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3 Jun 2009

Are you for real???

Warning-Rant post

Blogging this evening was the last thing on my mind but if I don't share this, I might just burst! I hardly rant on my blog, as it doesn't fit into the purpose of this blog but I think this one is necessary.

I left work early today as I was not feeling so well. Been in a foul mood because of hay fever and my boss stressing me at work etc. I thought browsing through blogville will cheer me up but alas! I had barely left standtall's blog talking of her illiterate "friend" and I was still reeling from what the guy had to say about women, only to be confronted with more drama at home!

So Baale comes home with one of his friends. This is someone I get along with very well and kinda respect. I always make sure he eats when he comes over. Anyway this evening, I asked Baale to sort him out as I was still feeling poorly. Everything was going fine (actually I wasn't even listening to their conversation, as I was still browsing through blogville) till mr friend lets call him T for talkative..he talks a lot kai said he wanted to watch the Apprentice as it was the semi-final show or something like that. I am not sure what they were talking about but next thing I hear T say "I have never come across an intelligent woman before". I was like "excuse me, what did you just say?" He repeated himself, that women are not intelligent. At first I thought he was joking. I was like T "how can you make such a statement". He was still forming, I was like "Baale, pls I want this guy out of my house, how dare he insult women". I was really upset o. I asked him if he even knew the meaning of what intelligent what and guess all he could come up with "challenging". Clap for yourself intelligent man. I went as far as saying only illiterates talk like that and that I was so sorry for whoever married him. I know that was harsh but I had to say something! To be honest at that point, any respect I had for him, as per Baale's friend, diminished. I really wish I could send him out of my house but for Baale. Baale told him not to talk like that but he was still mis-yarning.

I now asked him how many men and women were left on the Apprentice (I don't follow it that much) and he was like that's TV blah blah, but check this there were four women and 1 man left. I really wanted to fight o but Baale told me to take it easy so I kept quiet but was seriously fuming inside. To be honest T knows how to wind somebody and I didn't want to fall for it at the same time I wanted him to take that statement back about women.

Anyway I kept quiet and heard him say something about even the top women he had worked with in banks were not smart. That in meetings they keep quiet and all they can do is market. In my mind I was like wow...that is such a dumb thing to say. This is someone who is out of job o (let me not even go into that story). I also heard him say he isn't saying women are not good with other things and that he wasn't generalising. I was just shaking my head that this guy is very very dumb...what part of "all the women I have met are not intelligent" is not generalising. I decided to ignore him.

Guess what at the end of the Apprentice show, Sir Alan fired the guy...even though i don't follow it I was so happy...and was like "you see now and women are not intelligent". Mr T was still yarning dust. At this point I wanted to ask Baale, pls when is your friend leaving but decided to chill. Thankfully, a few minutes later Mr T decides to go home and said good night. I didn't answer. He repeated his goodnight again and I was like "sebi i am not intelligent enough to have a conversation with you so please just dey go". He was like " pls o don't take it personal" and I said "I am a woman so I will take it personal".

I was so glad when he left, I felt like disinfecting my living room. Se if I had known he was coming to say all that nonsense in my house, I won't have offered him food in the first place. LOL. He eats my food, and then has the energy to insult women in my house. Mscheeewww.

When Baale came back from seeing him off, he apologised and said he can't believe T made that statement. That he must have real issues. I totally agree, he either has major issues or he is just a male chauvinist. I am not sure if I can relate to him on the same level any more. Any one that thinks less of women cannot be in my good books.

Men like this get on my nerves. For a long time I felt many men were narrow minded but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt but apparently they are still plenty out there and one of them is Baale's friend. Sad very sad.