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23 Mar 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

Finally I reached my 100th post! Finaaaaaally...geez! it sure took me forever to reach this point. Anyway I am here to give thanks like I promised.

  • I am thankful for divine protection over my family, especially my princess. There is a limit to how much I can watch over her but I know God has assigned angels to protect her always.

  • I am thankful for health, shelter, food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear. I thank God I do not have to worry about basic amenities.

  • I am thankful for my blogville family. You guys are just amazing. I have made some new friends here and for that I am grateful.

  • I am thankful for Baale and my marriage. We clocked two years in January. It has been a wonderful journey. I cannot complain but give thanks instead

  • I am thankful that I am a woman/mother and for the joys of motherhood. So amazing! Indescribable!

  • I am thankful to be alive!

So what are you thankful for?


  1. I'm very thankful with you too...glad to see you doing thankful posts again!

    And i'm thankful especially for that little lady of yours...

    We thank God for His many blessings!

  2. I imagine how motherhood feels, it must be beautiful and indescribable. And 2 years? Sweet... Thank God for His incessant blessings.

  3. Congratulations on two years of wedded life. I wish you and Baale all the best.

    (I was pronouncing baale wrong all this time; I just discovered that this past weekend!)

    I'm thankful alongside you for all these things and more. I'm thankful for the gift of family.

  4. congrats on your 2 year wedding anniversary..

    Howz ur daughter..hope good?

    am thankful to be alive
    Thankful that i have a job
    Thankful that my 2 parents are alive
    Thankful that my birthday is coming up
    Thankful that Christ came

  5. Congrats on your 100th post!

    Thankful for your little princess too and the fact that very soon, some other bloggers will have their hands full with their very own bundles of joy!

  6. congratulations babe!!!!
    how's princess doing?

  7. awwwww
    100th yay!!!!

    am thankful to God that he has given u visible reasons to be thankful.....

  8. Congrats on your 100th. When we are thankful, more blessings come our way. I wish you even more in provisions and protection. Have a great weekend.

  9. congrats on your 100th post, e no easy..
    congrats on ur anniversary too, the Lord will certainly make it endure..
    and love to ur lil one..motherhood no easy but HE will grant us all the grace..
    have a gr8 week

  10. I love thankful post, I am thankful for you too, keep it coming. Yeah!

  11. 100th! Finally. I must say it took a while. Thank God for His grace upon your life and your family.


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