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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

10 May 2007

On Spider Man

Yesterday evening, I went to watch Spider Man 3 with the boyfy, his brother & wife. The movie was really action packed. Apart from all action, the movie actually reminded me of the Christian walk, the choice between evil and good, the battle between the flesh and the spirit (You might need to watch the movie to get what i am talking about). Living in the flesh looks all sweet n rosy but the end is destruction. Being "good" or living in the spirit can be hard work but in the end it pays off.

The movie also taught me about forgiveness, admitting when we are wrong, putting others first and not making life about ourselves, the effect of bitterness, revenge and pride. Lastly about valuing and guarding our friendships.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the movie if you have seen it. Garageboy shares his thots on the movie in his blog(kinda similar to mine).

On a lighter note, Spider Man was a bit too teary for my liking ...any little thing, tears don full en eyes! Okay it prolly shows he is human but omo, superheros are not supposed to be cry babies. That's why Superman is my all time Superhero ;) I can't remember him been tearful. Should blog about him sometime, you know. LOL

Ok, got to get back to work now. Looking forward to Spider Man 4


  1. I really think ur perspective of the movie is a true christ like view. To them that are pure all things are pure.

    The spider man franchise has done a fantastic job of representing and delivering hero and super hero, Peter Parker/spiderman, joblessness and saving lives, loveless and lovable, pride and prejudice, friend and foe, loyalty and betrayal. The movie typifies a superhero that we can relate with.
    Nevertheless, I give Hollywood, Sam Raimi and the whole cast and crew for a triology to die for, a note of warning. It is best to bow out when the ovation is heightest.

  2. I haven't seen spiderman 3 but will definitely see it soon (though i was invited along yesterday and i declined..))

    Anyway, we are constantly battling with evil and good, it's an ongoing war and i love the way you put it, decision between life and death. On many occasions, i have been able to testify that it pays to choose the good over evil!

  3. It was a great movie. Watched it in the comfort of my home, don't ask me how.

  4. @omodudu- HOW??? AH!!!! What do you mean I should not ask..of course I will ask. How o??? lol

  5. Omodudu, HOW??? I hope you didn't watch it the way I did... Also in the comfort of my home, in fact on my bed. Aloted, LOL @ the crying super hero. But spiderman was created to make people connect with the superhero. That's why he so very "human". A school nerd who could not talk to girls, could not do stuff on his own becoming a superhero. That was the whole idea behind spiderman.

  6. I am glad for your introduction of this topic. You have really affirmed some things for me. I guess my life is quite 'purpose' driven as I work and school intently and socialise few and far between. Its just funny I prefer my company over inviting trouble and headaches in the form of men into my life. Meanwhile I see my girlfriends in anguish over relationships they are so much more than and it pains me for them. Your statement made me really glad for my walk.

  7. Maybe I should go and see this. I was also offered the opportunity by the husband but turned it down. If he's going to cry every ten seconds then I will get quite irritated though


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