her and that BMG has not done any recording of her song till date. I also recall a past interview on Cool FM or a newspaper where Dare did make mention of this.......that till date he hasn't
been given anything that was promised to him from Project Fame.
Surprising she mentioned that a few months after the show, the South African guy, Jonathan got his recording deal but not her the winner......and that upon all her fighting and her relocation to SA nothing has been done for her. This I must say is very sad and a rip off on her and the evoting public.
I will not wish any of this on Timi,
so guys lets follow up one way or the other to ensure
Timi gets All he deserves and much more.
I was shocked when I read this email. I never knew Dare didn't get what he was promised!! He suppose sue these guys o. Men, I hope these BMG people are not out to "419" Timi, cuz if they are, it will be so despicable. Really what can be done about this? Am hoping someone like Dede (considering he went tribalistic on us during the show) will ensure that at least, Timi gets his contract. Some of us are looking forward to buying Timi's cd.
Guys what do you think???


  1. It is quite shocking to hear that some of the people of past reality shows did not get their prizes and i attribute this to the TIA (This is Africa - Blood Diamonds) factor.

    However, there is so much we can do to ensure Timi gets what he won. It will be a big loss/shame to Sony/BMG Africa and other sponsors if they dont honour their deal with Timi.

    I know Timi is blessed and He will go places. He cant come this far to be taken back to ground zero

    I take solace in the fact that some Nigerian producers (i.e. Kenny's Music, Don Jazzy e.t.c.) will be waiting in the wings to sign on Timi.

  2. Imagine this bit of news! So they only made grand promises on TV! O ga o...Anyway, i think we can keep looking at the Mnet Africa website for details and maybe pray that this time promises will be fulfilled. I know no other way.
    Thanks for mentioning my post dear

  3. This is some serious bit of news. I hope no such thing will happen to Timi. It's shocking to discover that happened to Project Fame winners. Maybe that's why we've not heard anything about them. It's really sad for them. Project Fame people made lots of money off the show and sms. I think legal action should be taken against them.


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