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16 Sep 2008

Ten things Tuesday (05)

Hi peeps hope you are all doing well?

Tuesdays are here again!!! Another day to give thanks. Here's the link to my last Ten things tuesday.

  1. The sunshine we had this weekend was awesome. T'was nice to see the sun shining
  2. Husby has finally barbed his hair, after so much begging & pleading! He looks all cute & boyish with his skin cut!
  3. Two of my friends gave birth this past week
  4. God delivered me from the hands of fraudsters (long story but it relates to my business)
  5. I feel so much love around me and on blogville
  6. The award I received on blogville from brownsugar is still tripping me. Thanks babes!
  7. Grateful for my pastor and the work God is using him to do
  8. The gift of love and life
  9. Power of healing in my life
  10. The Lord is good and his love endures forever!

What are you thankful for?

Last time I asked what you'll do if you feel you are always making contact with your friends and they don't. I appreciate all your answers and I think on a good day I'll take the actions the same way I listed them depending on how important I think the frienship is to me. The answer that particular struck me was from Abbie:

"About your question, it's strange that U never keep track of who contacts who, I just know when me and my friends get together we have the best times regardless of who called who"

So that is where the problem is- me keeping track of who makes contact first! Hmm. It dawned on me that only an idle person (I use that word idle loosely) will sit down and be counting who called who first and when. Just because some friends do not call/email me does not mean they do not care. They probable have issues they are trying to sort out in their lifes. If I have the urge to call them I should go ahead and do so. Who knows I might be a source of blessing to them at that point. On the last day, God will not ask me how many friends I had but how many people I was a friend to.

I feel like I am rambling so I'll just stop here. However, I hope I make some sense to at least somebody ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your week dearies. :-)


  1. Welldone really got the point!
    I have friends i hardly keep in touch with...not because I/they don't want to...but because of one thing or the other,it becomes quite difficult to call etc...but when we meet's as if we paused a good song and then pressed play again...I am also learning to be a friend...and not count the calls!

  2. Thank you oh u do us all like this.Enjoy my blog.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. i am thankful to God for seeing me thru the last 10 years of my life.thats 10 things for ten years..i'm still living..

  4. @nolimit- yes glad u got my point ;)

    @Red Sapphire- are welcome.thanks for stopping by here as well

    @simeoneomobaba- wow...i am thanking God with you :)

  5. Nice Post, it is good to give thanks.

    I'm thankful for;

    1. life
    2. hope
    3. God's blessings on me and my family
    4. supportive friends
    5. courage
    6. sorting out my last minute business

    Enjoy the rest of ur day!!!

  6. yes u did make sense to me...its important who u really are friends to, how you put a smile on their faces as much as they do to urs!!
    Today m thankful for
    My friends
    Being able to wake up today and see this day (am not feeling too good @ the moment)
    thankful for being a blogger and meeting some wonderful people that i wouldnt have met otherwise!

  7. Hey! Great list. I'm so sorry to hear that someone tried to cheat you, but glad that you were delivered from it!

    I linked up your list for you, but drop and leave me a comment!

    Have a blessed week!

  8. Hmmm...I have been waiting for this post...

    You made alot of sense, and thanks for sharing Abbie's comment. It is really full of wisdom...

    Where do I start from?
    God, I thank you for life...there is so much I can do with it...

    And I thank God for the things He is doing in your life...

  9. I thankg God for bringing a blogger like you into a blogville.. someone dat reminds me to be thankful even wen everythin seemz to be crashin down.

    Welldone hun

  10. thank you for this lovely post and for being yourself....

    I loved your quote of the day: I will think of that ext before I open my mouth you know, you know... Lest people categorize you

  11. Ten Things Tuesday!!!!!!! I like the idea and I'd integrate it on my own blog.
    Hey!!! Small world, right? Haven't heard from her in a long time.

  12. lol @ ur hubby finally cutting his hair!

    i'm thankful for life, for health, for my job, my family, my friends, my blog...

    most of all, i'm thankful for the opportunity i have to make a better person of me and my future.

    glad u enjoyed ur honeymoon.

  13. I am thankful for all that I am and ALL that I will be. I am thankful that I received an award from you!

  14. @arewa: i like your thankful list :)

    @shonavixen: i am glad i made sense to u...
    hope you are feeling better?

    @Xbox wife- yes God has been merciful on me :)
    thanks will stop by your blog

    @Rita- yah Abbie's comment really struck me and made me rethink my ways..
    I am thanking God with you

    @Mz.Dee- welcome back. hope Starcomms is behaving. aww thanks for thanking God for me. :)

    @Emilia-thanks, i appreciate it...that quote really got me thinking so decided to put it up.

    @seye- goody! u can get the guidelines from here
    Yes o! it is a small world indeed!!!

    @Esmeralda- abi should have seen the "bush" growing on hubsy
    I like your thankful list :)

    Dee!- awww thank u for thanking me :)
    Wow..all that you are and all that you can be...DEEP!!!!

  15. i think am also guilty of getting hung up on who called, wen & 4 how long. forgetting dat am also guilty of dat! it's not easy. sometimes, expectations r so great & 4rm so many quarters dat one begins 2 see 'keeping n touch' as a chore. these days am beginning to understand dat a spontaneous 'howdoyoudo' is great & highly appreciated.

    in life, there is so much 2 b thankful for. nice 2 itemize it like dis - counting ur blessings & naming them one by one

  16. God really is awesome isnt he?

  17. God really is awesome, isnt he?

  18. yessssssssooo i thank God every....
    including alotedbabe n fam' :)

  19. Awww! Im grateful that you are grateful for the award.
    Im grateful for the successful dental surgery I had yesterday.
    Im grateful for my mum's health.
    Im grateful for this phase of my life: final year and every part!!!
    Im grateful that we go out and come back home safely everyday
    Im grateful for blogville friends
    Im grateful for new blessings in my extended family; marriages, MBAs, jobs ...
    I should start having a post in reply to every 10 things Tuesday post. Makes me reflect.
    Could I make a link to your posts?

    God bless you.

  20. *im thankful for life
    *im thankful for the award u gave me :D

    hmmmm now that just put things into perspective, but still, i HATE seemin like a pest!

  21. n u weren.t even xpectin d award shebi?lol..God is b lyk sey MZ.dee sef giv me award make i go giv speech

  22. i am thankful to be here.

    i understand the friendship thing...i just keep working at it and it is getting is much easier with some that with others sha

  23. In everything Im learning to give thanks
    not just for the wonderful things
    but for everything.
    Im thankful for being able to live another day
    As long as you have life you can correct wrongs, make amends and start afresh.

  24. @FFF- good to know i am not the only one guilty of this ;-) i totally agree that doing a spontaneous 'howdoyoudo' is usually great & highly appreciated

    @badderchic-yes o he is an AWESOME wonder

    @LG- thank u too :)

    @Brownsugar- i thank God for your successful dental surgery. in as much as I'd love u to link to my post i'd also love u to link to the initiator of Ten things tueday. Details can be found here

    Thanks babe!

    @buttercup- I totally feel u about being a pest...i guess we can only do our best and not beef our friends when we think they are slacking ;-)

    @wellsbaba- look forward to reading your speech :)

    @shubby doo- i totally agree some friendships are easier than others...

    @MDM- hmm MDM sounds like Madam D Madam..hehehe. totally feeling your attitude on giving thanks :)

  25. You dont wanna know how thankful to God I am. He has proven himself to me in more than many ways and a prayer that I've been praying for in the past 5 years got answered last night. Thank you God!

  26. wow @parakeet i am joining you in thanking God o for answering your 5 year prayer request. He makes all things beautiful in his time

  27. OMgawd, please o don't quote me honey, half the time I don't know what I'm talking I'm so honored!!

    My family on FB don't know about my blogging, so please small small with mentioning it. Thanks honey.

  28. I am thankful for the power of healing in my life - the ability to forgive and be healed.

    I'm with u on the friends issue. If missing a friend, call. It does not matter who calls who.

    How are U?

  29. Aloted, bawo? Thanks for the garri and epa offer... I organise some garri for Stockholm, a med-sized bag, so that shd do for now... e be like say na the epa I go need

    Yes o, DHL suppose carry am... if some hungry peeps (Nigerians working in DHL?) no intercept am.. lol

    i go mail addy to you.

  30. Thanking God for my health especially now that i'm back on my feet! And thanks for the award!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. im thankful for life,family,my career etc

  33. ah e don tey wey I smell this is well...but I am with u on this one...abbie has a very valid point...

    I am thankful for Buttercup...

    I am thankful for Xschlnerd

    I am thankful school is starting for me again in a coupla weeks...

    I'm thankful for life...

  34. @Abbie- lol..are u sure u didnt know what u were talking about...anyway i was touched by it sha. And i have noted the FB/blogger seperation ;-)

    @naijalines- hmm..such powerful words of thankfulness.
    I am fine o! thanks!

    @Tolu- I see some people have shown u where all the african shops are in Stockholm. :) Lets talk offline about this epa runs o

    @Writefreak-I am also thanking God for ur health.
    Thank u for thanking me :)

    @A'dele- why did u remove your comment now. it actually made a lot of sense to me...

    @Funke- I thank God for u o

    @Chari- yes o...e don tey wey i see your breaklight for my end. ...Aww love ur thankful list :)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I can't believe it's now 35. I would bail if I had not already given my word.

    Anyhow, the fact is you will subconciously keep tabs because it's human. As long as your first line is not'you've not called me' or 'why is it that I am always the one calling', I think you are good to go. The truth is that people are different and the key is to accept these differences. Personally I have at least 10 people who believe I am their best friend and not all of them are on my regular calling list so...

  37. Hi Aloted,
    You’ve been given an award, check my blog for more details

    I know you've been given the award before but you deserve it don't have to send it again though.

  38. Hiiiii! Hope u r good?

    I luv ya chari!

  39. BEautiful post

  40. i dont know how I miss this sef, What am I thnkful for, umm. I am thankful for everyone and everything and every situation that has shaped this fantabulous human.
    And Urmmm - Please update...

  41. For whatever reasons can't find my comment.

    Anyway, what hails?

  42. right now, I cannot think of one thing I am not grateful for, even being almost broke because my supervisor neglected to put my name back on the payroll. Thank God hubby has a job.

  43. ha-ha, na wah o! this is another planet o..quite lively and interesting these people must all be from outerspace

  44. okay, at least i know Funke Bucknor-Obrothe..she's from our planet

  45. dont mind me, its my first time here and im kinda amazed at the comments..keep the good work up..cheers

  46. I am sure I have told you how much I love this Ten things tuesday idea. I think I will start doing it. I have been complaining lately a lot but even I know that a lot of good things have been happening in my life.

    Humm...its almost ironic that you wrote about friends not calling. You see it was one of the major things that caused my fight with my friend N. But it was not me complaining about it. I think Abbie's advice was really good.


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