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20 Jan 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (11)

Welcome to another TTT series. Here's a link to my last TTT

  1. This is the fourth week of the new year. I am thankful for the precious gift of life, grace and protection.
  2. Up until last week, I didn't realise I had taken my job for granted. On Sunday in Church, my Pastor asked those who were out of work to come out for prayer and to my uttermost shock almost half of the church came out! I was humbled immediately and gave thanks to God that despite the credit crunch I still have a job to go to everyday.
  3. I am thankful for the work God is doing in my Church. It is such a joy to see people coming to know the Lord
  4. My grandma had a partial stroke last week. I was quite scared and worried. At first I was not sure what prayer to pray considering she is very old (over 95, even at that age she is still very active and goes to the market!), but writefreak reminded me that God's promised is that we will be in perfect health (thanks for the reminder). It dawned on me that God did not put an age limit to this promise so that means even if it is time for Mama to go, it is not with sickness. I shared this word with my parents and we have continued to pray. I am thankful she is improving and I know her healing is complete in Jesus name.
  5. Baale and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary last week. I am thankful for a wonderful one year together and I believe it can only get better. I am thankful for the wonderful man Baale is.
  6. I know this sounds like a broken record already, but I am thankful for being featured in Standtall's weekly interview last week. I am still the ruling celeb! LOL. If you still haven't read (or finished reading) the interview, rush there NOW. Abeg let me enjoy it while it lasts. :)
  7. I am thankful for those that have decided to take part in the TT series on different days. Really proud of you guys. You know yourselves. ;o)
  8. I am thankful for this weather, even though it is very cold and gloomy, some people have it even worse and I do not envy them for one sec.
  9. I am thankful for my friends including those I have made on blogville
  10. Writefreak and I launched a joint blog yesterday. Please check it out and we hope you'll be a part of what we are doing.

So what are you thankful for???


  1. I am thankful, we are both thankful for our jobs. God thank you. And I pray that God helps all those this year who are believing him for a job, nothing is too difficult for God to do.

  2. But Gosh, u'all are prolific writers... I'm first still...:)

  3. I'm thankful for Life.....and the fact that I'm happy and have found peace.
    Hey Congrats to you and and Oluwadee give me hope on the marriage scene.

  4. Hmmm... abt your job... I guess it's all abt wishin for a new shoe and meetin someone without legs... makes u appreciate wat u have.

    I'm thankful for being... 3rd!!!

  5. As always, I am thankful for the gift of life. I join you in your thankful mood to thank God for everything you listed!

    Thank God!

  6. Fanny- I say a big amen to your prayer...thanks for the compliment :)

    Sirus- Awww there is surely hope..especially with the right man

    FBA- Praiseeeeeeee da Lord. I am thankful that FineBoy Agbero visited my blog today and left a comment :)

    I still don't believe u are an agbero

    Dee! u dey? yes o...its good to have a thankful mood :)

  7. alotedbabe, read ur last post too but couldn't leave a i'm thankful for this year , i thot last year was bad, but now i realise it was just a learning process and now I'm so happy with the person God has made me..I'm thankful also that I am not in the line of fire of the credit crunch...and I'm thankful for a million other things...

  8. Haba look how this girl called me out "(or finished reading)"! I didn't still finish reading the embarrassing! I blame gmail and the friends who distract me on it :).

    Great list o! Congrats on launching a new blog.

    And Writefreak's words regarding being promised good health are very interesting! Nowadays, when someone says their relative is sick or is dying and you find out they're old, the reaction is often to say that they lived a good life and you figure it's time for them to go but you're right that God is the one who controls this. May God continue to provide healing for your grandmother.

  9. I am thankful to God for what He's doing in your life and for His numerous blessings!
    Thank God for grandma and thank God for our new blog!

  10. im thankful for my job. im thankful God loves me so much to have blessed me this much. Im thankful for His Grace

  11. i am thankful for a lot of things...but the weather is just not one of them!

  12. I am thankful tew!!!
    It's amazing the things we overlook and are not thankful for...I'm loving this series big time...all I pray for is consistency...of to check out that new blog of yours!!!

  13. I am thankful for having the opportunity to feature my special Aloted

    I do hope your granma is getting better. I care

  14. i'm thankful for the things i've learnt in d past weeks, it coulda been worse, but instead all i did was learn some hard lessons.

  15. i am thankfulfor God's favour in my life always..
    i am sorry to say this but i might just steal ur idea of having a thankful day.
    about ur grandma, i know she is doing better but she could use the help of an Occupational therapist OT, that is wat i do, we help pple who have had life changing events to recupurate and relearn wat they have lost, we work closely wit PTs too, just advocating 4 my career.

    well about the old age my grandpa just celebrated his 109th bday and he still walks, no glasses and can tell u whose child u are.

    he is so old some of his greatgrand kids are my, he doesnt even have a birth certificate

  16. Hey stop rubbing in the celeb status...mchewww...mine should have been p for 3 weeks...

    So many things to thank God for my dear...sometimes I cry in church listening to people's testimonies....

  17. And to think that sometimes I complain about how much work I have piled on my table each day!

    I am truly thankful I have a job and it's one I love doing too!

  18. I'm thankful because the year has begun on a good note and I can confidently say I have achieved two of my goals for the year so quickly. . . Impressive by my standards. There a re a lot more to go though. Thank God

  19. simeone- i am joining God to thank u!

    GNG- we have to call blogville into this matter o, but i didnt mention anybody's name..abi na guilty conscience dey worry you?? lol

    Writefreak- Abi o, we thank God.

    Uzezi- yes o...God loves us all very much

    bumight- the weather not being one of the things u are thankfully

  20. Nolimit- You are so right...and don't worry we shall encourage each other to be consistent

    Standtall- smiling! yes o...Mama is getting better..thanks for your concern..i appreciate.

    Rayo-Hmmm learning some hard lessons..hmmm

    9ja's OT- thanks so much for your concern. I spoke to my mum and she said Mama is seeing an OT abi na PT? One of the above

    wow thanks for telling me about your there is hope for my Mama!

    Aww thanks for loving my blog ;)

    Afrobabe- beeeeeeeef, till Standtall puts up another post I am ruling!!!

    Hmm i feel u about testimonies in church God is good.

    Enkay- I see you've started your TTT series...way to go sis!

  21. I am thankful for the joy of the Lord which abideth in my life and for the love He is showing me everywhere I go, His provisions and tender care over my family.

    God Deserves more and I will not stop talking about His goodness..

  22. I'm thankful for a second chance where I thought all was lost.

  23. i am thankful for strength to move on from my past

  24. Amen to the prayer for ur grandmum.
    Congrats to u and Baale!!!

    Will check on the new blog.

  25. I thankful for my relationship with God because I don't know where I would be without HIM.
    And I'm thankful for new beginnings :-). I'm a new blogger-check out my blog...

  26. Up until you told me you launched a joint blog...I was beginning to think writefreak and aloted were same people on both

    Truly so many things to be thankful for. I enjoyed the thanful post. God is good. I am off the check the joint blog out now.

  27. Aloted honey! Im thankful on ur behalf for ur list. May God grant ur grandma complete healing, amen.

    Hmm let me thankful for new found love :D , im thankful for my pleasant holiday in naija, im thankful for newly made friends(hey doug!!!)

  28. moses-you are right, we should never stop talking about God's goodness

    doug- hmm God has restored back to you what the devil stole....thank God!

    Funms- i am loving your declaration...!

    Aijay- thanks dearie!

    SimpleeMee- thanks for stopping by...checked u out and can see u have three blogs! wow

    YNB- hehehehe..that is so funny...writefreak and I think alike in some matters but we are not the same people..we are "birds" that flock together:)

    Buttercup-awww i love ur thankful list as well...:)

  29. Alot to be thankful for but most of all for the gift of breath to seek Him.Nice concept.

  30. I have a very long gratitude list mostly filled with the small things that often get overlooked. I enjoyed this post and added myself to your follower list.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. lol. it took the pastor to make you realise the value of your job.

    happy new year

  33. Telekinesys- most def! I agree. thanks

    MilesPerHour- Aww thanks...Am also following your blog now :)

    Jinta- lol..oh well, i guess that is one way to look at it

  34. i'm thankful for so much.for life,health,peace,joy.One of my goals this year is to write down all the good things i experience weekly.
    You are true bout ur grandma.she doesn't have to end her life with sickless.God decides that.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog.I'll update sharply.Another goal for the year.

  35. Hey sisterly, i think i will start thankful wednesdays even if i dont post it, i will write it out. It's good to count our blessings. Congrats on your wedding anniversary. I think i have a question for you and writefreak's blog:D

  36. Thank you for this post, somehow its encouraged me to go back to my gratitude book which i haven't written in for more than 2weeks now (somthing wiv the faith in me weakening)but thanks to this I've gained strength!! Thank you for this hon!!
    And I loved ur other blog..loves it!!

  37. Congrats on your wedding annivesary.

    I think i'll start a daily 10 things tahnk am thankful for, to keep me in perspective and always be in a thankful mood to God.

    I'm thankful for reading this, eyes to read, brain to assimilate hands to write, healthy mind to think, good health to function, my job, family and Love.

  38. I am thankfull for my job, my family & friends. We take a lot of things for granted don't we?

    Nice post xx

  39. I'm thankful for not having a sickle cell crisis lately. I started Testimony Tuesdays at my blog today and thought I was doing something groundbreaking...LOLOL. You so burst my bubble, but this is a pleasant surprise! Take care pumpkin.

  40. omoh- thanks dear for the support...

    omosewa- thanks sista! We will be expecting ur question :)

    ShonaVixen- aww good to know i am a source of encouragement.

    Sade-thanks!!! yes o the more the merrier!

    Buttercup- thats sweet of u...i hope u doing well?

    seamstress- yes sometimes we do, thats why we need to consciousily think of stuff to be thankful for

    Saved Girl shows we are in the spirit ;). I am thanking God for ur life

  41. I am thankful for everything... :)
    Stronger, wiser...better.

    How are you?


  42. Thanks... This was an easy, positive read... you keep putting out great content

  43. How much space can u spare cos i am thankful a lotta things and if I start...

    God has been Good.

  44. We are waiting for update from you o. No excuse for aloted o. I checked this Friday and no new gist. I will be back. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I know days are crazy busy.

  45. congratulations on your anniversary. Hope your Grandma feels better. Right now i am thankful for everything and i never take anything for granted


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