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11 Apr 2008

Go Shortie....

Before the day (my day) runs out, I'll like to give all glory to God for making me a year older today. Without u Lord I am nothing. I give you all thanks.

Husby, today was just too fantastic...u made it sooooooooooo extraordinary for me. First birthday as the Mrs...well not bad, not bad at all ;)

I also appreciate my family and friends for making today special for me. I am more than overwhelmed. I got calls/smses/facebook messages from all over the world...Y'all are just too much!

Shout out to all my birthday mates..u know yourselves...I hope you had a blast just like I did!

Go, go, go, go. Go shortie it's your birthday....


  1. Happy birthday dear, hope d cake's stil remaining, i dey come!

  2. happy belated birthday. glad you had fun.
    have a blessed year.

  3. Since when did u become shortie?
    I'm glad hubby made the day extra special for you... I knew he would not dissapoint :)

  4. Happy birthday girl! Yeah we know ourselves, we made your

  5. @ladyguide- don't worry...i will send your cake. lol thanks

    @fantasy queen-thanks. God bless!

    @LBM- dunno why i am calling myself shortie o...just felt like singing the

    @writefreak- yes o..y'all know yourselves...thanks!!

  6. geeezzzzzzzzzz, i'm so late, this woman, you didn't tell me, nywayz. Happy Birthday and may the tale of God's love and blessings never cease from your lips. So what do u want for ur birthday? i could ship u a nicely made garri cake just for u. Take care and have a great weekend.

  7. enya. glad u had fun on ur bday. hw come i was not invited?

  8. happy belated birthday dear,

    next year with 4 kids and daddy by fire! abi you want more prayers?


  9. I am so late, forgive?
    Happy belated birthday

  10. @solomon- thanks o God bless!

    @Rinsola- sweetheart no mind me jare...Thanks for the prayer. Still waiting for that gari cake o

    @anonymous gal- i kuku didnt have a party, was just me and the hubby chilling:)

    @darkelcee-thanks for the birthday wishes..not sure i can say amen to that prayer

    @for the love of me- never to late to say happy birthday :) thanks a bunch!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!! May God give you all the desires of your heart! This is your birthday month, so don't just celebrate for the day, but the month.

  12. I'm so ashamed of myself for showing up this late.
    Happy belated birthday my dear! May God grant u ur heart's desires.

  13. Am so sorry am late..i have been MIA....ANYWAYS happy belated hun...many more blessings and blissful years in Jesus name!...

    How are u?

  14. hello sweetie sorry ths is late..hope u had a great day!

  15. Nice one but, not so fast..........would have said i didn't get your age but, obviously you didn't drop it. ...was it a slip? Date noted though.


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