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5 May 2012

[Blogger Inspiration]- Good Naija Girl

From my recollection, the first time I knew about Good Naija Girl was when she contested in bloggers idols I think in 2008. I was rooting for her and the person who eventually won Abbie. During and after the contest I checked out GNG’s blog and I was hooked. Her slogan caught my eye- "Murdering the Yourba language since 1979. That totally cracked me up. I was curious to know more about this oyinbo girl in a Nigerian body and how she was adjusting to both cultures.

I left a few comments on her blog here and there and then one time she emailed me. I replied and it was as if we had known each other for ages! We found out we had a bit in common, blogging, reading, borrowing books from the library, living in cluttered space, joking a lot and chatting. It wasn’t long before we added each other on gtalk and we have been friends ever since. We have also spoken on the phone. She has such a cute and lovely voice.

If you ask me one blogger I would love to meet in person, GNG will be right on the top of the list. Even though we have never met in person, she has been a great inspiration to my life. GNG is such a sweet, funny, cheeky person and I love her spirit. One other thing we have in common is that we are both entrepreneurs and we share our fears of leaving the corporate world and doing our own thing. We also encourage each other knowing one day we will finally leave!

I call her my blogger consultant…she is so passionate about blogging and anytime I have a blog type question GNG is the lady to ask. She is ever so willing to help.  Very soon I fear she will start charging me sef. lol

Anytime we catch up online, we are busy sharing & strategizing business ideas or brainstorming. We also share blogville gossip sometimes cough cough. I always leave energised after I have had a chat with GNG. I feel like ya lets go do this! I hope you feel the same way girl.

This is one blogger I am thankful to know and who has impacted my life positively. I look forward to meeting her in person someday. I have been begging her to come to the UK but she is playing hard so a'mma just pack my bags and head to Canada.

GNG, thank you for being you and for inspiring me. You rock, totally!


  1. Wow, so touching. Glad you have someone you can call for support when you need it.

  2. Wow! This head-swelling! I bet GNG would have tears of joy in her eyes reading this! Nice one Aloted!

  3. This is so thoughtful Aloted, we sure need to appreciate those who have touched our lives more often

  4. GNG now got a protege. Nice!

    Where is she? She needs to read this. And this came just at about the time I was going to start reviewing blogs around blogosphere.


  5. Aloted! I didn't expect to read such a thing but my heart is touched by this. You are a sweetheart to say such lovely things about me—honestly my head is swelling to the point I may not be able to exit my office (I'm at work) when the day is through. Honestly! You're too much.

    I too have enjoyed getting to know you over the years and calling you friend. In addition to all the areas we've connected you're so right that this entrepreneurship is one of our strong bonds and yes o, by God's grace we will do it!. When I do it I will be able to name you as one of the people who inspired me by your words but also by your actions by being an example. You also get credit for inspiring me to be more thankful (due to your Thankful Tuesday posts) and inspiring me to remember God in all things ("by God's grace", remember?).

    By God's grace (hehe) we'll meet in person soon. I want to come to the UK and France...just waiting for someone to finance the trip *hint, hint*.

    I'm happy to be your blog consultant and I guess after writing this entry I can't start charging you now. *rips up the contract* You have also been equally supportive to me in blog-related pursuits (among other things) so I thank you for that.

    GeeBee: I didn't cry but "aya mi wu" hahaha...I hope that's proper Yoruba for saying that I was touched.

    Thank you again, Aloted!!!

  6. This is really touching, I love when we can appreciate each other :)

  7. Good friends are soooo important...they lift us up when we are down and celebrate the victories with us....always making life richer!! So wonderful to hear ++ thoughts about interaction btwn bloggers unlike the negatives that sometimes show up! Peace and blessings to you both as you continue this wonderful journey of friendship.


  8. Awww....this is so lovely! U ma'am actually saw into d soul of GNG even without seeing her and dts one great friendship u can't even buy
    It would be great to hv u on my bloglist!!

  9. This is sooooooooo cool!
    I totally heart GNG too. Haven't met her but as far as I'm concerned she's one of my great friends, to top it all, she's beautiful inside and outside!
    She sure inspires me too:)

  10. Awwwww, so touching!

    I have been very lucky to meet GNG in person, we met on blogville too...and like you the title of her blog caught my attention.
    I also agree she is funny, sweet, and checky!
    Its so easy to flow with her, despite the fact that we grew up in different parts of the world. I must also say I'm impressed at her efforts to be more 'yoruba-like'

    Pretty lady I must add, and I enjoy her 'canada-phone'
    I have enjoyed reading her posts, on her person,family...and she is just one down to heart chick!

    GNG! correct babe!

    Good one Aloted...appreciating people, let me go see the others in your series


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