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19 Aug 2008

Ten things Tuesday (04) + Question

Hi my peeps…how you all doing?

Another Ten Things Tuesday is here. Here is a link to my last list.

I am thankful for:

my salvation through Christ Jesus,
my hubby,
my marriage,
my family,
my friends,
my job,
my business,
my health,
my finances and
the things I am believing God for that I have not seen in the physical.

So what are you thankful for?

I have a question for you guys. What do you do when you think/feel/can prove u are the one always making the first move to initiate contact with some friends. Do u:

a) Cut them some slack and keep on making the first move.
b) Stop making contact and see if your friends will remember you exist one day
c) Tell them how you feel and live happily ever after (hopefully)
d) Move them to your acquaintance category, life is too short to be bothered with such friends
e) None of the above (Any other suggestions??)


  1. 1st?

    i'm thankful for:
    my family...
    those i know, have known and am yet to know...

    i'm thankful 2 the Good Shepherd.

    Thanks for stopping at mine 2

  2. I am thankful for life and the ability to push issues aside and be happy…

    I cut them some slack and keep on making the move till I loose interest (which is usually not long) I don’t bother telling them jack though cos I just move on…so that makes my answer a and d

  3. @shubby doo- yes o u r first...:)
    no answer to my question? or you are thinking about it ;)

    @afrobabe- hmm i see wat u mean...natural death

  4. Maybe 10 things Tuesday calls for advance thinking… sponsoring thought?… thanks in advance!!!

    I am very grateful for that future job that I love and literally jump out of bed for and pays at least 3 times as much I get now!!!

  5. I'm greatful for my family...and the fact that God saved me and the personality He gave me..

    i use options a - d at differnt times , based on some varying conditions

  6. I am thankful for everything i have right now and the things that are yet to come

    As per the friends...i would cut them some slack initially if nada happens i will move on, there is a saying that one hand cannot clap by its is too short.

  7. @aloted i'm sorry,

    first i do (a)
    then after that i move to (d)
    then i relegate them to (b)

  8. *im thankful for life
    *im thankful for my family
    *im thankful for my bestfriend
    *im thankful for my other friends
    *im thankful for good health

    um...i usually chill cos i hate being percieved as a pest, so eventually, the person always notices my silence n then hollas..most of the time anywayz..

  9. I am thankful for much more than I can say.

    It depends.

    One has to understand the personality n nature of his/her friends.

    I have friends who only call me on my bday. But they are still friends. I just know that this babe is not a phone person.

    If someone is a friend, he or she is a friend. Its just that u will be closer to some than others. N relate with them differently.

  10. @shubby doo- yes o advance thinking..and a big amen to that job :) lol..i like how u move from d to b...some do the b before d...

    @simeoneomobaba- varying conditions including the type of friend and the importance u place on them?

    @Jarrai- i like that...advance thinkng as Shubby doo puts it. hmm so u give them a long abi na short rope before moving on...

    @buttercup- hey girl...i was also getting worried that we were taking over naijaleta's
    i feel u about not being perceived as a pest..especially if u go tell them how u feel might appear needy.

  11. i'm thankful for my salvation, my wonderful husband, my unborn children and everything else in my life!

    And i'm thankfulo for aloted who reminds me to be thankful every tuesday!
    As per friends, i have learnt sometimes, it's best to let them know how you feel, if no changes, you might want to cut back a bit and see what happens..i've got friends like that

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @oluwadee- men I am totally feeling ur answer..i think i will apply this to myself. thanks!

    @writefreak- aww thanks love. hmm i feel u...there are some friends i can tell how i feel..some others i dont think i'd bother lest they think i am being

  14. ...for life.

    All of the above, only, as someone once thot............we make contact with 'em (friends) not necessarily for the hopeful response but, 'cos they are friends. Not always easy though, but then, we do stuffs 'cos it makes us happy.

  15. To answer your question, I usually do b, then a. My best friend is the one person that I do this with often, because although I know she'd be there for me in a heartbeat if I needed her, when it comes to the day to day calling to make sure all is well, she really sucks at it.

    With people that I'm not too close to, I'd be more likely to do b, after calling two or three times without getting a call back. If I'm feeling nice I might send an email that says "Hey, how come I'm doing all the calling...are you too busy for your friends now?", but usually I just get irritated.

    I like that last thing you're thankful for...

  16. I'm thankful for being alive today, being who i am, the friends that i have in my life, the family that i have and just life in general!!
    As for the list I do a), then c) and if nothing happens then its d!!

  17. Im thankful for everything!

    first time here!

  18. I am thankful for my hair

  19. Love your thankful list. As to your question, I'll tell them, then take 'b' and if no positive results, 'c'.

    Oh by the way, my name is also ife.

  20. Story of my life - I just keep calling. I don't want them to accuse me of what am accusing them of.
    i'm thankful for the opp to say thanks everyday...

  21. I'm going to have to go with "a" to start with, but will probably move to "d" eventually. There's just too much to do and too little time. Nice thankful list too!

  22. as usual, i thank God for every......
    (dat includes u) grins

    now as per ur friends; it depends on the strength of d relationship, sum u 'keep on calling', odas u 'fashi'

    btw: come answer my question o!

  23. @rethots- are you back from your holiday? hmm i like this your analogy

    @GNG- yah i agree..i guess it depends on how much the friendship is valued by you.

    @shonaVixen- aww i like ur thankful move to "d" if nothing happens se..?

    @badderchic- thanks for stopping by

    @yankeenaijababe- omo that is ehn..serious thanks hair growth (in front of my head) is one of the things i am thanking God for that I have not seen in the physical!

    @sharon- hmm first time i am seeing someone go the "C" route if nothing else happens..nice one..
    yes o..namesake..actually ife is not my first name though

    @shaffer family- i agree with you...too much to do and too little time

    @LG- aww thanks..
    i still dey think of answer to that ur question

  24. @isha- i nearly missed u there. hmm i like this your approach o. thanks for stopping by

  25. its like u changed ur template.was here earlier today but it was a diff one. i love it. really loving everyones template these days.

    im thankful for life, my family. im just thankful for everything.

    as for the friendship thing, i find myself in dat same position too and really dunno wat to do.

  26. I am thankful to God for making me unique, useful to my generation and for keeping me alive

  27. I am thankful for God's Divine Favor

    I am thankful Buttercup

    I am thankful Baby E and Baby F

    I am thankful for my kittens

    I am thankful for God's mercies upon me...

    Mehn I would do C first then in case of emergency break glass and do D

  28. im thankful i had another opportunity yesterday to rededicate my life to God and live according to His words.

    as for the friends, it depends on our friendship.

    i have a girlfriend who hardly keeps in touch, but cos i understand her, i dont hold it against her, cos i know she will always come back

    there r others wu r friends just cos they need something and once they get it, they r off, i dont bother myself wt keeping in touch, though i pray for all, afterall, i have some friends, i only contact when i need certain help

  29. @naija idol- dont mind the yeye template o..i have changed it for a while decides to show when it feels like...thanks for the compliment though.

    @standtall- i like ur thankful list ;)

    @Chari- AKA Charie abi? have kittens as in Cats? U and Standtall must be bestfriends :)

    break glass bawo...abeg o no fighting! lol

    @Uzezi- i totally feel u...guess i do similar depending on the importance i place on the friendship.

  30. I am thankful that God is God! I am thankful to God for the gift of life! I am thankful to God for blessing me with all that I have! I am thankful to God for my family-hubby, kids and all that I call family! I am thankful to God for good friends that are there when they are needed! I am thankful for a whole lot!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  31. lol i updated. well kinda. lol

    how r u?

  32. lol i updated. well kinda. lol

    how r u?

  33. lol i updated. well kinda. lol

    how r u?

  34. this is such a good idea. I think i am going to make my list too

    at the question, i usually just let it be, i believe there are some relationships that are not meant to be permanent especially when keeping in touch starts to become a chore..

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. if na me i go talk o....ask why na only me dey make contact na! friendship isnt one way!

  37. I am thankful for:
    my life.
    my family.
    my sweetness.
    my smile.
    God's favour.

    As for your already arranged the steps yourself...I do A, B, C and then D. But sometimes, I go to B straight and them just bonne them. Friendship should never be one-sided.

  38. Just thankful, for everything.

    About your question, it's strange that U never keep tract of who contacts who, I just know when me and my friends get together we have the best times regardless of who called who.

  39. usually i do the first four in that very other, with D comin in when C's happily ever after dsnt work

  40. @Dee!- I so love your thankful list :)

    @Mimi- that one no be update jo!!!

    @Reverence- aww that will be so was initiated by another blogger. pls check my first thankful list to see details for how to make the list.

    @Mz Dee- you wont believe I was confusing you with Dee!
    I definitely agree that friendship is not one way.

    @Woomie O!- Such a lovely thankful list :) lol...i guess i arranged the order the way it came to my mind. U and Mz Dee dey yarn true yarn!!!

    @Abbie- long time girl...i like this ur approach keeping of tabs..just go with the flow...hmm maybe i shld adopt this o!

    @rayo- u and Woomie O think alike ;)

  41. It way past Tuesday, but I'm grateful today for my life's roots (God) and branches(everything that's a part of it)

    As for my friends, I'll just observe their reactions when I show up. That will determine the next steps.

    first timer!

  42. I got sooooooooooo much to b thankful for. U saw my blog n d way God has blessed me. I'm thankful for even d breath in me. HE is AWESOME!!! Thanks for stoppin at my blog.

  43. There is so much to be thankful for everyday.

    To answer your question...
    For me, I'll say it depends on the person, what I want to give the person or what I want from the person. A to D applies.

  44. hello dear,

    first, am thankful for all wat GOD hav been doin in my life, he is ever so faithful, grantin all my needs and ultimatly embarassin me wit his show of affection,

    some frds are like that, tho i dont hav alot of female frds but its as if am the one alwayin initiatin contact unless of course they need sometin or hav to tell me something,
    well i dont think much about it, do make contact when u can and forget why they never do same,

    lastly, thanxin fr checkin me, really appreciate and thanx for the advice -my frds


  45. I'm thankful for the ability to read an write.

    I'll go for D any day

  46. I choose option (A).

    Loving is giving and never expecting to receive (muhaha, easier said than done, I know...but doable, if its in your power to do so).

    Now, some people outrightly do not want to be your friend...and u know it. For these set of people...CUT THEM OFF! It's not by force.

  47. I am thankful for Life.

    As for the friends part,Will do a, c, d



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