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24 Nov 2011

"I love everything about YOU"

Yesterday was Baale’s birthday. Even though we drive each other crazy some a few times, we certainly make the best team. In order not to go into any long stories, I will simply dedicate this song by Darlene Zschech to him which summarises how I feel :)

Love you babes!


You chased me
I caught you
so glad we found each other
We whispered forever
to share our lives together
to watch our dreams unfold

And I love everything about you
everything you are
You'll catch a falling star
if I asked you
And I couldn't live a single day without you
You hold me in your arms
and once again, I know
that I'm the only one for you

The way you laugh, the way we dance
the way you hold my hand
the way you give, the way you kiss
the way you look at me
make life beautiful

Oh, I love the light that shines in your eyes
when you talk about our girls girl
and love the way you smile when they she walks  into a room

Oh, I love how you care about brokenness
how injustice moves your heart enough
to make a change
You give all you are

I love everything about you
You hold me in your arms
and once again I know
that I'm the only one for you
the only one for you
the love of my life
So glad I found you



  1. Awwwwww. Sweet! Happy birthday, Baale!

  2. I didn't want to have to say awwww, buh awww this is so so sweeet

  3. So sweet, thank God for a man like Baale, Please send him our best wishes. May God give you both many many many sweet and blissful years together.

  4. This is so beautiful!!! happy birthday baale!!!

  5. Thanks dearie

  6. Funke dearie, thanks...Amen to your prayer. How are you?

  7. Thanks Hazel!

  8. That's so sweet! Now you're talking my language :)

    Happy birthday to Baale and many more years of happiness and contentment

  9. Awesome stuff. Even my head was swelling.. haha

    - LDP

  10. this is just beautiful
    went on youtube to find the song
    Love it
    Happy Belated birthday Baale


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