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30 May 2007

More on WAI including Timi and Sony/BMG Africa

I decided to vote for Timi afterall and I am so so happy that he won cuz he deserved it. He received 68% of the votes, while Omawunmi got 37%. This goes to show that there is a clear distinction between the two. Omawunmi cannot stand where Timi dey stand. And wat was that she was wearing??? Oh my goodness!
Anyway instead of giving you an account of the show, you can read it up on my friends' blogs- Tayo (the live show) and writefreak (the tv show). They both gave a good summary of what went down.
Now what I want to talk about is the sony/BMG contract Timi won. I am a bit concerned for him about this based on the email MM (she made some profound comments on my last WAI blog entry) sent to me and a couple of other Timi 's fans:
Timi did deserve to win and we are sure glad he won!!!!!
Another challenge I will like us to take up is to follow up and be sure that ALL that the sponsors promised to him are delivered to him accordingly especially the recording deal with BMG/SONY.
Why am I saying may ask.....cause from past experiences
especially the Project Fame which Dare was part of, most of the promises were not delivered .....yesterday I watched an interview of Lindiwe....the Zambian
lady that won Project Fame on SABC Africa and she made mentioned that till date, she did not get anything that was promised to her and that BMG has not done any recording of her song till date. I also recall a past interview on Cool FM or a newspaper where Dare did make mention of this.......that till date he hasn't
been given anything that was promised to him from Project Fame.
Surprising she mentioned that a few months after the show, the South African guy, Jonathan got his recording deal but not her the winner......and that upon all her fighting and her relocation to SA nothing has been done for her. This I must say is very sad and a rip off on her and the evoting public.
I will not wish any of this on Timi,
so guys lets follow up one way or the other to ensure
Timi gets All he deserves and much more.
I was shocked when I read this email. I never knew Dare didn't get what he was promised!! He suppose sue these guys o. Men, I hope these BMG people are not out to "419" Timi, cuz if they are, it will be so despicable. Really what can be done about this? Am hoping someone like Dede (considering he went tribalistic on us during the show) will ensure that at least, Timi gets his contract. Some of us are looking forward to buying Timi's cd.
Guys what do you think???

23 May 2007

Timi vs Omawumi- Idols West Africa Grand Finale

Idols West Africa comes to an end on Sunday, 27th of May where the first Idols West Africa will be announced. Africa is expected to vote for either Timi or Omawumi, or both from now till Saturday 26th. I am having a hard time deciding who to vote for. It won’t have been difficult to vote if Jodie was still in the competition. I would have voted for her all the way but alas this is not the case. Maybe if I analyse the last two standing it would help.

Timi, timi, timi. I never really noticed or liked Timi in the beginning. The first two times I heard him sing (his first audition and I think the first time he sang on the top 10) I felt he was screaming. I actually preferred Uche to him but later on I realized he did have a good husky voice (he does sound like Lamar). He knows how to connect with his audience and there is just something about him that is appealing, maybe the fact that he looks timid, then next thing you hear this powerful performer on stage and wonder where the transformation came from. He has managed to win me over.

However, I hate to agree with Nana but he does have a “diction” issue (like she doesn’t) and that worries me, will he be able to represent Africa in the international music industry. Will he be articulate when he needs to make speeches or collect his awards? I was telling a friend that if he wins, he can be packaged and groomed (first and foremost he needs to get rid of that hair cut!) but she said to me, “Ah! This one cannot be packaged o, where do you want to start from; a decorated monkey is still a monkey.” Lol. Oh well, Timi isn’t someone you would call cute like our Fine boy Eric, but I think he can be packaged jare, I mean I wonder what Seal looked like before he became a star considering he is still a bloke NOT.

Now to Omawumi. I think she’s really pretty & sexy. I loved her first audition and she has a very brilliant smile. Out of all the contestants she has been versatile in her choice of music and that is a plus for her. Nevertheless in the beginning & middle of the competition I don’t think she put in her best, I think she was playing safe. Was she intimidated by Jodie? Because omo men, she started performing on a different level when Jodie was kicked out. It was like she realized that no one was safe. I am really happy she came out of wherever it was she was hiding because she made Idols worth watching after all. Omawumi looks the part already so no need to invest in packaging. She is very articulate (she no get choice, she be lawyer). Lastly, she is sensual so I guess a lot of males would be in her fan club.

Hmm, so who do I vote for? Who should win, who deserves to win? If Timi wins, I believe he will sell records and I think the fact that he comes from a lowly background might appeal to people. Omawumi would also sell records and will go far but if she doesn’t win she has her law degree to go back to. Not sure what Timi has to go back too, he only has a Senior Secondary School Certificate. Personally, I think Timi will put his whole heart into his music career, not so sure about Omawumi cuz really she has options and besides like I said earlier she didn’t put in her best unti when it became necessary. Also I don’t think it will get into Timi’s head if he wins, not sure about Omawumi. I also think Timi “needs” the contract and the prizes more than Omawumi does. Looks like the scale is tilting towards Timi o. But they both deserve it cuz they’ve both done really well. Omawumi be woman, I should support her jo. Men, this is tough o. I still cannot decide!!! Time is running out o.

Guys, who are you voting for and why? Maybe you might help me decide…lol
N.B To read more on the show click here

21 May 2007

Still on Spider Man

A friend sent this to me and I thot to share. LOL

The End of SpiderMan
"This was his only weakness…but it takes a genius to discover this"

On a more serious note, please read this- Spidey Gets Spiritual. My sis sent it to me and I think it is a good read. Let me know what you think. Ta!

10 May 2007

On Spider Man

Yesterday evening, I went to watch Spider Man 3 with the boyfy, his brother & wife. The movie was really action packed. Apart from all action, the movie actually reminded me of the Christian walk, the choice between evil and good, the battle between the flesh and the spirit (You might need to watch the movie to get what i am talking about). Living in the flesh looks all sweet n rosy but the end is destruction. Being "good" or living in the spirit can be hard work but in the end it pays off.

The movie also taught me about forgiveness, admitting when we are wrong, putting others first and not making life about ourselves, the effect of bitterness, revenge and pride. Lastly about valuing and guarding our friendships.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the movie if you have seen it. Garageboy shares his thots on the movie in his blog(kinda similar to mine).

On a lighter note, Spider Man was a bit too teary for my liking ...any little thing, tears don full en eyes! Okay it prolly shows he is human but omo, superheros are not supposed to be cry babies. That's why Superman is my all time Superhero ;) I can't remember him been tearful. Should blog about him sometime, you know. LOL

Ok, got to get back to work now. Looking forward to Spider Man 4

7 May 2007

Where is your treasure?

Don’t store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them. Your heart will always be where your treasure is.
Mat 6:19-21

Over the last one month, I have been hearing about different Nigerian investment schemes especially the High Yielding Investment Programs (HYIP) like Nospecto, Seftreg, Wealth Zone, Wealth Solution, Treasure Line etc. Apparently they have been in existence for some time now but I just “discovered” them recently. Everywhere I go I hear people talk about these schemes and how to make lots of money in a short while. Everyone including myself wants to gain financial freedom. I mean who wants to be in the rat race forever, definitely not me! I want to be able to live a very comfortable life, not depend on my salary and also invest ahead so that my children can live well. I am sure many people have a "similar" financial vision to mine.

Ok, so we all want to be wealthy, rich, set a legacy for our children but it seems that is all many people are doing- concentrating on storing up treasures on earth which can be destroyed or stolen. Who says any of these schemes cannot fizzle out tomorrow? If this is the case, that means we cannot depend solely on these schemes or wherever it is we are storing our treasure to give us the freedom that we so desire. So where does that leave us? One thing I love about God is that he does not leave you stranded, if he tells you what not to do, he definitely will tell you what to do, so there is a way out! In the passage above, we are commanded/advised/encouraged to store our treasures in heaven. Am sure you are asking, “So how on earth do I store my treasure in heaven?” Right question!

Well for starters you don’t have to literally go up to heaven to store your treasure there. You store your treasure in heaven here on earth. Getting confused? Ok, what I mean is, or what I understand from this Word is that to store my treasure in heaven I need to consecrate myself fully to God and help all men that are in need. How many times have people come to meet us to assist them but we send them away without helping them even when we are in the position to help? How many of us pay our tithes, donate money to missionaries, the orphans, the motherless, the prison ministries, the nonprofit organisations that help those in needs etc. Those were opportunities God gave us to store our treasures in heaven. This passage of the bible stresses this principle:

When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat, and when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink. When I was a stranger, you welcomed me, and when I was naked, you gave me clothes to wear. When I was sick, you took care of me, and when I was in jail, you visited me." Then the ones who pleased the Lord will ask, "When did we give you something to eat or drink? When did we welcome you as a stranger or give you clothes to wear or visit you while you were sick or in jail?" The king will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed you did it for me." Matthew 25:35-40

Each person on earth was created by God so any time we help someone in need we are doing it for God and he is the rewarder of all good deeds. It may not seem like it because you can’t see money multiplying in your account but when you invest in God’s people he will surely reward you here on earth. When they say givers never lack, believe it because it is VERY true. I have personally experienced and also heard testimonies of several people who do not necessarily invest their money in stocks and shares but are givers and they never want. God always meet their needs. This is because the bible says Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38

So dear friends, invest your money wisely. Lay up treasures that cannot be taken away from you.
As you invest your money in schemes, stocks, shares etc, remember that it is far more rewarding to invest in people and in God’s work. Someone’s life can be saved today just because you invested in them. Selah

2 May 2007

Idols (West Africa) is becoming preposterous!

Honestly I think Idols West Africa should be cancelled. There should not be a season 2! Am so upset am not sure who to blame- West Africa for voting for people who have no business being in the competition or for those who are "rigging" the votes. I heard that some people bought dozens of recharge cards to vote for Temitayo after that woefully performance! Why? Why?? All these sentiment votes should stop!!!

As far as I am concerned Jodie was/is the best performance vocally and in every other way but guess what Africa thought otherwise. The show is nothing without Jodie. She deserves to be the winner but this only goes to show that though life isn't fair, God has something better in store for her. I am waiting earnestly for her to release her album cuz I'll surely buy it. Jodie, God bless you...u are a rare gem and you are loved. The doors to idols might be shut but you are going places girl. God's plans for you are much more than you can ever imagine.

Am not sure what the likes of Jerrilyn are still doing in the competition. God forbid that she becomes the first West Africa idol. Please don't get me wrong, I don't know her from anywhere and i do not have any beef for her. She can sing quite alright but she doesn't exhibit confidence and sometimes it's like she is in a club doing karaoke! I think she's only in there because people pity her cuz of what she has been through in the past and what not. Inasmuch as I sympathise with her I don't think Africa should vote based on sentiments. If she was a doing a great job it will have only made her story more intriguing. Right now she is really annoying me. lol

As for Timi...ha! what happened now?? This is not the time to be performing stunts o and choosing songs you are not so familiar with. Anyway I forgive you sha cuz you are the next best. Africa I hope you won't mess up again o...Timi deserves to be in the competition. Let us not assume that every other person is voting for him. VOTE wisely if you have been voting and if you have not been voting pls stop doing ijebu with your credit. Hehehe

Am still very upset jare. I can't talk too much.

For those of you who don't watch Idols West Africa, you can get the full gist of the Top 6 performance in Tayo's blog.