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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

18 Nov 2009

Gone too long...(Another Milestone!)

How are you all doing? Fine I believe. Did you miss me? Me, I missed you guys o. Thanks to those who checked up on me via email, facebook, blogger comment page. I appreciate it. God bless you.

I have been gone too long I don't even know where to start from. Ok let me start by sharing my wonderful news which a few bloggers know about already. It is weird because I keep saying my blog is not a personal blog per se but an inspirational one. However I feel I owe it to you guys (my blogville family) to share my good news and the Lord's doing in my life, like when I got married.

Ok enough of the suspense.
About a month ago, I gave birth to my adorable princess. She is such a delight and keeps amazing me everyday. My pregnancy experience was amazing apart from the first 3 months of morning sickness. The labour experience was out of this world. I am sure other blogger mamas can testify that it is like going through the valley of death but totally worth it when you see your bundle of joy. I thank God for safe uncomplicated delivery. Baba God is ever faithful. He is too much!

I pray for bloggers known and unknown who:

- are currently pregnant that God will give them supernatural childbirth. Mother and Child(ren) and even daddy will come out of the experience alive and well.

- are waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. Children are the heritage of the Lord and it is HIS will for us to multiply and dominate the earth. Blessed is the fruit of your bodies in Jesus name!

So you might ask how does it feel to be a mummy? LOL, well I am just enjoying the ride as each day comes with different experiences. I am taking each day at a time. Baale is excited to be a daddy and I can tell Princess will be a daddy's girl.

N.B- Hopefully I will continue with my celebrity series very very soon.