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23 May 2007

Timi vs Omawumi- Idols West Africa Grand Finale

Idols West Africa comes to an end on Sunday, 27th of May where the first Idols West Africa will be announced. Africa is expected to vote for either Timi or Omawumi, or both from now till Saturday 26th. I am having a hard time deciding who to vote for. It won’t have been difficult to vote if Jodie was still in the competition. I would have voted for her all the way but alas this is not the case. Maybe if I analyse the last two standing it would help.

Timi, timi, timi. I never really noticed or liked Timi in the beginning. The first two times I heard him sing (his first audition and I think the first time he sang on the top 10) I felt he was screaming. I actually preferred Uche to him but later on I realized he did have a good husky voice (he does sound like Lamar). He knows how to connect with his audience and there is just something about him that is appealing, maybe the fact that he looks timid, then next thing you hear this powerful performer on stage and wonder where the transformation came from. He has managed to win me over.

However, I hate to agree with Nana but he does have a “diction” issue (like she doesn’t) and that worries me, will he be able to represent Africa in the international music industry. Will he be articulate when he needs to make speeches or collect his awards? I was telling a friend that if he wins, he can be packaged and groomed (first and foremost he needs to get rid of that hair cut!) but she said to me, “Ah! This one cannot be packaged o, where do you want to start from; a decorated monkey is still a monkey.” Lol. Oh well, Timi isn’t someone you would call cute like our Fine boy Eric, but I think he can be packaged jare, I mean I wonder what Seal looked like before he became a star considering he is still a bloke NOT.

Now to Omawumi. I think she’s really pretty & sexy. I loved her first audition and she has a very brilliant smile. Out of all the contestants she has been versatile in her choice of music and that is a plus for her. Nevertheless in the beginning & middle of the competition I don’t think she put in her best, I think she was playing safe. Was she intimidated by Jodie? Because omo men, she started performing on a different level when Jodie was kicked out. It was like she realized that no one was safe. I am really happy she came out of wherever it was she was hiding because she made Idols worth watching after all. Omawumi looks the part already so no need to invest in packaging. She is very articulate (she no get choice, she be lawyer). Lastly, she is sensual so I guess a lot of males would be in her fan club.

Hmm, so who do I vote for? Who should win, who deserves to win? If Timi wins, I believe he will sell records and I think the fact that he comes from a lowly background might appeal to people. Omawumi would also sell records and will go far but if she doesn’t win she has her law degree to go back to. Not sure what Timi has to go back too, he only has a Senior Secondary School Certificate. Personally, I think Timi will put his whole heart into his music career, not so sure about Omawumi cuz really she has options and besides like I said earlier she didn’t put in her best unti when it became necessary. Also I don’t think it will get into Timi’s head if he wins, not sure about Omawumi. I also think Timi “needs” the contract and the prizes more than Omawumi does. Looks like the scale is tilting towards Timi o. But they both deserve it cuz they’ve both done really well. Omawumi be woman, I should support her jo. Men, this is tough o. I still cannot decide!!! Time is running out o.

Guys, who are you voting for and why? Maybe you might help me decide…lol
N.B To read more on the show click here


  1. I agree with you totally..ur comments are spot on! God bless

  2. Tolted, nice analysis. It's highlighted some points. Personally, I would vote for Timi. Timi will have a better "Grass to Grace" story as the West African Idol. Recall he grew up with his Grandmom and his highest qualification is his SSCE. I believe he can be packaged quite well. He would need some crash programs at a finishing school, and a proper makeup artist and the right haircut would help those looks.
    Omawumi would make a good second choice (for me) but she does not really have a sound of her own. She sings all styles and is a great mimic. She won't have fans in Unison the way Timi does. With each performance she disappoints some people and awes some. Although this can be changed but the producers of the show will want someone they can package quickly and release his/her CD. Not sure if Omawumi's CDs will sell as much as Timi's. Anyway, I'm voting for Timi. I just made that decision today

  3. @chioma- so who are you voting for?

    @tayo- hmm, my thoughts exactly. Yah that's the word I was looking for yesterday to describe Timi if he wins: "Grass to Grace".
    Btw got ur sms yesternite ;)

  4. It is a very simple dilemma. The issue is that peoples “love” for Timi might make the best person loose. That is the conclusion I have come to now. It is all going the same way Jerrilyn was allowed to stay on the show because of bias. Without taking anything away from Timi, Omawumi is on a roll now and has performed at a level I dare say Timi has not. She is clearly at this stage of the competition better than Timi. If we are to vote on the basis of performance, then it should be her. Any other consideration outside of this would just mean bias. I supported Timi when he was the inform guy, so did a lot of people. I just think it is fair we support who performs best irrespective of our bias and analysis and to be fair to her, she is the BEST person currently. Just think about it after all, we are supposed to be objective in all we do (whatever that means).

  5. Not fanatical about any of them……..but TIMI will win!!!! You ask why…..cause he deserves to win and has a strong VOTING… base. IT”S THE VOTES THAT DECIDES THE WINNER!!!!!!!

    Objectivity has nothing to do with being an enthusiastic devotee…..or lover of YOUR supposed Idol. Timi though not a fine face like Eric has got what it takes to be the Idol……after all…..when the Spaniards and Latinos sing with their diction (like Nana….female judge from Ghana) their strong Spanish & Latin diction makes the song rendered (either in their native or English) so fantastic. So why can’t Timi’s diction stand him out as the Idol he is!!!!!!!....He’s got the VOICE!!!!

    Aloted VOTE FOR TIMI……and ensure you mobilize people to VOTE for Him. That's the only way you can have him as the 1st West African IDOL.

  6. @MM,
    What I hear you say is that this idols show is not about objectivity but sentiments and bias. This is where I do not seem to agree with people on this but like you said, the guy with the highest fan base ( and NOT the best) would win. God bless us

  7. @Uzo- Exactly it’s not objectivity that produces the Idol!!!

    Has any fan ever been objective or non partial about their best-loved football team…….it’s all about SENTIMENT.

    If you have been following the show from inception to date…..can you TRULY say the JUDGES are non-partial and are sometimes not somewhat sentimental towards a particular performance or contestant???????

    And Timi seems to have loads of SENTIMENT from the public….hopefully it will translate into VOTES that count to make him the WINNER!!!!

  8. I thought you would guide me with your comments for and against! I am still confused (groan) so I am not going to vote for anyone.

  9. @Uzo, it's not about who's currently the best, it's about who's had the overall best performances from day one. I can even argue that Omawumi's performances last week was not the best. Her best so far has been 2 weeks ago. Before then she's be blowing cold and how. Good today, bad tomorrow. Timi has been consistently good only having a few bad performances. If I were to cast my vote for the overall best person, I'll say it's Timi. Also as per comparing it to the Jerrilyn situation, Jerrilyn's voice was way below the set standard when she was still in the competition that's why it had to have been sentiments keeping her in the contest. If she can sing well, I don't mind her still being in. I don't even mind her winning the title if she could sing well. That's different with Timi. He CAN sing! Period

  10. i have decided i am voting for Timi, somehow i feel he deserves it more, what am i saying? I have actually voted for him and i encourage you guys to do the same.I think he needs it more, after sampling several opinion,i think Timi is the right guy!

  11. Most number of excellent performances, have to go to Timi. He has had the most standing ovations. His voice is special. He has a unique performance style, the way he bends and invites his audience in to his performances. He connects with his lyrics, and makes us "believe" in his performances. For me, Omawumi's performances, seem like an "Act". I don't feel her or believe in what he sings. That is the difference. Timi emotionally connects with me.

  12. Thank you guys for believing in Timi...I ended up voting for him and I am so so glad that he won! He deserved it!!!
    Uzo where are you!!! LOL

  13. Idols West Africa is the West African version of the Idol series franchise. Based in Nigeria, it is a talent contest to find a recording artiste, and aired on M-Net in 2007.


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