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1 Nov 2011

Natural Hair Anniversary (Hairversary)

It is my natural “hairversary” today i.e 3 years since I did the big chop. Woohoo!!! Gosh it has been such a roller coaster but I am still going strong. Just recently, I made a commitment to consciously grow my hair especially around my edges which don chopped off due to constant braiding and weaves (sigh). I am getting to know my hair more and techniques that work for natural hair. I am also on a mission to grow my hair and retain length.

Aloted rocking a Bantu knot-out updo.
Self-Styled :)
 I am thankful for natural hair blogs run by Natural Nigerian, ilola and Coilybella (just found her a few days ago) which I stalk follow consistently.  I follow a few African- Americans on Youtube but these girls can like oppress someone with their long flowing natural volumious hair… phew!!! sigh! So it is very comforting to find my fellow Nigerians who are running things. (Not that Nigerians can't grow long volumious hair but for some reason I can't explain I feel the Americans have special hair genes.) You ladies rock. Learning so much from y’all. I was excited to find coilybella's blog as we have similar type of hair (fine-hair)and she blogs specifically for what she does to maintain "our" type of hair.

By the way, NN is organising a natural meet up in Lagos this Nov. So if you are in Lagos please check her blog for more details. I gather it is not just a meet up specific to natural hair but natural products and natural living as well.

I remember Vera hosted a radio talk show a while ago about teamnatural vs teamrelaxed. It was so hilarious and some comments from both teams were like wow..ok…slow down. Even though technically I am teamnatural because I have natural hair, personally I don’t see myself as a "conc" teamnatural as it is not a “if you are not for me, you are against me” type thing. I see myself as teamaloted as I do what's best for me :)

Ladies, and men…keep rocking you :)


PS. conc= concentrated


  1. You are right, they have special genes o. You know over time, Black blood has been diluted with white blood in the slave trade era. This gave birth to the new generation of black americans. That is why their hair is the way it is.

  2. Wow! Your hair is beautiful! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. I like you because you keep me on my toes, lol! I can't slip one past you.

    I respectfully beg to disagree on the "special" genes. Rusticbeauty on youtube is a Nigerian (both parents) and she has loooong hair. I also have friends who fall in the same category. Prior to going natural, I had hair past my shoulders as well.

    It is a matter of care and know-how for most people. Of course genes play a role as well. I don't think that most Nigerians (relaxed or natural) actually KNOW how to take care of their hair. We are only just learning. Who knows what we can achieve when we apply the right techniques?

    Happy "Hairversary".

  4. Happy Hairversary!

    Your hair totally rocks

    Well done girl well done

  5. Thanks Alota. That was really nice of you.

    I agree with Natural Nigerian. Once we are informed we can take better care of our hair and attain lengths that we have never reached before. I strongly believe that!!!

    Your hair is beautiful! I am following your other blog too. I am married and constantly need inspiration and encouragement in that area.

    Lots of love,

  6. Your hair looks beautiful. Plus we got to see your profile. Yay!

  7. Yea a typical Nigerian's hair is so different from that of most naturals you find on youtube, before I used to be very confused.

    You should check out this post I did earlier on
    the team thing gets me really pissed sometimes. Some people just need to realize that it's not that serious LOL

    First time on your blog. Now ffg, would be nice to see you at mine too x

  8. Conrats
    and your hair looks really nice...and its natural!!

  9. @Africa Naturalista- so I am not the only one that believes in these special

    @Dee!0 Thanks dearie

    @NN- lol at keeping u on ur toes..u jnow i am your ever ready to learn student :D

    i went to rusticbeauty's vlog and o'boy see hair!...there is hope then! need to learn me some techniques!

    @EteribyEnii- thanks girl. you know we are in this business together :D

    @coilybella- i am looking forward to attaining and retaining hair length o. I join u in believing.

    Thanks for the compliment and for following.

  10. @Madame Sting- hehe thanks! yes o..side profile ;)

    @MjB- I will check out ur post now...and thanks for following :)

    @olufunke- thanks dear! yes o, my hair is as natural as can be :D

  11. Your hair looks great! I can't wait for mine to be long enough that I can do stuff with it :)


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