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19 May 2012

[Blogger Inspiration]- Simeone Omobaba and Geebee

I can’t remember the first time I met simeon omobaba on blogsville, it was probably through commenting and checking out his blog. I knew lots of female bloggers but very few male bloggers so it was refreshing to read the perspective of a male blogger especially one who loved God. Simeon’s posts were very thought provoking and wise. I think he has stopped blogging. He is more on twitter these days.

We used to chat online once in a while but in 2011, we finally met in person. He seemed reserved and quiet yet witty and jovial, pretends like he can’t speak Yoruba (RME) lol. He has since visited my home when writefreak came to the UK and met Princess aka Bionic and Baale.

Simeon is an amazing guy, that I see going places. He is also such a healthy eater, I even tried to follow him to start eating brown bread and rice but um that didn’t quite work out. I have since returned to white bread and rice. Sorry dude!

Geebee! Where do I start? I knew Geebee first when he started his chronicles series and his story captivated me. I found it amazing that a young man of 22 (at that time) had already seen life in different dimensions and was willing to share about it. That thoroughly impressed me. I quickly became an avid follower and fan. Before I knew it I became his blog aunty (can’t even remember how that happened). Then he will take forever to update the story after leaving us hanging and then he disappeared off blogsville for a LONG time and I wondered what happened to him. Thank God he is back.

We have spoken on the phone a few times and he has the same jovial, playful tone he portrays on his blog.

Geebee is someone who has experienced his fair share of life but has not let that put him down. He strikes me as someone who wants to learn and who wants to be a better person, man, husband and father. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys taking risks. He has challenged me in different ways.

One of these days I will get to meet my blogsville aburo in flesh and blood by God's grace. :)

I am grateful and privileged to have met these two remarkable young men.


  1. wow!

    Thanks a lot to twitter! Think I have found my way back here ....

  2. Eeeeya. Thanks to you, I know geebee too. We have grown so close in the past 5 months and he's actually my closest male friend now, lol. Cool guy

  3. Awww, this is so sweet! I'm sure both guys have been very blessed by your friendship with them!

  4. Simeone is so cool! I haven't met him physically but we became friends through twitter and blogger and he is always a good sounding board when i need sense spoken to me.

    lol @ the brown rice and sugar saga, healthy eating is boring jor

  5. Wow! I'm blushing and literally shedding tears of joy. I'm speechless. Thanks a lot, Aunty. I feel indeed special reading this dedication post and I'm tempted to do the same for you and so many others who have indeed been a source of inspiration to me on blogsville but you know every every nau. lol. A ma pe fun ara wa o! Amin.

    @ilola Ehn ehn, you did not tell me I was a cool guy o. Thanks a bunch, sis. You're toogbaski. lol


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