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2 Feb 2009

It's snowing men..halleluyah!

Actually I am not excited about the snow, as my title might suggest. I am not a snow person neither do I like the cold, (go ahead and call me bush!) Anyway, I got ready for work this morning and had already decided I was not going to drive to work today. You know, as per new driver, I am not yet ready to test my driving skills in this knee deep snow! I am sure the picture gives you a pretty clear idea of what I am talking about.

Anyway, I got out only to find out how bad the snow was. I decided to brave it and slowly tried to find my way to the train station, and kept slipping. In my mind, I was like, please I can't come and break my leg because of work. So I made my way back home, slowly again, to go change my shoes. Thankfully, a colleague called and told me the trains, buses etc were closed. I checked online to confirm and decided to sit my behind at home.

Right now I am under my duvet, "working from home" (no further comments). I am definitely excited about the free day, just worried about my gas bill, lol. What I do not understand is how come the UK/London government was not prepared for the snow, despite the forecasts. Everywhere is closed down, people can't go to work. In this day and age, 2009. Hmm, I guess everyone was engrossed in the recession.

Anyway I am fine and warm. I thank God for that. I wonder what will happen for the rest of the day and the week as I hear it might get worse today and the forecast for the rest of the week is that the snow continues.

If you are in London/UK, how are you surviving the snow? Did you go into work today? Those in Naija, please send us some sunshine!!! :)

By the way, HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!!

N.B- Picture was taking by a friend of mine- Yinka.


  1. One heavy dose of ~Sirius~ (Being the brightest light A.K.A Sunlight) coming up!......all the way from Naija!

    Chatting with my bestie who's also in your shoes...enjoy the duvet while you can.

    Even though it's really hot back home, I think I'd rather be here than with you guys.......:-)Smile Jesus loves you!

  2. Sending you some warmth and hot sun all the way from Naija my dear friend..
    Better you than me! hehehe
    Enjoy *working from home*

  3. Oh btw, thank God you didn't break a leg!

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  5. It feels like a Sunday. It does. I slept all day Sunday. Today is my Sunday. I am stuck in the Northwest. Its about 6 inches of snow in North Wales. I am now having an extended weekend; London can wait. The weather is best when it snows. Its colder when all THE cold is hanging in the air. The central heating is currently at maximum TILL I LEAVE. The NorthWest is at a standstill. I might go shopping at the Trafford Centre.

  6. Just lay back and enjoy "working from home"

  7. Meeen just like you, I tried to do the right thing by waking up,dressing up and going out to go to work o! but ermmm...let's just say I'm at home and "I'm loving it" parapapapa!!!

  8. I'm also working from home, watching Yoruba films. I tried to make a snow man but my films are more interesting....Nice blog btw

  9. My dear can, you send me a bucket, I will fill it up with some sun and post it to you.
    Well, we thank God for the everywhere we are,for different weathers. He made them all.

    I really envy you o…in your duvet…working from home( don’t get too used to it o)

    Well…em…em… I wish something like sun will be so much …..then they ask us too to stay and work from home, so I can be blogging from my bed!


  10. I feel you babe, many of my friends are in your shoes today "working from home"! For me it made no difference, but the snow looks pretty outside! Enjoy your extra day off!

  11. Wish am in london. Will just work from home too. Hope you are not cold my sister

    I was have a conversation with a friend of mine that is in London on facebook and she told me her husband has gone to work. Hope this snow will affect him

  12. ~Sirus~- awww thanks dearie...are u sure u want to be is freezing o

    writefreak-thanks i can feel the warmth already...and yes thank God i didnt slip and break my leg.

    The secret diary-yes o it sure feels like a sunday. Not sure the weather is best like this o. My gas bill is
    Enjoy ur shopping

    Dee!- thanks girl, the best advice i have received today.

    Nolimit- abi o..we are good people init? omo lets just enjoy today...wonder wat will happen tomorrow.

  13. I've never seen london look so feels like xmas. I am at home watching moves..ahem, i mean working. Happy snow day!!!

  14. Teeee- i am not stepping out again in this snow...other people can build the snowman

    Olufunke- lol..i wonder if they can ever get people to work from home because of too much that will be funny...

    FG- kai...i dont have the day off o..i am working from home ;). me i am not stepping

    Standtall- i am trying to stay warm o..thanks...i hope it wont affect him cuz i hear it is going to get worse...

    Jarrai- lol...kai all u people looking for complusory it is necessary jare..

  15. This is so familiar to me! I wish I could say I feel your pain sha, but where I live in Canada this would not close down any bus service :)

    I hope you're enjoying the unexpected day home from work (make sure you do at least a little bit of work, ok?)!

  16. wait, so are u complaining about the free day? i swear, i wont mind if it snows for one week straight, so long as i have my groceries, im good to go!

  17. i think im not going to read all u UK peeps' blog today cuz im so jealous....... i love snow so much and im sad im not experiencing it.... this yankee doesnt seem to be working out... sobs sobs......
    y r u not excited about ur free day? ehn?

  18. Enjoy working from home for the rest of the week ....:-)

  19. Thank you Bumight. I can't believe anyone's complaining. I hope it snows tomorrow. I have been 'working from home' although I haven't set my eyes on my laptop.

    Thank God for an extra days' holiday.

  20. GNG- we haven't had this kinda snow in many years so as a country we were not prepared for it. sad i think;

    no comments about work ;)

    bumight- ah no, i didnt state that well. the free day i am definitely happy about but not the cold. my gas bill is suffering

    funms & anonymous- i am indifferent about the excited be home but na my gas bill
    i think i'll go readjust my blog entry to read i am excited about my free day

    Rita- thanks dia...for the rest of the week huh..that will be so cool

  21. Imagine they sent a cab to my home to come get me. I was meant to start work at 07:30, but didn't get there till 10:30am. When it was 15:00hrs, a cab was waiting to take me home. I hope it snows again tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy you day.

  22. Isn't it fabulous? You even tried and got dressed! I went online sharp, sharp and half my tube line was under snow! Only for my Manager to call and say out office isn't even open! I have been chatting to old friends online. People that don't have time for msn had time today oh!

  23. why are you people making a big deal of this. I lived with constant snow storms for 8 years. Like everyday stuff like this happens and in Minnesota, they dont even cancel school or work EVER. One time it was snowing and it was 40 below zero and we still had to go to school. But today it is 70 degrees and sunshine (you jealous yet). buhahahahahaha (evil laughter). Au revoir mon amie. j'espere que vous avez un bon jour.

  24. @aloted

    Now that's a lot of snow, I feel ya mood. Don't let it get to you too much, look on the bright side of life. I know, I know gas matters and money issues. Snow sucks, am a big fan of Fall weather, spring and summer. Talk about snow weather and I am so freaking pissed. Hopefully things would change for better and the bright side of things is that March weather is not too far away. Spring would be here, just that I don't understand how the weather works in London being in the United States. Have a good day Aloted.

  25. ahh snow days! makes me feel like an excited schoolgirl when I get a day off work.

  26. lucky you
    here up north there was no snow to write home about
    so we still had to haul our asses into work

  27. Hey Hey!!!! Good to be back here...and I really need to start up my TTT.

    About the cold. I also hate cold! Intense Heat is pleasure compared to cold for me o!

  28. Well aren't you lucky? :)

    Hope you had a lovely day 'working'

    p.s. I hate the cold too...If I'm not careful I'll gain like 30 pounds this winter because I don't walk anywhere anymore...

  29. Oh yes and Happy New Month to you too!

    I thought I was the only one that used to say that ^_^

  30. I'm not liking all this snowing. was outside on sunday night when the snow started and i was not a happy bunny. I also joined the crowd and took a day off even though work is only a 2 min walk away

  31. Wow! Thank God you're alright. Sending you tons of Las Gidi sunshine!!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. i think its the recession that had the attention of all those that were supposed to work against the

  34. A tip for driving in snow...use higher gears... even if u have an automatic car, put the transmission in manual (or is it called techtronic mode?!) and use a gear higher than normal...

    Driving in higer gears means less torque to the wheels and hence the wheels will turn slower...basically it helps to stop the wheels spinning out so one is less likely to skid and crash!!!

    OR one could buy winter tyres...but i no get money for dat one sha

    OR like you, one could just stay at home :-)

    glad u escaped the drive to work yesterday i didn't!

    i love snow

  35. If I were in your shoes, i'd be happy I dint have to go to work. Free days don't come so easily.

    Hope you are not too cold?

  36. titobabe- wow lucky u...a cab came to pick are very alright...i am at work today and i was at the station for like an hour today, cold don catch me well well

    CaramelD- enjoyment! me i was trying to be a good citizen ;)

    Temite- you cant blame us o...for 19 years we never see this kain snow so no blame us for dulling at all
    pls send some sunshine my way and stop enjoying it alone. :)

    YNB-your comment/encouragement for some reason brought a smile to my face...I really appreciate it.
    As for the weather..i never get it...all i know is summer starts in June :)

    Saved Girl- i feel u on that!

    MDM-i hear the snow is coming your end today o...hope it's not too bad

  37. seye- wow, long time no see :) i dont even know which i prefer cold or

    Lolia- yes i did o, thanks dia. pls dont gain plenty weight also want to resume the summer ;)
    lol@happy new month. my mum sends me sms every new month with a scripture...neat dont u think?

    Confessions in scarlet- lol...someone agrees with me on the snow...
    ah! lazy bones...u also took the day real enjoyment be that

    Brown Sugar- thanks Sugar...for the concern and the sunshine. much needed!

    Simeone- i am inclined to agree with u :)

    Shubby Doo- ok now...thanks for the tip. i think we will have to have a one on one session on driving in the snow...i dont think i have noticed a manual transmission in my car o. i will check and till we have our lesson i will keep taking the train to work in the snow. :)

    Oluwadee- thankfully i am not too cold...o se dia.

  38. lol..lucky u!

    i can imagine how much money wud have been lost seeing that most companies wud have been closed..oh well!

    is the situation better now?

  39. Eh ya..Pele..
    Hope the snow is much better today?
    Almost everyone I know in the UK complained all tru out yesterday..
    Keep warm babes..Or call Mr..hmmmmm

  40. see i would rather have snow than ice. we get ice sef i was there enjoying ice day..not knowing that deadlines do not hear ice day. i paid for it the days no i wont like a snow/ice day anymore.

    oh yea plus i fell the ice not once but 3 times, it would have been comical if it was not so

    err temite where do you live again?

  41. Happy New Month to you too!

    So did you get to stay home today too? Enjoy!

  42. ...would have asked, where art thou been? But, probably won't be necessary afterall "...I am under my duvet..."

  43. ‘Working from home’ sounds great. If only we all did. Thank God for considerate countries where daily schedules and jobs could be called off due to the snow. For here, even when it rains fire and brimstone, you’re expected to still come to work… can you imagine? Me I no send sha o, I rebel sometimes. I can’t kill myself because of work. In fact, I might be quitting real soon. I have a personal ‘snow’ coming up.

  44. Funny that you shud be asking for us to send u sunshine because lots of us are getting out of the sun and locking ourselves up in airconditioned houses and offices!

  45. I am waiting for update, just stopping by to check on you. Have a good Sunday.

  46. I heard about the snow day. It was like everyone i knew in London remembered me that day. . . I wish it would snow in Houston, I need a good excuse to stay @ home and I don't want to be sick.

  47. Now, this talk about snow makes me wish it would snow in Naija . . . even for a day! Hope the situation is much better now at your end. I heard it’s fair enough now and normal activities have resumed.

  48. I know this is a coming a week late, but I enjoyed being away from work. The snow gave me an excuse to take a day off work and just chill and watch it fall.
    Your pix is beautiful

  49. hope u enjoyed ur work free day. Happy new month to u too

  50. eiyaaaaaaaa

    you should come to Michigan
    we face stuffs like this every winter

  51. LOL!! Loving the 'working from home part'.
    I'll send some sunshine your way, just that I haven't seen some in 4 days. Will gloomy and wet do?

  52. Hey wetin de happen o? I still de wait for update from you. I hope you have a fabulous Sunday.

    Just to let you know, you are tagged with the "Honest Scrap Award" by YNC. Go check it out and tag other bloggers. Much love.

  53. Babe hope all is well o!please update o!Biko...your fans are crying!!!

  54. Madam aloted, where u dey?

  55. [yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn] Update????!!!!!! At least the snow ought to have thawed by now abi?

  56. eya,i so feel 4 u .u mean u still wan go work with that cold? if na me,i will not even bother.the company can fire me if they want.
    well,we can send some sunshine if DHL can deliver.

  57. Wish it'd snow that much here. I won't have to drive an hour to school. *SIGH*

    lol @ being under the duvet and "working from home"

    What are you working? Job-related stuff or your husband??? Hahaha

  58. hey madam..where u been..? just checkin.. hop u are good..?

  59. Omo Oba, ki lo de? Na waaaaa ohhh.

    * * *
    Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.


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