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19 Nov 2010

The Soul Sistas are back!

Hi guys! Hope y'all are good!

Just to let you know the Soul Sistas are back. Please check our latest post here.

We would love to read your comments.

A follow up post would be posted soon.

Have a great weekend!

Much love,


1 Nov 2010

My natural hair journey

Two years ago today, I started my natural hair journey out of choice. My hair was natural “by force” from the age of 0 till 16 as my mother forbade my elder sister and I to relax our hair till we finished secondary school. After my final exams, I was so excited to relax my hair and that was one of the first things I did. But you see my hair is very soft and anytime I relaxed it my scalp would burn. I felt this shouldn’t be, but what else could I do to my hair. I started considering going natural but was scared to do it as I wasn't sure how I would manage my hair.

I gradually came to a point where I used to relax my hair twice/thrice a year. After a while I began to get tired of putting chemicals on my hair. I felt God gave me this natural hair, why am I trying to make it look different killing my scalp and hair in the process? I decided to check online, read articles, watched videos and bought a book on natural hair. I didn’t want to do the big chop and regret it.

I transitioned for a while and on that fateful day, Nov 1 2008 I took a bold step and did the big chop. I didn’t set out to do it but it happened (long story). Baale was not a happy bunny. I had been hinted to him I was going natural but I don’t think he took me serious. When he saw my chopped up hair in comb twists later that day he was in utter shock and didn’t speak to me for sometime. We have come a long way from where we were two years ago maybe because I have come to a silent compromise with him- I braid my hair and fix weaves some times. Those are the times I don’t hear any complains. I think he has come to terms with my natural hair (more like given up on me) but still hopes some day I go back to relaxing my hair.

Like Baale, some friends and family find it perplexing that I have gone natural. Some quietly wondered while some have asked me out rightly what on earth I am doing. Some people see it has your hair is unkempt. Well, I try to explain myself in one sentence because anything more than that might result into an argument. My hair is not a function of who I am, it is a part of me but I am not my hair. What I decide to do with my hair is my personal choice. The same way you have decided to relax your hair is the same way I have decided not to. I don’t judge you because you have relaxed hair. God loves us all and I doubt it is our hair that will determine where we end up when we die.

Some have even gone as far as saying, “if you like don’t relax your hair but if Princess wants to relax her hair don’t stop her”. LOL. My reply usually is to laugh and say I will tell Princess the same thing my mother said to my elder sister and I- “nothing touches your hair till you leave secondary school, after that if you want to put jerry curls on one side and tint the other side that one na your own palaver.” Hope that answers the question.

My natural hair journey in summary has been full of high and low moments. Frustrating days esp. when I can’t think of what to do with my hair. Right now I am considering chopping it all up and letting my hair grow again. Hmmm. Whatever the case I don't see myself relaxing my hair again.

I think it is safe to say that going natural isn’t for the faint hearted. It is probably against everything you know right now and what the BLACK/Africa media, culture, or society agree with e.g some African companies won't employ you because of it, some hairdressers will put their nose up and refuse to braid your hair, some will try to charge you more (happened to me). You need to make the choice for yourself and do your research. I am glad I have inspired one or two people in helping them make that final decision to go natural.

So today, I wish myself happy two years of going natural and will like to give a shout out to all the natural hair bloggers (as at the last time I checked) I know. It is a narrow road we are on (if I may say so myself) and only a few travel it so we should be celebrated.

Standtall, tygernity, favoured girl, tolatino, jaycee, archiwiz, FFF, Scarlet, doll.

If u are a natural girl like me, hola! For my relaxed hair friends as well, I love you too. Muah! ;)

19 Oct 2010

Time surely flies- Thankful Tuesday

It seem like yesterday when I was in the labour room thinking my life would end and then my adorable princess was born. Last weekend she turned 1. She is such a smart little diva who walks all over the place, can say the words "bye-bye", "gba" (which means take in English) and "take", follows simple instruction and knows when she does something wrong.

She had a quiet but lovely first birthday with gifts from daddy and mummy. An evening at snakes and ladders proved to be fun as well. It was all about her and no one else.

I am thankful to God for Princess' life. Strangely I can't remember what life was before she came into our lives. She is such a blessing and delight. She is growing up to be a change maker in her generation.

Words cannot really express how I feel.

What are you thankful for?

12 Sep 2010

Fashion Gist

Hello people, I hope you are all doing well. A friend recently discovered my blog and mentioned to me that my blog made her laugh. I didn't even realise my blog was that funny. It then occurred to me that I have been blogging since May 2006, 4 years! Oh mine! I feel like a grand mama blogger. LOL. I went back to read a few of my posts just now and even I was lol-ing. I think I should do a post with my favourite posts some day as soon as I find the time.

Anyway today I would like to share with you three relatively new fashion blogs that I am feeling. I have recently re-discovered my love for fashion especially shoes so these blogs make a lot of sense to me. I know a lot of you blogville ladies and men are into fashion- don't lie now. :)

Ilimitado-NG- I mentioned about my love for shoes hey? Well ilimitado is all about shoes, style and more for both men & women! They believe in not compromising hard earned money for style, or style for a good bargain. I so agree with them o, you know how it is in this day of economic crisis. Do check them out.

The Wardrobe Swap Party- Also called WASParty is a blog by two friends who organise cloth swap events in London. They say they are eco-fabulous, I like the sound of that :) They are all about upgrading your wardrobe at a cost close to nothing. Yes, you heard me right. Who no like better thing?. You need to follow this blog to know about their upcoming events amongst other fashion gist.

TheFashionPatrollers- This blog is written by a lady called Enii Akinbo, an upcoming fashion designer. Enii tells us about her journey as a fashion designer and also highlights the current fashion trends to watch out for. Follow this "correct" fashion blog for more gist.

Do visit them when you can and let's give them some blogville love and support. Thank you my people!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

God bless!

13 Jul 2010

To speak or not to speak

***Inspired by a friend's status on fb.
***Sounds like a rant but really it isn't.
***I am Yoruba hence this post might seem directed at fellow Yorubas but I think we can all relate

My two and half year old niece amazes me. She speaks English and Yoruba quite well. This is because sometimes she spends time at my parents (her grandparents) house in Ibadan and my grandma (her great grandma) who hardly speak any English stay at my parents’ as well. So you can imagine the English and Yoruba conversations that go on at my parents’. One time my grandma called her and I heard her say “Mama, mo n bo o”. Another time someone else called her and she replied “ I am coming”. That cracked me up! The girl even says some Yoruba words that I don’t know. At that age she can interpret English to Yoruba and vice versa and she knows who to speak English and Yoruba to respectively. If I say I am not amazed, I lie.

So, I was sharing my amazement with a friend and she was like “ah they have turned your niece into iya arugbo (old woman) ” referring to her speaking Yoruba. I laughed at the time but thinking about it later, I wondered, when did speaking Yoruba become razz or an old person’s thing to do. If children don’t speak it when they are young is it when they are older they will speak it?

I think many Yoruba people are guilty of this notion. The worse ones are some that live in Nigeria and refuse to speak any Yoruba to their children “Please o, I don’t want my children to be razz” (so that means you that can speak Yoruba you are razz abi?), “We only speak Queen English in our house” (Fake fake). What a sad and ignorant thing to think.

I observe Asian parents with their children on the bus or train here in the UK and all you hear them speak is their native language. And I can bet you that those children can speak English fluently. Why do we have this mentality that if our children speak Yoruba they won’t be able to speak English? You! yes you, don’t you speak both English and Yoruba and maybe another language like French effortlessly? Or what exactly is the issue as I really what to understand it. If someone can explain it to me I will appreciate that.

I have one kind of respect for people who can speak Yoruba well and English even better. It trips me. I am definitely not the best Yoruba speaking person (I can hardly pray well in Yoruba or read a book in Yoruba) but I can converse relatively well in Yoruba. My wish is for Princess to understand and speak Yoruba well enough amongst other languages. I want her to be able to hold her own wherever she is. Because of this I speak Yoruba to her as much as I can (she will be 9 months soon). Yes I am razz like that, bite me! lol

An uncle of mine who works with the American embassy told me Yoruba language is hot cake in the States and there are Americans looking for people to teach them Yoruba. What am I even saying, my sister, once had a job in her school to teach one of her American lecturers Yoruba and she was getting paid per hour ( i think), no be say dem tell me. I tell you, this language we have so belittled has serious potential. And you are there feeling cool speaking Queen English. Proud that your children don't speak Yoruba. Yeye!

Yoruba is such a rich language and if we are not careful it will go into extinction with all this nonsense posh behaviour we acquired from only God knows where. Today, Latin is considered a dead language. Even though it is still taught in schools, there are no native, fluent speakers of Latin. What a shame!

We all need to do our part if we don’t want same happening to the Yoruba Language. I beg una, keep speaking the language. Hopefully our mentality will change gradually.

I have said my own o! If I have offended any one by this note, e ni binu ni o (don't be annoyed) because na true talk I talk and you know it. :)

Olorun a ko wa mo se (somebody please translate!) Lol

31 May 2010

I feel so blessed and honored!!!

I just found out randomly today, a day before votes open, that I was nominated for "Best Parenting Blog" and "Most Inspiring Blog". To be honest, I was not expecting to be nominated for anything this year since I have been slacking with blogging so I was surprised to see my name up on the list. Thank you to those that nominated me. Thank you for believing in me. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed.

Last year, I was nominated for "Most Inspiring Blog" but I didn't win, so guys I am begging o, I no dey do yanga ooo...plsssss vote for me for either or even both of the categories. Without your votes I can't make it. So it is up to you guys. Votes open tomorrow, 31st May. Thank you plenty.

On other fronts, I am resuming work in two week. Oh my days!!! I have mixed feelings. I am looking forward to be out of the house, have some adult talk and stimulate my On the other hand, I am going to miss my time with Princess. I know I can't have it all and therefore should make the best use of the time I have with her now.

Hope you all are well? I shall be stopping by yours to solicit for votes. wink wink

Have a blessed week!!

21 Apr 2010

Thankful Post- On Volcanoes, Ash and Fire

I was suppose to do my thankful post yesterday but all sorts came up.

So, many of you might be aware of the volcano that erupted in Iceland some weeks back but was only escalated last week Thursday, 15th April. Baale was in France for a work conference for a week and was due to come into London that day when he called to say planes might be grounded. Thankfully he made it to London safely. His flight was the last one in before Heathrow was shut down at 12noon that day. I am so grateful he was not stuck in France. A lot of people who went for the same conference are still in France as we speak. Not to talk of many other people who are trapped in different locations. Moreover I am grateful that there were no reports of any plane crashes due to the volcano ashes. On a lighter note, it was kinda surreal not hearing any planes hovering the skies of London. I can hear them now :) Thank God

I am also thankful for God's protection and mercies. The other day, my oven caught fire. I was grilling chicken and the baking paper I used caught fire. I opened the oven, switched off the grill and I did the silliest thing ever. I tried to blow the fire with my mouth and hand! That didn't work obviously and then I froze. Next thing I called out to Baale "Babes, babes, fire!! Next thing I know I see him flying to the kitchen from the living room. He pulled out the tray and somehow stopped the fire. I started laughing and Baale did not find that funny at all. I felt so silly, useless and "mumuish" (idiot) at the same time. Then I felt really sober. Thank God, Baale was home and not stuck in France. What if I was home alone with Princess? What would I have done? Maybe I would have just left the fire, picked up Princess and run out the house. I really don't know and hope never to find out. No repeats, dear Lord!

I was chatting with Good Nigerian Girl at the time and told her what happened. She assured me that if I was alone I would have saved the day but em I am not so sure o. May God help me! Anyway, I think I need to brush up on my safety skills- fire, water, burns and what have you. God forbid bad thing.

Thank God I can laugh about it now.

So what are you thankful for?

13 Apr 2010

Thankful Tuesday: Birthday, Family and Friends

I am thankful for another year in the land of the living. My 30th birthday was on Sunday. I went through all sorts of emotions knowing I am no longer in my 20s (sob sob) but I have come to realise that I have a lot to be grateful for and I am still very young at heart. Consequently, I decided to have a little celebration to mark the day at my home. It went very well. Enuff juicing and eating. Favoured girl and her hubby were in attendance (thanks guys!) Nolimit stood me up...she has begged me but i still dey vex small. LOL

I am thankful for my folks. My dad, mum, two sisters and one brother. They say you can't choose your family but I am so glad God chose them to be my family. God has been so good to us, we always have cause to rejoice and this will always be the case.

I am thankful for Baale's family. His dad, mum, three sisters and one brother. I have heard people complain about their in-laws (or stories about people and their in-laws) but that has never been my case. I have had no cause to lament or complain about them (and I pray I never do). They are truly a wonderful set of people- each and everyone of them. I am blessed to have them as my second family.

I am particularly thankful for my brother-in-law's wife. I actually call her my SIL but she is more like a sister and a good friend to me. God bless you sweetie!

I am thankful for Baale. He is truly the best part of me. For my little princess, who is such a blessing and charmer. Where have u been all my life? As a family, God has been good and faithful to us. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude.

I am thankful for the few friends I have. Friends that stand by me, that go the extra mile for me, that support and care. Friends that accept/ignore my idiosyncrasies. I really hope I have been a good friend to them as well.

One of my childhood friends sent me this poem on my birthday. I really like it because it helped me refocus on the good things in my life.

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your days by golden hours,
Don't remember clouds at all . . .
Count your nights by stars, not shadows,
Count your life with smiles, not tears.
And all throughout your lifetime,
Count your age by friends, not years

Below is a blur picture of me (well part of me) and my cake on my birthday (ignore my lil princess' bouncer in the

6 Apr 2010

Thankful Tuesday (15)!

I am thankful for the gift of life and love. I am thankful for good health and accident free journeys. I am thankful for provision and protection. I do not take these things for granted.

I am thankful that summer is nearly here, I am not really a fan of cold weather.

I am thankful for the Easter holidays and for what Easter represents to me. Christ came to earth, died and resurrected just so I may have eternal life. Isn't that amazing love.

I had to make a crucial decision last week about starting a new role or going back to work with my current employer. It's amazing how my princess, as little as she is, had a major part to play in my decision. It took me a while to make a choice but I am thankful for God's wisdom and direction. I know I have made the right decision by not taking the new job in as much as I really want to move on. The right time to move shall come, that I know.

So question for y'all. Would you keep your baby (male or female) with a male childminder, with 10 years child-minding experience. This is not an attempt to discriminate against male childminders but just to get your views.

Have a great week

23 Mar 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

Finally I reached my 100th post! Finaaaaaally...geez! it sure took me forever to reach this point. Anyway I am here to give thanks like I promised.

  • I am thankful for divine protection over my family, especially my princess. There is a limit to how much I can watch over her but I know God has assigned angels to protect her always.

  • I am thankful for health, shelter, food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear. I thank God I do not have to worry about basic amenities.

  • I am thankful for my blogville family. You guys are just amazing. I have made some new friends here and for that I am grateful.

  • I am thankful for Baale and my marriage. We clocked two years in January. It has been a wonderful journey. I cannot complain but give thanks instead

  • I am thankful that I am a woman/mother and for the joys of motherhood. So amazing! Indescribable!

  • I am thankful to be alive!

So what are you thankful for?

17 Mar 2010

Knock knock! Anybody home???

My peeps! How far naa! Just thought to drop a note to say we are still alive and kicking- me and my blog that is! I sure sound like a broken record. Geez!

Please how do you blogville mothers do it? Combining career, wife duties, mother duties and blogging?? please show me the way o, I beg una. I am still on maternity leave so I can't claim work is taking up my time. So we know where all my time is going to and we all know it ain't blogging!

Ok I think what I should do is resume my thankful post abi? That should give me something to blog about. Hopefully...

My little princess is 5 months today! Yippee! she is growing up into such a smart cutie if I may say so myself. In fact, I give all glory to God for her life!

Ok so this is me signing out and should be back here with my thankful tuesday post next week by God's grace. Writefreak darling, please remind me o cuz i'mma just forget! LOL

Ok let me go do some blog rounds now.

God bless!