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2 Sep 2008

Honeymoon Runs- better late than never, no?

The avid readers of my blog will remember that I got married this January. You can read about that here. What most of you don’t know is that we didn’t go for our honeymoon till this past weekend (Don’t ask We left London on Thursday and came back on Sunday. Short, sweet and memorable!

We went to Athens, the capital city of Greece and it was really awesome! The weather was fanstatic, mediterranean climate as they call it. It was hot like naija weather so no complaining there. Besides London is getting cold now. We arrived Thursday evening and went to our hotel. On our way to the hotel I couldn’t help but notice the many storey buildings and a lot of sign posts and placards. It reminded me of Lagos in a way.

I had done most of the planning i.e the hotel, places to visit with the help of a Greek colleague (lets call her GC) at work. GC had detailed all the major tourist attractions to visit. If not for that girl, we for miss road in Athens o. Anyway, I booked a sea view room , as our hotel is by the sea and I was really impressed with the view (not as much as the room though). So serene and lovely.

After unpacking and stuff we went down for dinner in the hotel. We paid for half board (breakfast and dinner). Big mistake. I will explain later. When we got to the dinner area, the first thing we noticed was all the stares from people already having their dinner. As in if stares could kill, I won’t be here to give you an account of our trip. I would have thought in this day and age white people will be used to seeing black folks like me and husby but apparently that was not the case. Abit this people no dey see black person before?? Anyway we had supper..which I thought was comestible. Hubsy thought it was "just there". I asked for butter for my bread and this was what I got.

Maybe na my accent o, or they just didn’t want to give me butter because the following morning there was enough butter for breakfast! It actually tasted ok sha.

Anyway on Friday, we took the tram to the Athens town which is about 45 mins from our hotel. We went to the Acropolis, the ancient Greek temples. The Acropolis is on a hill so we had to do some climbing to get up to the temples. I kept waiting at different points to rest. Climbing no easy! We also visited another place called Ancient Agora. It was all really cultural and stuff. Here are some pictures (will try to upload some more later).

Can you see my head? LOL

Later we had lunch at a restaurant in Plaka area. GC had warned me that people would try to drag you into their restaurants, so in a way I was prepared for dragging. Funny enough because we were farmished and tired, we just entered the first restaurant we found after the guy hollered at us. It was situated outside, I guess because of how hot the weather is, with fans blowing all round. We had chicken souvlaki (Kebab basically) as recommended by GC with rice and potatoes. It was quite tasty!

Afterwards, we walk round the shops on Ermou, Athen’s high street. In some of the shops we entered, we still got stared at and some people even asked “where are you from?” Answer: “London”. Funny enough I am sure if it was just me I would have said I just followed husby’s lead: “We are londoners, ese (thank you)”. When we got tired of walking about we decided to go back to the hotel and we headed to the sea side. As per bush girl like me that cannot swim I decided to stay by the tip of the sea for fear of being carried away by the water. At least my hubsy managed to enter small. The weather by the sea was really breezy and refreshing I didn’t even realise when I dozed off on my beach towel, kai aloted & sleep!

Dinner time, katakata nearly burst! Husby was not thrilled with the food at the hotel and you know how men can be when it comes to food. I was busy enjoying the food…or at least managing to enjoy it and I guess that infuriated him the more. He settled for the biscuits and juice I packed from home. I thought the whole episode was funny and I told him if it was possible to cook from home and put in a cooler I would have but with all them airport rules et al that wasn’t feasible. Point for next time- book only bed & breakfast or make sure we go on holiday where there are family and friends, so we can stop by to eat eba and ewedu or something Nigerian. Or any ideas for next time???

The plan for Saturday was to go to Poros Island for the day (according to GC's bible). As at Friday night, the plan was still on but by Saturday morning, husby said he didn’t feel like going anyway so we chilled in the hotel room and later on went to the pool in the hotel (I watched while husby attempted to swim). For lunch we jeje-ly went to Pizza hut (familiar grounds) and bought KFC takeaway for dinner. Food sorted there, Phew!

I am not much of a narrator so apologies if I have not been able to describe Athens very well or how much fun we had in Greece but we sure did. The highlights for me was:
1) How Athens reminding me so much of Lagos.
2) The stares we kept getting from people, we ran into maybe just two other black people except for those hawking so in a way I understand.
3) The beautiful weather
4) Hubsy not enjoying the food! I have sure learnt a lot from this experience. :) No dulling next time!

Meanwhile today is Ten things Tuesday. I am thankful for: finally going on my honeymoon albeit eight months after wedding day, journey mercies, the gift of life, gift of love & friendship, the different kinds of people/races in this world, my hubsy, my parents, my parents-in-law, my business and GC for being our virtual guide.

Lastly, Happy new month to y'all. This is your month of signs and wonders. The "Ember" months will be for signs & wonders in Jesus Name.


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  2. i'm firts! this is sooo sweet. u shlda sneaked me in ur trunk

  3. @rayo...yes first!!! lol..u know u dey study for exam so I no wan distract u...

    meanwhile wat r u still doing in blogville?? lol

  4. Lol @honeymoon runs. I love athens but drive like crazy people...worse than lagos...worse than france. Also it just doesn't have that european feel. Me i don't understand the stares sha...i found them friendly...the food was bland. Didn't like that 4 breakie & lunch & dinner @ my friend or at the hotel, i was served the same staples...feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and cake! Mad! I have the very same pics of the acropolis. Glad 2 hear u enjoyed ur honeymoon

  5. Oh Dear... Wow... Thank God you finally had your honeymoon. Sure you had a nice time.

    You tried small with the description of Athens (LOL), makes me believe a honeymoon was actually going on...

    I think the half-board thing depends... on whether you know and can eat the food of that country. If the honeymoon was in Nigeria, you and hubby would have enjoyed the meals. But outside Nigeria, I still recommend half board but carry enough money for extra meals.

    You did a great job with the planning, I must say. Thanks to GC too.

    Thanks for the prophesy this Ember month. I claim it well well.

    BTW, the blog did not show as updated on my blog. just took your word for it that it had updated and this is where i found myself...

  6. technically, rayo is frist not I am FIRST!!!

    hehehem..u guyz hadd fun o...reminds me of the fact that me and someborri are visitng malta next year ooo...God willing...

  7. lolllll@chari,
    i like ur style jare n since u r 1st......dat make me 2nd *grins*

    *Glad u had fun hon, i can bet 'dos' pple were gwaking at u, cos u too 'foine' abeg upload more pics jare, i wan c ya fine face, :)
    Norrin do u

    BTW dat butter jst look like ororo/palm oil join togeda haba!!! :)

  8. Chei! You know what? After reading your post I felt like going to Greece too! Maybe I should! *winks* What do you think? Anyway, glad you had fun!

    That butter look alot like "peanut butter"

    Your prayer for the "ember" months is well appreciated. :)

  9. @shubby doo- yah i feel u about not having the european feel..i was like so this is Athens...yah they were friendly but they still dey o and the drivers just dey speed anyhow..kai!
    The food was not as bland as proper oyinbo food or french food..for some reason i could actually eat it considering how much i love pepper...

    Rita- aww thanks o..i wasn't sure if i was doing a good job of i think for next time instead of halfboard we shall channel the money to going to eat out abi...

    I wonder why my blog didnt show as updated...maybe na blogger issues

    @chari- hehehe u wan do ojoro abi..wat will now happen to shubby doo and rita..ehn
    i hope u get to go to malta next year so u can come gist us...

    @LG-u too dey follow chari abi..;)
    dont mind those people o..them see fine african
    hmm so u see that butter something...hehehe...i just weak!

    @Dee! aww really! that means i did a good job in potraying Greece in a good light..Athens is not the deal jare..i hear the Greek Islands are very beautiful...

    Se if they gave me peanut butter it would have been

  10. Romantic!!!! Weda its january or sept all na honeymoon. Greece aint bad at all. Pls any tips for d new kid on d block as i follow ur footstep to d road of marriage?

  11. Waoh. Nice to know u had a ncie time. My marriage is a yr now and we keep postponing the honeymoon. Guess it's for the best. We must have it ooooooooooo

  12. ... may the fun never cease!

    @ Standtall. LMAO!!!

  13. Bless your thankful heart and for making the best of things in Greece even when they made you feel unwelcome.
    Hey, this planet is not our home anyway, eh?

  14. Wow, as much as i have studied Greek art, i have never been there oh, I am jealous oh...did you see the women like columns at the acropolis.?.its my favorite sculpture there. Seems you had a fab time... Don't mind them yeye oyinbo people oh...they were just wondering how beautiful your black skin was and how they are going to age fast and you are
    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u went on honeymoon~!!!! :) may you have a fabulous next 8 months + 70 years + add any number you want after that.


  16. Sweet! So you guys went on honeymoon after 8 months. You still did better than some of us who went on honeymoon after two and a half years, lol.

    Well done for putting the trip together. It sounds like you guys had a really nice time. Greece is one of the places on my list to visit soon, so thanks for the insight! LOL @ your hubby and the food, I can't say I'm surprised :)

    Hope you are having a great week!

  17. You tried o after 8 months wait...Athens sounds like fun to me. I understand where your hubby is coming from. Being a Naija man, no blame am. I hope you are doing good.

    NB: About the stares, who cares. Make them look. Black is sexy.

  18. it's nice to know u had fun despite d food & i honestly appreciate d fact that u waited so long to make ur honeymoon happen.

    thanks 4 checking out my blog!

  19. lol @ that green thing. Can't imagine how they got it mixed up for butter. Did you @ least find out its name? It looks like guacamole.

  20. @nikkisab- yes o..that na the way! so tips about honeymoon or about marriage..maybe we should chat off blogger? whats ur email addy??

    @standtall- abi sure when u end up going u'll have loads of's the quality that counts jo not the time...

    @aloofar- amen and amen

    @hisfirefly- actually even with the stares i still thought they were stares were just a bit intimidating...
    yes o this planet no be our home o

    @femi B- U should go to Greece o at least to see what you have been studying..Am sure we saw the women like thingies..i'll check the pictures again to confirm..
    lol@oyinbos ageing fast..

    @Mimi- yes o..finally...thanks girl..appreciate the prayers...

    @FG- hehehe..8 months o, 2 years the quality matter abi..
    I'll recommend the Greece islands and not necessarily Athens..I hear they are really lovely..I won't mind visit the Islands myself

    @yankeenaijababe- abi was worth the wait my sister. Abi men and food!

    Yes o Black is sexy! Na jealousy dey worry them

    @musco- aww thanks...and yes it was worth the wait.. :)

    @Vera- lol..maybe they thought that thing goes better with bread..Their head! Me i didnt bother asking for the name I no wan hear

  21. looks and sounds like a lot of fun.. i want to come too. weep, weep! lol.

  22. Ha aloted you did a better job than you give urself credit for. I kind of understand your experience in Athens with regards to the stares. I once went to Ocala, Florida with my mum because we wanted to go bet on horses. We stayed with a friend in somewhere called palm springs and the night before the biggest horse show we went to dinner in their local rec club. The stares we got was unbelievable.I mean they didnt even hide it. They kept looking at us with the what-gave-you-the audacity-to-come-here look. Shame.

    I am happy you finally went on ur honeymoon and I hope your marriage withstand the test of love and time in Jesus name!

  23. Congrats o. Those are nice pics. Welcome back.

  24. awwwww...u r right, better late than never...glad u had fun!

    lol @ the 'butter' n at husby complainin bout the! LOL..

    im just thankful for everything...nothing in particular!

  25. have fun girl. would love to visit greece someday, and u wrote it well enoough

  26. @simi speaks- yes it was so loads of fun...pls dont weep

    @parakeet- aww thanks girl for the vote of confidence :)
    wow so u bet on horses..hmm u shld blog about that o...
    don't mind them oyinbos..they r just amazed at our wonderful black skin :)

    thanks for the prayer girl...i appreciate it

    @isha-thanks girl:)

    @buttercup- yes o better late than never...
    no mind my husby jare...hehehe...

    @Uzezi- cool stuff..hope u get to visit greece soon :)

  27. my gosh dis was sweet!!!!

    See me fantasizin about husband nw.... aloted no put me 4 truble o!

  28. Now i realize i'm a neonate in this writing business. your write ups are truly bombastic! and yes i dont mind an introduction. keep it up.

  29. As always, i'm the last to leave my comment. Congrats sis!!!!
    I can't wait to have as much fun.
    Happy Happy Happy Married Life swit!!!!!!!!

  30. @Mz Dee- aww thanks ..hehehehe it is good to fantasize about husband jare ;) carry go :)

    @ShawnDaVinci- thanks for the compliment. Will introduce u during my next post. hope u good

    @Woomie O- Where have u been girl?you've been missed! Am sure u'll have loads & loads of fun when u get married :)

  31. Nice to know you guys had a nice time in Athens.

    I'm holding a chat-up/pick-up line competition on my blog, Do you have any cheesy ones to share with us?

  32. Hey...I linked up to your blog from Femi Beckley's. Amongst other things that tripped me is the Ten things Tuesday! I am tripped. It's really inspired me. I'd work on looking forward to ...well...I wouldn't call it appraisal but thank God for!

    I had to resuscitate my dead blog so I could...enter blogville...really inspired by people like you

  33. Aloted, did you by any chance change your blog address? Couldn't reach you...

  34. Hmmm i see you had so much fun. Did you by any chance meet with Zeus or any of the other Greek gods? hahaha. just kidding! Honeymoons should be endless in my opinion.

  35. This looks like one amazing honeymoon! I'm glad to "hear" that you had such a nice time! Amazing pics!

    Will link for you to "Ten Things Tuesday".

  36. I don't blame your husband jare, next time pack some jollof rice, get agege bread and pack gari and epa.

    From experience - lol

  37. Congrats on finally going on was about the same for us if i remember correctly...and yes nothing like naija food o! I dont blame him!

  38. @kay-shawn: thanks man.
    me i dunno any chat up lines

    @seye: thanks man...will go check out ur resuscitated blog :)

    @Rita:sorry for break down in communication jare ;)

    @Xbox wife- aww..thanks! the honeymoon was really amazing :)

    @30+: how u take read my time even if nothing else dey..gari and epa go sure husby will be happy..:)

    @writefreak: abi o..we late honeymooners lol..naija food all the way man!!!

  39. LOL at the butter! Sounds like a wonderful time, you obviously have great memories. LOL at your hubby managing the biscuits and juice! Thanks for the message you left on my blog, have been seriously MIA but I am slowly getting myself back on track. Take care dear.


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