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13 Nov 2007

What is "right" with me??

Have u ever noticed that we are quick to ask ourselves “what is wrong with me?” when things seem out of control.

“Why am I not yet married?
Why is my husband/wife not like so and so?
Why don’t I have a better paying job?
God, why me? (And I ask- why not you?!)

Does it automatically mean that when things are not going your way that something is wrong with you? I don’t think so because in life everyone has their fair share of woes.

Many of us grumble a lot when things don’t seem to go our way. Grumbling is certainly not an attractive trait. It gets to a point when your family and friends can't take your moaning and whining anymore.

As it ever occurred to you to ask yourself- “what is right with me?” Seems like a strange question to ask but I believe that if we start focusing on what is right with us, we might have the right attitude towards life and not think we’ve been cursed or some thing.

So what is right with you?

  • You are alive today- someone died during their sleep

  • You have food to eat- so many have nothing to eat

  • You can wake up whenever, go where ever anytime you want- ask the married they need "permission" from their partners before they can hop and go

  • Your husband sits at home lazing around watching football after work- some women don’t know where their husbands have been for the past two nights

  • You are free to pursue your dreams, you and your husband can travel around etc- those with children will need to "readjust" (removed "saddled with that responsibilties")
  • Your job pays the bills- some people have been searching for a job since they left school

I can go on and on but I believe you are getting my point. This is the real world, bad times are defintely going to come but don't give up hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If only we can change our focus. I know it is easier said than done but if we want to be appealing to others around us, enjoy life and maintain a good attitude we need to be more thankful to God for the good he has done and is doing in our lives.


  1. Yay!I'm're right and you made me see some new perspective....i've got so many things going for me and for that i'm thankful!

  2. Nice post...I agree with all you have said...It's so true, but pls I would like to correct a tone or expression in the post...
    1-I am married, and do not ask for permission from my husband like a child (or even worse a servant) as expressed in the post.
    2-I have chidren that I am happy to have given birth to-and not "saddled" with..


  3. @writefreak- abi o..yes we have to be thankful

    @refinedone- thanks for your comments. I knew my analysis will raise a few eyebrows. There was no tone to it really, prolly the way you read it. All I was trying to show was that people grumble about things that really they should be thankful for...

    Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying to those without children that having children is bad (but why?) but that be thankfully for the free time you have now cuz when your children come, having some free time can become a luxury, right?. Ok ok, so as not to cause any more issues i'll remove the word "saddled"- fair enuff? :)

    About asking permission I didn't mean literally. Haba, I am sure you know what I mean. If you don't let me know so I can clarify further ;)

    Anyway cruz of my message is lets be thankfully ALWAYS.

  4. ... :) No problem, I know you did not mean it that was for the benefit of others misunderstanding what you ment to express... Thanks for taking time to explain ( you did not have to) so I appreciate the fact that you choose to... :)

  5. Word...That's very thotful of you.
    Sha, how are you doing? Just stumbled upon your blog.
    Heard you're now back in the UK.

    Sho wa?

    Take care o.


  6. @refinedone- thank you for thanking me :)

    @oje-Thanks for ur comment.

    Am good..though not sure who this is...:) Yes o i am back in the UK o...

  7. In everything, we should give thanks! :)

  8. First time here
    You write beautifully!

    That was spot on. we always happen to grumble about "now" and promise to be thankfull for "tomorow" but then "tomorow" will always become "now", wont it?

  9. This is very well written...

    I generally get put off when people adopt a negative stance. The good generally outweighs the bad no matter how bad we think it is.

  10. Love we both love inspirations...keep it up.


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