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6 Jan 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (10)

I have been doing my blog rounds and have wished most of you a happy new year but this is an official “Happy New Year” greeting from me at the Purpose Driven Blog. 2009 is the year to seek God’s face. Seek first his Kingdom and every other thing will be added unto you.

In 2009, I am running with 2 Chronicles 26:5:
He set himself to seek God in the days of Zechariah, who instructed him in the things of God; and as long as he sought (inquired of, yearned for) the Lord, God made him prosper.

To be honest, in 2008 I slacked in this area. It's like I took God for granted and expected that he will sort me out. God has commanded that I should seek HIM always and allow him to direct me in everything. There is no point making any plans if God is not involved. I shall seek HIM not for what HE can give me, but because I want to do HIS Will.

Back to the subject of today, this is the first TTT (Ten Things Tuesday) for the year. Wow! God has been faithful, words alone cannot express my thankfulness to HIM. I have decided to highlight 10 key months in 2008 and express gratitude for the wonderful things God did in the life of me and my family. On a whole, God was indeed good and faithful. I blogged about a few of the things below and I have included a link in case you want more details.

January- I got married to the love of my life. We will be 1 year old next week. Yippee! I must say it has been an eventful year.

February- God provided a new job for Baale*(hubby) miraculously.

April- Celebrated my birthday

May- Was 2 wonderful years of blogging. I’ll take note to do a post on my 3rd year blogging anniversary but I can confidently say blogging as become my best hobby (Baale thinks I am addicted) and I am grateful for the wonderful people I have met here.

June- We bought our first car.

July- New baby in the family (extended)

Aug- Went on our belated honeymoon

Sep- Passed my driving test and got my license

Nov- Baale’s birthday month

Dec- Travelled home (Nigeria) just before Christmas, was nice to see and be surrounded by family from both sides especially my grandma.

What are you thankful for?

P.S- I will get round to revealing the answer of the 2 truths and 1 lie meme. Please bear with me. Meanwhile, if you haven't answered, here's your chance, or if you want to change your answer ;o)

*Baale- this is officially now the new name for my hubby on blogville. It means Father/Man of the house. Anytime I speak to my grandma on the phone part of our conversation goes:
GM: “Baale re nko?” “How is the Man of the house?”
Me: “Baale mi wa.” “The Man of the house is fine


  1. Happy new year to you too!
    I like your 'running' word of the year, I could not agree more with you....
    I also slacked in this area last year, did a lot of aimless running here and there...forgetting that 'Its in Him we live, we move and can have our being complete'

    I'm praying God would help me this year to spend more time with Him, get direction and His mind before making any move.

    May 2009 see us all walking in the light God expects us to.
    and regards to 'baale re' :-)

  2. olufunke- thanks dearie..i actually used that word running with reference to Jaycee's post. If u click on it, it will direct you to her post.

    Amen and amen to ur prayer...and i will surely greet baale mi ;)

  3. Here's to wishing u all the wonderful thing 2009 has to offer. Happy new year lady!

  4. i pray that God will give directions this year and am thankful 4 last year

  5. Happy 2009!

    Your phrase for the year is wonderful. It is rewarding to seek God's face in ALL.

  6. We thank God for all His mercies in 2008 as we embark on this new year... happy new year! I wish you, your Baale and all your loved ones a truly wonderful 2009. I am making my way bck to blogville after a long absence... thanks for dropping by while I was gone.

  7. Sting- Many thanks. God bless!

    Jayjazzy- amen to that

    Dee!- yes o, I agree totally rewarding to seek HIM.

    Daddy's girl- Hey good to see you here. Long time...good to know you are coming back...cuz i have missed reading from you. Happy new year.

  8. Happy new year to you too!!! I intend to be consistent with 10 things Tuesday...God helping me!loving your running word too!off to check it out in various translations...oo and put up a ten things Tuesday post!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you hon once again!!May 2009 be filled with more blessing for you and Baale!!

  10. aww sweet...

    happy anniversary in advance n happy new year!!!!

  11. happy new year!

    kiss baale for me

  12. Happy new year and happy aniversary. May you enjoy many more. What am I thankful for ~ I am thankful for my brain without it I would be no where.

  13. aww Sounds like a wonderful 2008 you had. Married and all that mush feeling. I am happy you are happy. Happy Anniversary next week. I pray you keep experiencing the joy of marriage and kids. Stay blessed.

    N:B You did not give us pictures of weddings o. You failed for that side

  14. Happy New Year, dear :) 2008 was certainly stellar for you, and I am thankful for that. May 2009 surpass 2008 with respect to blessings and good times.

    My walk with God could use a lot more attention, and I need to stop taking Him for granted. I look to blogs like yours for inspiration and reminders, so thank you for that.

    I've been eagerly waiting to hear your answer to the 2 truths, 1 lie meme!

  15. happy new year dear'
    i'm thankful to God for life n everything He has blessed me it'
    *Howz Oga

  16. Nolimit- Yes o waiting to read your first TTT.

    ShonaVixen- Thanks dearie. I appreciate

    Buttercup- thanks a lot. I am guessing you are still enjoying the life and dodo in Naija.

    darkelcee- ok will sure he will be chuffed ;)

    Temite-Thanks o! Hmm..thats something we take for granted...our! nice one.

  17. YNB- yes 2008 was good overall, a few sad moments tho. Thanks for your prayer..

    Hmm wedding pictures sha...i am still trying to claim anonymousity in

    GNG-The answers shall be revealed in due course..are u sure u dont want to change your answer ;)
    I am glad to know that my blog is a source of inspiration to you.

    LG- madam, where my hamper o!!! Oga dey and i already told him a friend owes us hamper so no disappoint o.

  18. The Lord our God is faithful!...

    chei i remember what you made me go through this time last year for wedding preparation (*not like i minded*)lol

    I believe God this year will bring a fulfillment of our heart's desires ....while we seek Him first

  19. Happy new year!
    i love your quote for the day.

  20. Aww...what a year it was for you. Congratulations me dear. I must say 2008 was not a bad year for me at all and am especially thankful for my academic excellence. Even the disappointments were blessings and revelations which am thankful for too. God is awesome in so many ways than one even though i get angry at him at times.

  21. with you on that scripture. Happy new year

  22. writefreak- ehn ore, what did i put u through..come and spell it out now now..cuz me i cant remember.

    Marjoram- thanks dearie

    Parakeet- yes o..God is working everything out for our good even disappointments.

    Telekinesys- thanks!!!

  23. ok since you want to know what you put me through....take your pick from below:

    1. i have the pattern i want for the aso ebi, sending you pictures...*WF takes pictures and sends back*...aloted is this ok? Yes..but...then we go back...

    2. Gifts for bridal train...i remember spending hours in Iponri market, and then taking pictures and sending on my phone (thank you Jesus for technology)

    3. Please tell B this is how i want my cake...before this several cake pictures had been exchanged...
    Will B still be able to make my cake?
    Will it be ready?

    Do you want me to go on en??? I can fill a page o...

    but i loved doing it all...

  24. writefreak- sikirat ni girl yi how u just come expose me for blogville...anyway na my me ask u

    but i am grateful..i am sure u day wont have been a success without u.

  25. Yaaay.. Happy New Year luv...
    Ah I love your running verse oh.. I am thinking of adding it to my Habakkuk one oh.. (writing the vision so I can see it every day and everytime I wake up - so I don't forget!!! writing it in my diary, which I will now forget in the former bag - when I change bags (women eh!?) will not work this year oh.. lol.

    Yes we are to seek God first and everything will be added, funny a friend and I were discussing this topic this afternoon and I said, I just ain't gonna stress.. as long as I walk in God's will.. everything else will be added jo!

    Well done... and I thank God too on your behalf for all your thank yous... thank you father oh.

    Oh the board, got it from Office world, but u can get it from shops like WHSmith(the bigger ones) or any stationary shop - would have said Woolworths.. but now they gone! sniff...
    Have a great rest of week ahead..
    lots of love

  26. Happy New Year to you too dear
    God has been good to me
    and im thankful for all my blessings,
    2009 will be a year of thanksgiving for me

  27. Happy New year! And love your story about your marriage. All the best this year to you both...and the prospective 'lil aloted' LOL

  28. Happy New Year! You truly were blessed in 2008 and I can only imagine what kind of blessings are in store for you this new year!

    That message about seeking God was needed because I was slacking too. I had to get myself to a church halfway through last semester because life was getting to crazy. It works I can testify to that.

    Anyway I love this blog, I've just come back to Blogsville so I'm making some rounds.

    God Bless!

  29. I like the 2nd chronicles 26:5 verse and i have written it down...
    LOL@ Baale...but hey there is Rabbi so...
    Thank God 4 his mercies
    Happy new yr

  30. Remi- i agree with u on all counts. thanks for the info i appreciate it. Will check out a WHSmith shop...I need to get organised!

    MDM-I am joining you in thanksgiving

    doug- thanks for the best wishes. lol right back :)

    Therapy- Thanks a lot. Will check u out as well.

    doll- aww bless you dearie:)

  31. Haapy New Year!!!

    as i was reading i kept saying baaaaaaleeeee and Thank God for you for all the things your thankful for.xx

  32. I'm thankful for God starting the New Year with me. I'm thankful for the wisdom He has given me (I prayed 4 it & he answered)

  33. Riri- yes in the yoruba movies...
    baaaaaaaaleeee...heheehehe. thanks for stopping by..will check u out

    Vera- thanking God on your behalf for answered prayers.

  34. Se emi ni sikirat?

    Anyway i'm glad you appreciate, i couldn't have done any less...waff?

    We shall take the rest offline :-)

  35. i like the name baale...happy new year hun...

    continue to seek him and do his will and you will forever prosper. i hope to do the same

  36. As usual, ever encouraging us to be thankful...

    I like the highlights you did of 2008

  37. Wow.. Congrats it was a good year for you.
    When I read blogs, I some how conjure an image in my mind of the author. For some reason I thot you had been married for years!! Happy wedding anniversary, wishing you a lot more blissful years!

  38. Happy New Year!
    Congratulations on all that you achieved in 2008, I pray that you will move past the achievement of last year and attain more in 2009.


  39. writefreak- oya no vex naa...

    Shubby Doo- thanks dearie!!!

    Rita- aww...u r too kind :)

    sleek n' catty- Aww really?...well...i did get marry much later than I thot i would but in the end it was all about God's timing. Thanks dear.

    Debbie- Big Amen to that!!!

  40. Happy new year!!! How come I'm just seeing this?
    Pretty fulfilled year....May 2009 bring you Unspeakable Joy......

  41. happy new year. all the best in the new year...

  42. Happy New Year! My your blessings be multiplied in 2009 and always :)

    I'm thankful for new beginnings...I love starting afresh :)

  43. hapy nu yr dear, lol on baale. o make sense pa!

  44. for the love of me- E se o!

    ~Sirus~- Dunno o. Have u subscribed to my blog? If not pls do and u'll see updates quicker :)

    Amen to Unspeakable JOY. Thanks.

    bumight-Many thanks!

    Lolia- Amen and amen...yes o...starting afresh is cool!!!

    badderchic- the name baale makes sense abi...thanks jare, correct person

  45. Great testimonies indeed. I am so happy for you. Trust me, this year is gonna be greater and you’ll have many more things to be thankful about that ‘Ten Things Tuesday’ would be hardly enough. Wish me same. Happy Anniversary (it’s this week, abi?)

  46. Hi! Happy New Year!
    I'm kinda new in blogsville and I saw this "Ten Things Tuesday" theme on yours. I'd like to ask if I could use it on mine?

    Love your blog!


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