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25 Jan 2008

Another milestone- Major this time!

Hi peeps, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Thanks Rinsola for checking up on me.

I have some very great news for y'all. I have crossed yet another milestone. Hehe You can check here for a previous milestone of mine.

On the 12th of January '08, I got married to my best friend. :) It was a glorious day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was just a tiny weeny bit cranky (which is expected from all brides, I think) but thanks to my chief brides maid for calming me down always. More kudos to writefreak cuz without her I am not sure our friends wouldn't have had anything to eat at the reception. Another story for another day.

Anyway like I was saying, our day was great and most of my wishes came through-

  • Our bridal march song was "When God gave me you" by Jesse Campbell; T.D Jakes. T'was really lovely with all the long list of people walking down the aisle which included my only surviving grandparent (Mama). Can't wait to see the video :)

  • Still on the bridal march, I had my flower girls throw petals on the floor..even the pastor was taken by

  • Our First dance- we danced to "I was made to love you" by Gerald Levert... that turned out better than I expected, except for the few times my hubby was stepping on my

The wishes that didn't come through-

  • I wanted a canopy for our friends to sit in, with favours I had ready on their tables- lai lai...people no gree...ok the canopy existed quite alright but you know Naija weddings now, they never respect the sign "Reserved". Grhhh

  • Spraying of money- lol...with all the adverts on Naija telly on arresting people that spray money at weddings and the fact that our chairman's wife (who was present) is a Director General of CBN, this wish was no where near reality. We got people to drop money in trays though- BORING!

Anyhu, above all I want to thank God all mighty for making Jan 12 a reality for my hubby, myself and our families. It was a beautiful day I must say.

Hubby and I are looking forward to a bright future together. :)


  1. Awww was just asking T yday if he was there. God will be with you guy.

  2. Now thats a major milestone. CONGRATULATIONS to the newest iyawo on blogville. May God bless your union. Take care of u. Have a great weekend

  3. @omodudu- yes Tayo was there representing blogville :) thanks for the prayer

    @rinsola- yes o major indeed!!! lol. many thanks :)

  4. I agree marriage is a major milestone, may your lives be beautiful together, may your union be beautiful forever- Amen

    Babe, you had a beautiful wedding and it was a huge success, helped me reenact mine:-)...i must say i was more stressed for your wedding than mine but loved every minute of it...afterall WAFF!

  5. Please can a sister see the full view? Why art thou tormenting me with backview pictures?or do I need to upload a frontview of my fantasy husband b4 u show me urs.Thats not fair o. Nywayz just checking on u, and howz honeymoon coming up? Take care of u and ur man.

  6. omg!made to love you..that is going to be my wedding sing too!!!!!!!!!since i hrd that song like 5 years ago..i wrote it down somewhere!

  7. Congratulations Mrs! How does it feel to be a newly wed? I wish you and your hubby a blissful and peaceful married life. I'm glad the day went well in the end.

    May you celebrate your 70th wedding anniversary together... :-)

    happy new year

  9. Congratulations. I can't see much from the picture,but your hair is nice. LOL!

  10. Honeymoon is stiil on, i can see/feel that. How u dey?

  11. @rinsola- lol...ok, ok i will make a plan ;)

    @anonymous- i totally feel u on that song...solid song...thats why i chose it. hubby wanted some john legend song like that but omo I

    @FG- thanks o!! I am also looking forward to 70th

    @mystoriesmytestimonies & unmodern- many thanks!!!

    @Inmyhead-awww thanks! :)

  12. CONGRATULATIONS to the newest bride in Blogville.

  13. awwwww...congratulations!!!

  14. 'Aloted',

    Thanks for 'stopping by'.

    But I don't get you o. What's wrong with dropping money in trays? They do that in church, so I think it's nice to see it being extended to weddings too. The hope is that one day, they'll have portable credit card terminals at weddings so that people can donate money in an even more civilised manner.

    But I'm forgetting my manners... Kongratulations! May the joy you experienced at your wedding be multiplied many times during your marriage.

  15. AWWWWWWWWW Congratulations...

  16. @30+, jaycee, allied- thanks a lot. God bless :)

    @atala- u don come again i just like the idea of people spraying me, that's all!
    Anyway thanks for your prayer. :)

  17. You ehhhnnn ... how come you didn't put my picture on facebook? Now peeps are asking if I was present. Anyway, I wish you happy married life. Any why on earth did you ... OK, I'll save that for when I see you.

  18. congratulations dear!I just found out about your wedding. wish u a very fruitful(in every way) union. would love to see ur pics. if u dont mind send a link to

  19. rinsola rinsola worry i will soon update. how u dey?

  20. And the iyawo said she would update soon, abi? One month after, she still hasn't, okay i guess honeymoon is still in session. How'r u doing?

  21. lol...i kuku will update..just been all over d place and i mean work! Am gud girl, thanks...and u???

  22. Awwww... Absolutely beautiful! Congrats Aloted!!!
    Wishing u a blessed married life.
    How come u didn't send me an invite?? Ok, I forgive u.
    Take care love.

  23. that's awesome.. here is a toast.. wishing u all the married bliss ur heart desires. take care!

  24. CONGRATS!!!!!! But, no spraying? haba! lol!

    ***Spraying Aloted with serious dollar bills and naira***

    "No shaking" as my nephew always says! hahahah!


  25. Wow... congratulations o!!! I'm sure married life is treating you great, enjoy!

  26. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Congrats hun!
    All the best oh.
    Thank God indeed for this Union
    He was your best friend which makes it even more fabulous
    i mean, i am not married yet o but i hear that its friendship that keeps the two together because after a while love fades a way!

    All the best again hun!


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