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12 May 2012

[Blogger Inspiration]- Nolimit

This is the second part of my Blogger Inspiration series. You can check part 1 here

It’s a very funny story how Nolimit and I met in real life which I think she mentioned once on her blog but i can't find the story. So, I knew her first as a commenter on my blog and I used to visit her blog as well. You know nothing special at that time. One time, in 2008, I blogged about my driving experience and passing my test here.  Nolimit commented and asked what driving school I used and costs etc. I emailed her with the details and we chatted a bit. I think at some point I asked for her real name but she said she couldn’t tell me cuz she was anonymous (right!). So I left it at that and didn’t push it. Till “God caught her”! lol


One day around last quarter of 2008, she buzzed me on yahoo messenger (we were already chat buddies at this point) and asked me if Baale was my husband and I asked how she knew… she started screaming and feeling like a detective. Apparently my post on my belated honeymoon triggered her investigation. Baale had posted a similar picture I put on my blog on Facebook and madam detective noticed the similarity. Note, I still didn’t know her real name at this point. Anyway I also did some detective work and found out she and Baale went to Uni together! I got her FULL name from Baale and asked her- is your name not so so so…there goes your anonymity. I am sure she wanted to faint at this point. It was hilarious I tell you.

Fast forward to 2009 we still hadn’t met but we were still friends on yahoo messenger. I was pregnant and towards the end of my first trimester. I wasn’t eating well due to morning sickness. Nolimit and I were chatting as usual and she mistakenly mentioned to me (or did she blog about it, I can’t remember) that she had a pestle and mortal from Nigeria which she used in pounding yam. She proudly said she didn’t make poundo yam but had to pound it and even said she was going to be pounding some yam soon. Guess what pregnant Aloted did, I invited myself to her house! Told her you can’t deny a pregnant woman proper pounded yam o. Somehow we arranged a visit and I cajoled Baale to take me to her house. For those of you that know London well, I was living in West London and she in North London. That distance is far but we went, lol, I wonder what was going through Nolimit’s head, she probably thought I was insane. We got there past 8 at night and it was as if Nolimit and I had known each other for ages even though that was the first time we were actually meeting. There was no awkward moment. Long story short I ate pounded yam with efo riro in Nolimit’s house and it was t’oh quality!

Nolimit and I have remained very good friends. She is so REAL which I think is one of her best qualities. She is a child of God, jovial, confident, funny, friendly, a good dancer, not shy at all at all and very down to earth. There are no airs about her and she tells you as it is. She is also an entrepreneur…a quality I greatly admire.

Blogsville, thanks for bringing Nolimit into my life.


  1. Loooll. This is so funny. It is a small world indeed.

  2. hahaha, after all the underground moves, she was still found out.

  3. You went across the city just to eat pounded yam...nice post, all these anonymity, one someone must sha decode the person... Small world it is

  4. Oh my! The thought of yummy iyan ati efo riro is making me salivate.

    Nolimit rocks! Her REALness is what stands out to me the most, and her confidence! I hope I will one day be as self-assured as she is.


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