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12 Sep 2010

Fashion Gist

Hello people, I hope you are all doing well. A friend recently discovered my blog and mentioned to me that my blog made her laugh. I didn't even realise my blog was that funny. It then occurred to me that I have been blogging since May 2006, 4 years! Oh mine! I feel like a grand mama blogger. LOL. I went back to read a few of my posts just now and even I was lol-ing. I think I should do a post with my favourite posts some day as soon as I find the time.

Anyway today I would like to share with you three relatively new fashion blogs that I am feeling. I have recently re-discovered my love for fashion especially shoes so these blogs make a lot of sense to me. I know a lot of you blogville ladies and men are into fashion- don't lie now. :)

Ilimitado-NG- I mentioned about my love for shoes hey? Well ilimitado is all about shoes, style and more for both men & women! They believe in not compromising hard earned money for style, or style for a good bargain. I so agree with them o, you know how it is in this day of economic crisis. Do check them out.

The Wardrobe Swap Party- Also called WASParty is a blog by two friends who organise cloth swap events in London. They say they are eco-fabulous, I like the sound of that :) They are all about upgrading your wardrobe at a cost close to nothing. Yes, you heard me right. Who no like better thing?. You need to follow this blog to know about their upcoming events amongst other fashion gist.

TheFashionPatrollers- This blog is written by a lady called Enii Akinbo, an upcoming fashion designer. Enii tells us about her journey as a fashion designer and also highlights the current fashion trends to watch out for. Follow this "correct" fashion blog for more gist.

Do visit them when you can and let's give them some blogville love and support. Thank you my people!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

God bless!


  1. Grandmama blogger :-)
    Let me go visit the fashion blogs but I dont want to be the idea of cloth swap events...

  2. hahaha! No be small Grandma blogger you be sha. How you dey?

  3. Methusale-ress!
    4 years! not a joke o!
    You have been an asset to blogville.
    More power, and more grace.

    Let me go and check out the fashion blogs
    Long time! How are you doing? and your princess?

  4. Lol @grandmama blogger, heading off to check out the blogs now.

    How's ur princess doing? blowing kisses her way :)

  5. I don't like the idea of swapping my old clothes with someone elses but I guess it works for some.

    Good to see you back blogging.

  6. How are you and family? You 'old' bloggers have been keeping this thread o, una well done!

  7. @Rita- lol..yes o..i be grandmama o.
    thou shall not be tempted more than u can bear ;)

    @sugarking- hey bro, i dey fine ur side?

    @olufunke- lol, all of una just dey diss me abi...let me catch u...
    thanks for the compliment. :)
    I dey o and princess is doing great. hope u are good?

    @LG- lol, you too abi? well done!

    @jhazmyn- Princess is doing fine o. She is such a diva How are u girl?

    @Parakeet- thanks jare. how u dey??
    funny enough, that was the exact same thing I thought when I first heard about wasparty/cloth swapping but looking through their blog and fb page it doesn't appear they are into swapping "old" clothes. Just my thoughts
    You are right though, swapping isn't for every one :)

    @myne- we dey o!!! how's Atala? Thanks for the encouragement :)

  8. I'm off to Ilimitado now now... shoe freak that i am...

    I will so swap all my fairly worn clothes if i could.... declutter that miserable wardrobe of mine...

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