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16 Mar 2007

Friday nite...

...And I am still in the office! Which kain life be this??? And I still have work to do over the weekend...grhhhhhhhhhhhh..Am suppose to be braiding my hair tomorrow (which I will) but trust my laptop is going to be on my laps during the hair making. I just hope the "onidiri" (hair-maker) will not curse me tomorrow. I don't consider myself to be a workacholic but it seems I am beginning to turn into one, more like out of condition and not choice. This rat race is getting to me!!!

By the way, my elder sister got married two weeks ago and oh my gosh come and see the crowd. The whole church and reception was jampacked. At one point I thought it was my popsie and momsie getting married again cuz all their friends from all over Naija and abroad were there! And everyone from my popsie's village also! God forgive me but am sure half of the people there didnt really know my sister. Na real wa o. I even heard the event made 2 local papers yet to see them (I wonder if my picture made it wish) Anyway I thank God for a successful event and I wish my sister and her hubby happy married life.

I still cant believe she is long ago was it when we were young, living in Ikolaba GRA. We, ok more like me used to drag my sister to play (anyone that knows my sister knows she is quiet, gentle, peaceful, all the good things unlike with sand & leaves and pretend we were selling "moimoi" (ok am not sure how to translate that in English but its made of beans) like the "moimoi" sellers...Now she is someone's wife! Am sure i'll get used to it...I no get choice.

Ok back to the moment- its past 9.00PM and am still in the office!!!!!! Oya, I dey go house. Work no go kill me... Tayo am still waiting for more financial tips o!

I hope y'all have a much nicer weekend than myself ;)


  1. Na wa o, Detola. Working late on friday is hazardous to physical, mental and social health!!!
    So when are YOU getting married? There's no one in your way again o, your sister is married now.
    I've posted the 2nd article on finances. It's available on my blog.

  2. well I hope you havnt done a repeat of this day again??

    Hope you have a super weekend, do not over work yourself.

  3. @Tayo- thanks for your concern o jare. I will try to startleaving early so help me God.
    As per marriage i'm sure you'll be one of the first to know when the D-day is ;)

    @the life of a stranger called me- It's 6P.M now (Friday AGAIN), but am not even sure when I am going home but hopefully soon. Thanks for ur concern and splendid wkend to you as well :)

  4. Tola,
    How are you doing? Wow! 9p.m on a Friday night??? lol

    Please, say congrats to your sister. God will bless her and her husband.

    And say hi to 'O'. I hope she is doing well. God bless you

  5. WORK go kill you my sister abeg take small time out to relax

  6. Wish your sister a happy married life and sure you are next. Have fun and stay blessed.


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