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26 May 2012

My Blog is 6 Years Old today!!!!!

So today 6 years ago I started blogging. It has been an amazing ride. I have grown as a person and as a blogger. I have met remarkable people. In my 6 years of blogging I would like to summarise my observations and experiences:

- Everyone has a story. Isn’t that amazing, every single person has a story to share.

- I choose whose story to follow. There are a million and 1 bloggers out there, everyone with their agenda on why they blog. I choose to follow bloggers that I think will edify me. I say no to junk.

- I choose to be a blessing rather than a whiner on my blog. When I started blogging I determined not to become one of those people who whine and rant on their blog (nothing wrong with that as I know some people use their blog as an outlet). I knew that wasn’t God’s purpose for my blog. I have slipped and probably ranted once or twice but I can gladly say that is in the past.

- In order to focus on God’s goodness in my life I joined the 10 things thankful series and I know I haven’t been faithful with the series but all that is going to change cuz the thankful series is coming back!!!! I won’t say I have had it all rosy because I haven’t but God has been my sustainer.

- I am no longer hung up on comments. It really used to get to me that I would write a post I consider excellent and only 1 or two people comment.. grrhh.. But now it doesn’t bother me as such anymore. From my stats I know people read my blog, so whether they comment or not isn’t the point. As long as they are blessed , #thatisall

- I have become more aware of things around me now... I see something random and it inspires the next blog post

- My writing has improved and this was what gave me the confidence to launch Super Working Mum. This time next year Super Working Mum will be mega in Jesus name.

- I have seen bloggers come and go but I intend to keep blogging until God says otherwise

About from the people I mentioned in my blogger inspiration series, I am indeed blessed and privileged to have met so many amazing people on blogville. If I continue the series I would not stop so this is also special shout out to the following people (some ex bloggers) for making my blogging experience awesome

ilola, Lady Guide, Standtall, dollchic, downtheaisle, favoured girl, afronuts, Myne Whitman, Tyger, Writefreak, olufunke, Madame sting, Hazel, jaycee, jhamzyn, oluwakemi, dosh, Nefertiti, Sugarking, CaramelID, shubbydoo, 1 + the one, Natural Nigerian, rethots, bacuggi, solomondyelle, issueetal, uzezi, okeoghene, rethots, Tonilicious, sugarspring, 'Lara, sugarcoated,

Please if I didn’t mention your name it is not because you are not important, it just skipped my mind. I will keep adding names as I remember.

I love you all. Thanks for being part of my blogger journey.

Ok I’mma cry now.



  1. Congratulations! 6years aint beans at all

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! Like Toinlicious rightly said, 6 years ain't beans at all!
    As I read your post I was just like awwwwwwwwwwww!

    Just want to let you know on your blogiversary that you are one of my favourite bloggers... ou write so well and your writing kinda makes me think it reflects the kind of person you are. Someone who is genuinely kind and very nice. You're always soo encouraging and I have learnt a lot from you! Well done on 6 amazing years.. It takes resilience and discipline to keep blogging continuously for a long time!

    And here's to many many more years.. until God says otherwise..

    Lots of love xxxxx

  3. awwww....congrats ma'am!!!!!!
    and pls dont cry, we don't wanna be looking for tissues right now and so look into the camera, smile and say cheese...its your blog anniversary and so a big YAY!!! to you

  4. Aww. thanks for the mention. Congrats. 6 years is not beans.

    I think I will follow suit about picking blogs that only edify me too. I just don't have so much time on my hands anymore.

  5. Congratulations. It is difficult to keep up the level of work that it takes to blog. I have been reading your blog pretty much the whole time and it has been an absolute pleasure doing so. Your blog may not appeal to all (gospel vs gossip? Gossip wins hands down every time #stateofourminds, sad) but those that need it will not be disappointed.

    You are so right about saying No to Junk. If you will not allow it in real life, why do so virtually?

    All the best with your new venture.

  6. Happy is not easy...yeah to many more years of blogging.

  7. YAY!!!

    Happy blogversary babe!
    Consistent woman! I want to be like you when I grow up ;)

  8. wow, this is inspiring, congrats. Cuz of this, im gonna keep blogging. Buh why did my name have to skip ur mind.

    1. @Sugarcoated ERROR of the highest rectifying!

  9. Thank for the mention and happy 6th Anniversary... Your consistency is commendable and I hope you continue to churn out amazing inspiring posts like you are already doing.

    Love you girl

  10. Well done girl and congrats on your 6th year milestone. Your consistency is commendable and I hope and pray that you continue to write amazing and inspiring posts like you have been doing.

    Love you much

  11. You got tears to eyes there. Congrats on this remarkable milestone. Thanks for being part of my blogging journey too and I wish you many more years of blessing through blogging.

  12. Happy Blogiversary, dear Aloted! May you continue to write and positively impact lives with your words. xo

  13. Congrats Ma. Sincerely, you're a blessing to us. Keep being a blessing. May you continue to go from strength to strength as you remain on purpose. Your observations are very true... I like the way you stick to your purpose.

    Blessings :)

    - LDP


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