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31 May 2010

I feel so blessed and honored!!!

I just found out randomly today, a day before votes open, that I was nominated for "Best Parenting Blog" and "Most Inspiring Blog". To be honest, I was not expecting to be nominated for anything this year since I have been slacking with blogging so I was surprised to see my name up on the list. Thank you to those that nominated me. Thank you for believing in me. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed.

Last year, I was nominated for "Most Inspiring Blog" but I didn't win, so guys I am begging o, I no dey do yanga ooo...plsssss vote for me for either or even both of the categories. Without your votes I can't make it. So it is up to you guys. Votes open tomorrow, 31st May. Thank you plenty.

On other fronts, I am resuming work in two week. Oh my days!!! I have mixed feelings. I am looking forward to be out of the house, have some adult talk and stimulate my On the other hand, I am going to miss my time with Princess. I know I can't have it all and therefore should make the best use of the time I have with her now.

Hope you all are well? I shall be stopping by yours to solicit for votes. wink wink

Have a blessed week!!


  1. Congratulations on your nomination.

  2. I echo Maid of Heart!

    I hope you're well...give Princess a kiss for me!

    Only two more weeks - boy time flies!

  3. Congrats on your nominations!

  4. You deserve it.
    Goodluck on your nomination.

  5. most inspiring blog., inspire me in many ways

  6. You surely deserve it. Already voted for you.

  7. Congratulations for your nomination.. I didn't realise I was nominated too until Jaycee told me! lol..

    so I ran to facebook to announce it! lol.. I hope you win..
    How are you luv..
    chei, back to work sorry... ! x

  8. Yes, 'tis been a pretty long while.

  9. Congrats Aloted...I disappeared but decided to come back to blogville. How have you been?

  10. How is princess doing?
    How are you?


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