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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

15 Jan 2009

Aloted Unveiled...Somewhat...

Actually this is just to reveal answers to the 2 truths and 1 lie meme I did late last year. "Finally!", did I hear Good Nigerian Girl say? GNG has been bugging me to update on this.

I was going to do an analysis on who got it right or wrong and how people answered but I haven’t had time so I’ll just spill. Surprisingly most of you got the answer right. Not sure if I am too happy about that, lol. It probably shows how predictable I am or my questions were not tricky enough.

Oh well, here goes

1) I once jumped out of a moving vehicle- Very true and it was not a molue (big Lagos bus). It was in a cab o. I was 17 years old when it happened. I was on my way to see my friend and decided to take a cab. I knew how much the cab fare was since I normally visited. When we nearly reached, I gave the cab guy his money (mistake, I should have waited till I alighted) and he was like the price had increased. I was like no way. We exchanged some words and he said he wasn’t going to let me out. I started panicking at this point. I noticed he was moving slowly. Lo and behold a thought came to my mind to jump out! The guy was still yarning but I was busy calculating how to go about this in my head and told myself I could do it. I opened the door, put one foot out. I heard the guy saying, “ehn to ba bo le” (what! if you get out). I didn’t even answer. Next thing, I saw myself rolling on the road! I quickly pulled myself up, dusted my body, straight faced and walked across the road to the other side to where my friend lived. I didn’t look back. I am sure the cab guy was dazed. I still can’t believe I did that and I thank God there were no other cars on the road. In short I am thankful I am alive to come and testify his goodness to you all.
No it did not happen in Lagos.

2) I was a virgin till I got married- True. No story there. Actually there is. Contrary to what you might believe, it wasn’t easy o but God helped me through ALL temptations esp from wolves. I am very glad I waited. I shall stop here. all were waiting for gist abi. If u want gist, email me at and we shall take it from there.

3) I love baking cakes- Lie. I have only baked a cake once in my life and I was helped by my aunt and a cake recipe. To think my mum used to bake all our birthday cakes in different designs and even ice them. Sad, I never paid attention. Was always licking cake mix. Actually like rethots said, if I knew how to bake well well, I probably would love baking.

I particularly liked Mimi answer for being different..and Rethots for his logic.

On to some more exciting news. Standtall is featuring me in her Thursday interview TODAY. I feel so very honoured. If you want to know more about my thoughts on some stuff she asked, please go have a read here. In fact whether you want to know my thoughts or not, I command you to go there now now. (winks)

Afrobabe, I am now the ruling celebrity on blogville. Hehehehehe


  1. First again! It's my day of being

    Men you no 1 reminded me of a cab that i took in lagos sometimes back, the guy got me almost home and decided his fare had changed, like you i paid him just before i got to my he turned around with me in the car and when he had to slow down a bit, i jumped out of the cab with one of my legs in it, i shudder now to think of it, think i'm just

    and your no 2 kinda sounds familiar...

    this girl, what's it with you? Do you have to be like me in everything?? lol

    Read your interview...really nice

  2. Lol @ ur responses.

    I just came from reading your interview. I just wanted to say that you're an inspiration to me. Thanks. (Oh, I'm not just saying it because...)


  3. im 3rd!!!! lol hopefully

  4. Fiiiinnnnaaaallly :)

    I'm glad I guessed right jare.'re brave, jumping out of the cab. I totally think you were justified in doing it, but I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to attempt it. I hate it when people try to take advantage of a person though, so I'm glad you showed that cab driver!

    And now I can go and finish reading the interview (What? You thought I would have already finished? Shebi you know I'm at work now...)

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. james bond na u be this o. i lik the virgin part pass. lol.

  6. Ouch...I've been upstaged...that hurts...that means I have to update...sob sob..

    Wow a virgin till u married?? thats great..

    Moving cab...sis, u are lucky to be alive oh...

  7. Wow thank God u are still living....about u being a virgin till u got married how did u do it? Please let me know cuz I need help staying that way till I find Mr. right.

  8. you jumped out of a moving was sure the cake was the right get some action skills o!

  9. Hey dear!
    Errr Cant even remeber what I guessed sef. You! you jumped out of a cab...chei...Thank heavesn you didnt hurt yourself! I love baking o...its very relaxing.

  10. Yea finally!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog!

    Thank God you made it through that cab incident oh, Superwoman!

  11. Hmmm jumping out of a moving car a'la james bond style!!! Hmnnn even James Bond has got nothing on you men!
    Now to number2...I am saying WAY TO GO sistah!!!
    With God ALL things are possible abi no be so?...Would have loved to say more...but blogville will say "she has come again" so lemme just waka!!!
    Loving your interview like crazy it is soul inspiring!

  12. U are brave, I will never even think of jumping out of a moving vehicle.

    Off to read standtall's interview.

  13. writefreak- lol, ore so you too have done the james bond move before.

    You know that "birds that folk together"....oya complete it. lol..But then again we differ on a number of we are not alike in everything...

    glad u enjoyed the interview.

    jaycee- my responses were funny hey...Awww glad to know I have been an inspiration to you...and i believe you ain't just saying :)

    Misslove- only 3rd you dey shout?i hope u have gone to read my interview :)

    GNG-i think it was the adrenaline/panic that caused me to jump o. I don't think i am that
    So hope u have finished reading the interview?

    Uzezi- yes o..I am female james
    awww thanks sweets!

  14. Afrobabe- ex-ruling

    yes o..i am blessed to be alive, cuz i really don't know what I was thinking when i jumped.

    Lisa- hmm, how did i do it? I knew from an early age what the spiritual & emotional implications were so i decided to remain V till I got married and God just saw me through. Funny enough, most of the guys I dated didn't put undue pressure on me because they had the same convictions (yup there are guys like that out there), so that helped has well. Bottom line it was just God men. We can talk more on this if you want. Just holla on me email.

    shubby how did u know it was the cake one that was the right answer ehn..pls come and tell me.

    Temite-why are u forming girl..u got the answer baking is relaxing..hmm maybe i shld try learning o..

    AbujaMaiden-wait o..but u didn't participate..why now?? would have loved to know your answer :D
    yes o thank God for protection

    NoLimit-yes o...female james bond ni mi ke!lol...totally feeling u about waka-ing...
    aww thanks for your compliment as per my interview

    OluwaDee-na the panic cause am be say i brave like that. lol

  15. see i told you i was the winner ;)

  16. am off to read d interview then to send u a mail....

  17. if i had seen this meme, i would've gotten the answers right jo!lol

    at least the one about u being a virgin. that is the toughest ish.

    will read ur interview...

  18. You had me in suspence for the results of this meme.

    I didn't get it though
    but m glad you kept yourself for marriage.

  19. Na wa for u oh.. displaying some James Bond skills. lol. Thank God u survived that.

    Off to read ur interview...

  20. Mimi- yes o, you dared to be different :) have u gone to read my interview??

    QMoney- thanks for stopping by. Seen your email..thanks...will get back to you soonest.

    Smaragd- lol..ehn i that obvious??

    Marjoram- no vex dia, the suspence is over now :)

    Aijay- Like NoLimit said, Jamesbond has got nothing on me ;)

  21. A virgin. Very honourable in this world of ours. Mrs. Bond! Na wa for you o

  22. Don't be an olodo, this is the saying....birds of the same feather flock
    Yep we're different in a lot of ways...

  23. doug- yes o...emi mrs bond fu re mi!!!!

    writefreak- you know u are the English graduate so i leave all that proverb talk to you. lol

  24. hey ruling celeb, i so envy u right now on numba 2.........

  25. hello luv, just sending some love ur way.... got ur message, not sure what's up with my email oh, but will change it to another...

    well done for getting the board.... let me know how useful it is... have an awesome favour filled weekend...

    much love xxx

  26. Fums- i think "thank u" will be the appropriate answer? how u dey???

    Remi- i am catching the love over here o...thanks!

  27. Ehen, logic ke? Maybe i know you like the back of my hand. Or better still you don't even know how to lie.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. En heennhh joo. I was right. Nice interview... And hurrah at you being the new blogville celeb.

  30. happy new year!

    that cab jumping is sooooo hilarious!

  31. I just read ur interview on standtall's blog, madam celebrity, u rock!

  32. whoop whoop! do i get a gift for getting d answer ryt?

  33. AAh han? i've tried to leave comment on this post since the 1st day,Mchewww! this one must post by fire and by force........

    I guessed right!- i think....te he.

    Read the interview and Lets just say everything I expected I got......:-)

  34. Wao! That was courageous of you (jumping out of the vehicle) and as for keeping your virginity, thumbs up! Not many women can confidently say that today. I’m glad I got the answers right as well. I’m off to your interview with Stand tall.

  35. Lol at I love to bake cake then na lie

    God really know you have a purpose to play hence keeping you alive after that cab stunt

    I sensed you have a lot in common with late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, keeping your virginity just confirmed it

    Geebee: so many men can't confidently say they kept their virginity till they married. And I believe God wants both men and women to abstain till marriage. (just thinking loud)

  36. @ Standtall

    I totally agree with your last comment! totally!

  37. James Bondress!!!LOL, Happy new year!

    Sisterly, im not doing NYSC oo, i hope it gets cancelled soon sef, i dont want to do!!! Does it make me bad?

  38. yay!

    i got it right
    guessed the lie and the truths!

    i know you girl! i sure know you

  39. So you feel like a real mission impossible star now abi? jumping out of moving cars and what not...okay oh :) lol don't mind me jare...

    I want to be a virgin until I'm married too but it's just so damn hard....still hanging in there though...

    And as for never seemed like the baking sort anyway :D


  40. rethots- lol...i'll choose the latter cuz I know u dont know me like the back of your head :)

    archiwiz- lol..u r feeling cool shaking!

    Isi- lol..omo no try me o...

    bumight- awww thanks dear :)

    Just...Toluwa- all of u that got it must come and tell me how u did it o...before u get any

    ~Sirus~- eyah pele dia...
    good to know u liked the interview and that I didn't disappoint ;)

  41. Geebee- be courage jare na panic cause am.

    ehn hen am sure u meant not many men and women- cuz it takes two to do this thing we call sex abi??

    standtall-aww thanks for the vote of confidence and for featuring me.
    yes o God didn't allow me to die, praise to his name.

    No mind

    writefreak-same here!

    omosewa-ehn hen u dont want to serve your nothing do u jare...

    Tyger- abegi move jo..what r u feeling

    Lolia-no mind me o...
    don't worry..God is your strength..i know it is hard but u can do it...yes u can!!!

    see this girl o..wat do u mean i dont look like the baking

  42. i have done many silly things too....just this year,one cab was supposed to drop me off one rd , he was now saying i didnt say its the off im going to so therefore he'll drop me on the road...i told him no way and started making trouble.said i shd apolois ena di said no....he said i'll go drop u whr i picked u
    prbly hoping i'll beg ...lailai i dint he was even taking me back i was abusing him for being stupid enuff to waste his fuel on a girl who had nothn to do with her day...i was on leave and i was bored squared.

  43. Makes me remember one day that we were scrambling to board a bus in front of school (I was still in Yabatech) and when i thought I had secured a space in the bus, one hand just pushed me out and there I was, flat on the ground. Quickly picked myself up, pretending that nothing happened but thanking God for saving me cos it was a moving bus.

    I also like the virginity part, it is a testimony that young people can stay pure and not defile their bed. Congratulations.

  44. You are an amazing woman...

  45. I got the answer, yay!

    Wow, r u for real? I want to be like u when i grow up o!

  46. I got the answer, yay!

    Wow, r u for real? I want to be like u when i grow up o!

  47. u jumped out of a cab? u've been watching too much action movies.
    i cudint stop colleaque just kept wondering why i was smiling at my screen.babe,u r strong oh!
    and the virginity thing,thumbs to read the interview.

  48. miz-cynic- lol..that cab guy is silly sha

    adedayo- ah eyah sorry to imagine..

    Rita- dearie, you know i feel the same way about u ;)

    Buttercup- yes...I know u can be like me ;)

    Omoh- lol...dont mind me jare..i was probably high on orange juice! did u read the interview? not sure as i didnt see your comment at standtall's

  49. wow you jumped out of a moving vehicle

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