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19 Oct 2010

Time surely flies- Thankful Tuesday

It seem like yesterday when I was in the labour room thinking my life would end and then my adorable princess was born. Last weekend she turned 1. She is such a smart little diva who walks all over the place, can say the words "bye-bye", "gba" (which means take in English) and "take", follows simple instruction and knows when she does something wrong.

She had a quiet but lovely first birthday with gifts from daddy and mummy. An evening at snakes and ladders proved to be fun as well. It was all about her and no one else.

I am thankful to God for Princess' life. Strangely I can't remember what life was before she came into our lives. She is such a blessing and delight. She is growing up to be a change maker in her generation.

Words cannot really express how I feel.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful that God has integrity

    wait for it

    'in this stupid, stupid world'

  2. Belated birthday wishes to your princess.

    I am thankful for life and the ability to feel love and happiness.

  3. Just like yesterday shey!

    God has been super faithful to you!

  4. :) I'm thankful for her life too:)
    Wishing her the best in life...she will fulifill purpose!Amen.

  5. Time sure does fly, but that is the beauty of life.
    I am thankful for coming this far. Despite all the enemy threw at us we are still standing.

  6. Happy buffday in arrears Princess ...muah

  7. Happy birthday Princess!

    Thank God for His unending love!

  8. Ah, happy Birthday to your princess! May her life continually be a delight!

    such wonderful blessing!

  9. praise the lord..happy birthday princess

  10. may she continue to put smiles on ur faces (amen

  11. Hmmm, how time @ thinking your life would end. Please give your adorable princess a kiss for me...

  12. Just about the time i got to London last yr. Your baby is a big girl already! Congratulations!

  13. Thanks everyone!

    The Lord is good!

  14. Congratulation with have best wishesh for this nice day.I hope this day will come daily.
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  15. It's amazing indeed how time flies! I'm grateful to God for Princess' life, I remember how I kept dreaming of her birth the night before she was born lol..God is awesome. This past week, I've been looking at her pictures and how much she's grown and she's still going to do a lot of growing up right before our eyes...

    My god daughter rocks! I'm thankful for her life and I love her to bits, pls tell her that :)

  16. I can't believe she's already a year old! Thank God for her life and I think God picked the perfect parents for your little princess.


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