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4 Nov 2008

Ten things Tuesday (08)

Hi people. I hope you are having a good week so far. Here's my thankful list. God indeed is awesome and is forever faithful! You can check my last list here

  1. For good health and protection
  2. A good friend of mine visited from Nigeria. It was nice to host and catch up with her
  3. Took hubby to the airport and missed my way back home! The silly navigator refused to work. It was pitch-dark and I was so scared. Started panicking and hyperventilating (why I dunno o). Had to park the car to get myself together after nearly having an accident. At that point, God gave me wisdom to ditch the navigator and instead look at the signs for direction. That led me home. When I got to the turning to my road, I heard the navigator say “take the next left and you will reach your destination”….Nonsense! But in all I thank God I got home safely.
  4. My MIL’s birthday was last week. I am thankful she is hale and hearty and that she had so much fun on her day.
  5. My little cousin’s turned 11 yesterday. He is such a big boy now and it was nice speaking with him over the phone. I saw him last when he was 5/6.
  6. Even though my business is moving slowly, I am thankful for the things I am learning and I believe it will grow better than I am expecting
  7. Despite the credit crunch, I am thankful for provision every single day
  8. I am glad Rachael was kept safe and is still in the X-Factor competition. Those who watch the X-Factor (Naijalines & co) will know what I am talking about. I hope she goes far even though I am not voting (might probably start when things become critical).
  9. Today is Election Day in America. Even though I am hopeful that Obama will win, I am thankful because I know God is in control whatever happens.
  10. I am thankful that Jonathan Eledu has been released and I believe the Nigerian govt will give him back his travel documents ASAP.

So what are you thankful for?

Please, if you can, take a few minutes to welcome Nwachi to blogville. I am feeling her blog already :)

Meanwhile I have been meaning to ask y'all a question. When you post a comment or question on blogs, which do you prefer- receiving a reply on that person’s blog, your blog or via email. Just want to be sure if someone asks me a question or whatever; I respond to the appropriate place. Personally, if I ask someone a question on their blog, I don’t mind where they reply as I typically track comments but I must say sometimes emails have a personal touch to it.

So please let me know. Ta!


  1. 1sttttttttttttt
    Thank God

  2. Madam LG...u don come o...u are thanking God that u are first abi...I am thanking God with u too. oya u don read my post? make u answer my question now now :D

  3. Wow! I so hate situations like your POINT 3.
    I thank God for the knowledge of His Love...

    and the understanding of the Kingdom

  4. b4 i answer ur question..... u get ijebu garri 4 house???? :-)

  5. "Even though my business is moving slowly, I am thankful for the things I am learning and I believe it will grow better than I am expecting..." Thank God...

    I am thankful that I am alive to witness a day where history will be made...

  6. Every week i see the 10 things tuesday ..i want to join on. ONe day one day....

    About the hyperventilating..i do that all the time and get lost all the time...its not fun

  7. With this Ten things Tuesday, I am left with no choice but be thankful for the little things He does in my life...for even letting me wake up this morning (even though I shared some tears).

    I'm thankful for the kind words my boss said to me today. It made me feel relevant in the company and I hope to encourage someone else someday in the same way.

    Thanks for the introduction about my blog.

  8. Nobody is answering my question oooo anyway

    seye- yes o..knowledge of his love and understanding of his kingdom...deep stuff

    LG- yes ke..i get ijebu garri..but it will soon finish...oya answer my question

    jaycee- yes o, history has to be made TODAY

    Femi B-lol, one day na one i so hate getting lost :(

    Nwa Chi- u r welcome dearie...why did u shed some tears? pele love

    i also pray u'll be an encouragement to others

  9. Great list! And to answer your question, I prefer to receive replies on my blog.
    Blogger send me an email to let me know there are new comments.

  10. i am thankful for all my years on this earth and the the fact i will soon be welcoming another one...with age comes wisdom. Amen

    i prefer my blog...if i want a private reply i tend to ask the question via e-mail.

  11. ....thankful for the opportunity to be thankful.

  12. i am tahnkful that i still have a Job in this economy crisis

  13. Thankful for family and the opportunity to have great education.

    and Obama won!!!! I wasn't into the elections at first, but he's made History (Kenyan-American, White and Black, and Hussein as a middle name?) It feels good!

  14. Ouch!....left a comment, and the silly internet ate it up! Mchew! LOL@ 3 ....Murphy's law always knows how to wind us all up.
    @ 9 Yes We Did!!!....Yaay!

    I'm thankful for my life as it is, it may not be where I want it to be, it could be worse.....but I know there is a time and season for everything, So I'm thankful.

  15. Nice list!! I love this idea...
    I agree getting lost can be really SCARY!!

  16. i am following you asap and starting a ten things tuesday. let me share my everyday testimonies with my blog family

  17. funny but annoying navigator..
    i'm thankful to God that you didnt have that accident it was only almost...i'm thankful to God for giving me the understanding that his time is the best..and i'm thankful for all the personal and spiritual growth god has helped me to attain this year..aloted i can go on and on o..till tears start running down my cheks..

    ., for ur question..i think replying on their blog is gud enof..if its meant to be a lil private..the person will ask via mail...

  18. Thank God u missed that accident. The list is okay. I'll try it on my blog too.

  19. Thank God for His protection and for all His mercies!

  20. Thank God for His protection and for all His mercies!

  21. as regards ur question... I really don't mind how its answered. But in dire situations, if someone takes out time to send me an email... that will show more of a personal concern.

    u must av felt elated to have a nigerian visitor... i always look forward to that.

  22. HisFireFly- I hollered at your blog :)

    shubby doo- hmm ok..noted!

    Happy birthday in advance abi is it arrears?

    rethots- abi o...totally feel u

    Allied- abi o...i join u in being thankful o..people are get laid off everyday!

    Abujamaiden- yes o Obama is the man o!!!
    Families are the best isn't it..and great education is awesome!

  23. ~Sirus~-eyah sorry dearie. yes we did o!! Obamanizing all the way!!!

    hmm that is so deep..even though u are not yet where u want to be, u are thankful...hmmmm there is indeed a time and season for everything...

    2jne- thanks for stopping by...getting lost is SCARY!!!

    Uzezi- yes o...another member..will look forward to reading ur first list :)

    simeone- navigators can be annoying!
    and thank u for thanking God for keeping me safe!
    yes o..God's time is best...
    and thanks for answering my question :)

  24. Yewande- thank God o. yes thanks is GOOD!!! so pls try it.

    writefreak- We thank HIM

    talesandtallies- thanks for answering my question.

    yes friend brought loads of naija musical cds...:)

  25. 1st time here..k would go back n read lol

  26. im thankful Obama won, thankful Rachel was saved... she deserves another chance and im really thankful for God's plan for my life...
    if its a really direct and personal question, email it is but some people dont ve email adds on their blog

  27. I'm thankful I won the bet I placed on Obama winning the election. 100k. I'm yet to collect it though cos my opponent has been pleading wiv me to 'bone' the cash. Can u imagine? At a time when there's Global Financial Crisis? I'd have 'boned' but i wonder if he would have done thesame for me if McCain had won. Now i really doubt that. All thesame i'm still thankful.

  28. I am thankful for all that I have in my my parents, family, friends...oh yea especially one person in general (he knows who he is) not you, oh yea thats him ova

  29. Aloted. I am so loling at you and your Navigator.. then you started to Hyperventilate! Thank God you got your act together. I think you did the best thing by ditching the navigator and just following the signs.. sometimes thats the best way to go!

    If someone asks me a question on my blog, i prefer to answer on my blog. If its their blog,I prefer it to be on their blog. If its a real personal question, then i would prefer a personal email.


  30. Aww thank God o! I can just imagine how u felt, i wuda just broken the navigator after it said what it said..hiss!

    I'l check nwanyi out.

    I guess it dsnt really matter where the question is answered as long the person expectin the answer gets to see it. I also love the email response!

  31. i AM THANKFUL FOR all God has done for me!

    Thank you God for your mercy!

  32. misslove- thanks for stopping by, hope to see more of you. Will check u out as well

    funms- yes o Obamanizing!!

    Rachel is beginning to annoy me now last performance wasn't ok at all and i hope next week she comes back with a bang and stop acting defeated.

    gbengasile- lol if your guy had paid up would u have shared with me ;)

    Kin'shar- awww...talking about your sweetheart, yah??

    Tolantino- be laffing matter o..oh i didnt mention i was crying as well?? it was a nasty ordeal. but i thank the Lord

    thanks for answering me question

    buttercup- unfortunately i could not break the navigator cuz it was borrowed..but i hinted to the owner

    thanks for checking nwachi out :) and for answering my question..

    SSD- I am joining you to thank God. He is indeed merciful


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