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7 Oct 2008

Ten things Tuesday (06)

I am here again to give thanks! My last ten things tuesday can be found here

  1. God's protection
  2. For the power of love over fear in my life
  3. Seye has decided to be part of the ten thing tuesday series ;-)
  4. Went to see the Lion King at the theatre with Tyger. It was remarkable! Really lovely! If you are in the UK (not sure where else they show this), I recommend you go and see it.
  5. Tyger and I had lunch at Pizza Express before the show. That was also fun. I found out after the show, at the tube station, that I forgot my debit card at Lunch! We had to walk all the way back; Tyger in her high heels, I was smart enough to bring a change of shoes. (Tyger no vex Am glad I got my card back.
  6. I drove to work and back home all by myself Hubby went with me on Friday but I decided to tackle this on my own. I blasted my Hillsong CD to keep me company on the way and I thank God I didn't miss my way!
  7. Hubby had a bad cold during the week and on top of that hit his leg which swelled up. The cold is gone and his leg is fine now.
  8. The gas at home stopped working which affected the heater and hot water but hubby fixed it. Good to have a handyman at home men, because if it was just me I would have called the Landlord to come and fix his gas!
  9. Had a blasting headache yesterday afternoon, and then a tummy upset. Headache is gone but tummy still aches.
  10. Deciding to call in sick today. Honestly I can not do any brain work with a tummy upset. At least I can stay home to rest today. I need it!
So what are you thankful for?


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  2. I join you in your thankful state, particularly for driving yourself home! Great!

  3. Thank God for u babe.
    I'm thankful for God's love, grace and mercy... I'm thankful for so many things but its all because of HIM.

  4. @dee! yes o..great indeed! hope u good??

    @aijay- yes oooo its all because of Baba God.

  5. Praying for comfort and rapid healing so you can enjoy your day off!

  6. I hope your tummy feels better soon and I'm happy that you have so much to be thankful for! Congrats on driving yourself to and from work!

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  8. I THANK GOD FOR EVERY...... including being no.7
    norrin do me shebi???

    *hope d tummy ache has stopped

  9. @hisfirefly- awww thanks for the prayer..i am much better now

    @GNG- thanks better now...

    @LG-yes o, nothing do u o!!!!
    yes i am ok now..we thank God

  10. Thank God for everything, i thank God for a safe trip and the cold i came back with is gone!

  11. Finally...after so much hassles with internet...

    The Quote for the day was powerful...

    Thanking God with you for the 10 things...

    Gosh...can I list the many things I'm thankful for? Maybe a post will do...

  12. hvaing come back from an amazing holiday with my three sisters....I am soooo thankful for the most amazing sisters anyone could ever hope for who cushion me in times of trouble and always rejoice with me in good times. they are trul irreplaceable

  13. I am thankful that I am able to love those around me, even though, sometimes, all I feel is distrust.

    I am thankful that I am able to believe in God and that He keeps my faith alive each and every day.

    I am thankful for God's love, 'cause I feel it every second of everyday.

    I am thankful for the little ones who just gave me the biggest hugs in the world and said ' nite nite daddy! sleep tight, ok'

    Ah! I am just thankful!

  14. Although it's hard to find something to be thankful for today, I am however thankful to God for his mercies over my life. At least I am not dead sha. Hope your tummy feels better.

  15. @writefreak- ore,
    thanking God with you for healing

    @Rita- pele o...hope no more hassles with the internet?
    yes i was feeling that quote and wanted to share:)
    Will check to see if you do the post ;)

    @MDM- aww sisters are awesome, aren't they?! I have two and they are the best..glad to know u had a great holiday with your sisters

    @Stani- aww love ur thankful list, esp the first one. God is awesome!!!

    @temite- i know sometimes it is sooooo hard to be thankful but i am glad to know that despite all you are thankful to be alive. God's got your back!!!
    Thanks dearie, my tummy is much better.

  16. Am thankful for everything but especially for life. Hope your tummy is better now.


  17. I thank God for meeting you! Small world hmmmm?

  18. Hmmm, this is quite fascinating. What a mindful way to continually (sub-consciously too) be appreciative of the (little) things (& life). More especially, since thankfulness is one thing that easily escape our consciousness.

    Am i not tempted to begin a thankful (weekly) post?

  19. Ten things! Inspirational stuff, gurl, especially cos u get to thank God even when things don't seem too fine sometimes. i guess i learnt a thing or two from that. I thank God i just got my wallet ransacked by my roommates i think (they deny it though). Anyway thank God the wallet wasn't totally emptied.

  20. i thank God that I can still tell Him "i love you".

  21. @laughter- Hmm yes o..i am also thankful for life!
    Thanks tummy is better now...

    @seye- yes o!!!! small world indeed!!!!!!!

    @rethots- thanks o! hmm all u people that are tempted or saying you will start a thankful series...i am watching u dey hear me so?? lol

    @gbengasile-hmm..yes o my is sometimes hard to find things to be thankful for...but that won't stop us would it?
    Eya..why would they steal stuff from your wallet?? Ko da o...I am thanking God with u that they didnt empty it completely!

    @simeone- sweet..I love the Lord too :)

  22. I am thankful that i am alive.

    Good post.

  23. i'm happy that i was able to put a big smile on my mother's face on her bday.

    @aloted - hope you are feeling better =)

  24. tunny ache..why now . I always want to see that lion king thing,. Maybe one day i have money ..i've been wanting to see it for 4years now. Maybe you and your hubby are doing osmosis in the illness issue..the love is so strong that y'all go thru or transfer sickness Thanks for your comment.

  25. I am thankful for all the lovely people that surround me.

  26. i'm thankful for chances, 2nd chances, 3rd chances, 1 millionth chances, God never stops.

  27. wow! I'm so gonna try and do a thankful tuesday! ... yes oh! there are a million and one things to be thankful for and I just keep forgetting... I am so doing this... oh and I am thankful for a blog like this...

  28. @Princekay123-thanks!!!

    @shubby doo- awwww...thats so nice..putting a big smile on your mama's face. thanks i am much much better

    @Femi B- sure u have money go and watch lion king quick quick. lol @osmosis in illness...i didnt even look at it from that angle.

    @Doja- awwww

    @Miss Jones- yes o, God is a God of chances

    @Ade Adeyemi- thanks for stopping by..will check urs for your thankful post soonest ;-)

  29. I wold have done the same, i.e call d Landlord.

    Hope u r much better?

  30. A new driver is born! Thanks for ur words of encouragement on my blog. God bless

  31. am thankful 4 everything, my dear. dat am alive, first & foremost. cos, 'he dat is joined 2 d living, there is hope'. there is nothing dat can't b fixed with me still alive. no loss dat can't be recouped. no heart break dat can't be healed. nothing. thank God 4 God abeg. He is wonderful

    "Ruffin' It" is launched. If u haven't been there, follow my link ..

  32. It is always good to give thanks. there's so much to be grateful for.

  33. *Im thankful on ur behalf for everythn u r thankful for
    *Im thankful for life
    *Im thankful for my family
    *Im thankful for my bestie
    *Im thankful for my friends
    *Im thankful that my exams have been good so far

  34. nonsense girl,
    you are hilarious!

  35. @oluwadee- thanks dearie, the tummy ache has gone!

    @standtall- yes o...a new driver indeed. you are welcome, hope u r feeling much better now?

    @FFF- yes o God is wonderful! ur new blog is nice:)

    @naijalines- yes o so so much to be grateful for

    @buttercup- aww i love ur thankful :)

    @Tyger- lol..but u love me don't u ;-)

  36. 1. Fell off a bike but im alive and well

    2. my niece is one just happy!


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